Saturday, February 25, 2012

(Chuckles) And ya'll wonder why the 'complexion' of the blog looks the way it does sometimes..


It is not my fault this time. I promise. I put 'diversity' up but I got asked by three young ladies of 'darker skin tone' to take their pics 'down'. Coincidence? Probably. Ya'll not gonna see it that way though..lmao. For the record, that is NOT GOING TO STOP ME FROM POSTING UP GALS who look like that. I know better than to take a 'paint brush' and just color everyone who looks like that as a certain 'type'. I'm just pointing out to you why it looks like this AT THIS TIME. 'Cause ya'll have complained before..

Fuck am I gonna do though? Cry? Nope. Keep it moving. Here's the last one... I mean she asked me NOT TO PUT HER PICS UP so I'm gonna grant her wish. (along with the others). That's all I can do. Free promotion to 10k* people a day vs. 2500 followers??? Without permission? What am I doing out here? She might be right though. I need to start asking. So I CAN GET PAID LIKE I SHOULD... @ bring 10k attention to her (and any other person's craft..) That is A NEW SET OF 10K everyday, whether they come back here or not btw. They don't all come back. No need for me to fake like they do. But they see what they saw and they OFTEN leave this page to see who they like. I CAN SEE THAT. Happens every day B. Maybe I ought to post of the DMS, the emails and the like with all the THANK YOUS behind the scenes from those 60k plus following models whose pics I put up when they had a 1000 followers and NOBODY KNEW WHO THEY WERE. The numerous PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO HIT ME WITH THE 'GOOD LOOKING 'cause I saw her on your site, reached to work with her and got a fresh face..". The MAJOR PHOTOGRAPHERS and the ones who are gonna be major..Yeah.. maybe I ought to be like the person I sat down with on Friday (at Friday's no less) with who comes to you from a 'Table with a Nerd point of view' said he was gonna do, I think I might just have to start getting 'Fake Hollywood' out here on It isn't in my nature though. -_-. There comes a time though when 'nature' or not, shit like this is gonna wear on me. So anybody I post up from that time TILL THEN, CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY. For real. Some folks are fucking it up for you out here. 

(Takes deep breath..) Big picture Carolinaware...BIG PICTURE...Chill...

 Now before you say, 'They are THEIR PICTURES', I UNDERSTAND THAT. Hence the 'pull of them' IMMEDIATELY. Like I just typed to MYSELF however, the picture is BIGGER THAN THAT. You see, there are TONS OF PRETTY GIRLS OUT HERE. Period. Doing and getting done dirty. Which is why they all don't make it. I THOUGHT I was providing something that allows them to SEE WHO IS 'USING' THEIR PICS FOR WHAT, doing it in a good light and it would be a win for all. Understanding that everyone won't always 'agree', I STILL feel like if you had ANY COMMON BUSINESS SENSE, what I do here would NOT DAMAGE what you are doing. No watermarks are EVER CUT OUT. Nobody is over here taking 'credit' for pictures by slapping their OWN WATERMARKS on pictures..(Over and around existing ones like I see some folks do outchea..) Nobody is over here 'Too Short'in' young ladies..Talking up under their skirts. The pics, no matter how classy OR NOT CLASSY THEY ARE, speak for themselves. As stated, THEY TOOK 'EM right? lol Lots of time, I have more (or a better collage) of their pics than they do or at least more in one place so you don't have to search for them. I've 'CORRECTED' more flicks than a little bit too.** Which brings me to another point.

OTHER MODELS FOLLOW THE BLOG. They RT the shit. They are some of those SAME MODELS that might whisper in the ear of that same photographer you want to work with 'Yeah..she's cool..she is about her paper and she promotes..pick her..." Never thought of that, did you? It's a game just like THE REST OF LIFE.

Now if you don't wanna play, or 'this is just something you do on the weekends, for fun, whatever', COOL. Do you. Understand this though... Your favorite model is using it as an ends to a mean TOO and unlike you, they are taking it serious and using it to its FULL POTENTIAL. @ the 'excuses'/reasons... Just know that. You aren't the only one 'not planning to do this forever'...lmao. Your favorite 'urban model' photographer who is WORTH HIS/HER SALT, isn't planning on taking THESE TYPES OF FLICKS FOREVER EITHER. Just know that.

For those of you who have 'read' me give this speech least I was nicer this time. I 'understand' the 'using of pictures' but I also KNOW how and what I am doing and it honestly isn't wrong. I could EASILY NOT @ FOLKS ON TWITTER AND LET THEM 'DISCOVER' who is in the pictures. Or do that other LAME SHIT AND NOT EVEN MENTION THEIR NAME. (Thus, effectively GIVING THEM NO CREDIT FOR THEIR WORK..That to me would be TRULY GRIMY AND I HATE WHEN FOLKS DO THAT.. ) I could do the aforementioned 'watermarking' like I booked the shoot and shit. I do NONE OF THAT. None of it. (Read the sidebar where this is probably gonna get hot linked at.. )

Shit like what I hotlinked up top is what I get every once in awhile though and depending on the day, I might respond. Today is that day.... (drops the mic)

*The stats are set up to read so you guys don't REALLY know that but yeah..I hide some folks proxies 'cause I know THEY ARE KNOWN AND THEY HAVE ASKED ME TO. Others I hide cause they are my peoples or I know they come here ALL THE TIME ANYWAY. I count those but I don't SHOW THOSE STATS. I want to know all of the NEW PEOPLE and for you to see them. So I filter folks out. See...NUMBERS DO LIE. I love Hov but yeah..THEY DO LIE. Trust me. I work with them all the time...)

** Do you know how many times I've fixed Maliah Michel's (You can insert Yaris, Mizz DR, and a HOST OF OTHERS IN HERE TOO)  'camera candids'? There's a reason she RTS my shit. It isn't 'cause I'm paying her. lol She recognized that EVEN THOUGH I DIDN'T TAKE THE PICS, PAY FOR 'EM OR WHATEVER, I DID DO SOMETHING. She also understands MARKETING. The more folks see her pics, the more they are gonna come out to see her in their town. Book her for their shoots. Spend that money.