Saturday, February 25, 2012

(Pictures) Jennifer Lopez X Bikini X UNAIRBRUSHED photos..

Would love to know who owns the pics..(I don't..Probably don't want to feel the wrath of Jenny for fear she might be upset.)

Before I put them up though, I would like to say I didn't put them up to clown. She is in her 40s WITH TWINS. Her looking 'human' to me is good money. Now I know that some of you have been waiting for your shot to 'take shots'. If it makes you feel better. (shrugs)..Understand though before kids, at 31, she looked better than A WHOLE LOT OF FOLKS who were a WHOLE LOT YOUNGER than her.

Shit, I hope was are WRONG about them 'leaking' and that she is gonna release 'em JUST LIKE THIS. @ however they are intended to be used. I wouldn't mind being 'wrong' at all. Trust me.