(Music Video) Bobby Dime$ X Driver's Seat prod. by Sap

His new album Google That is out now.. Click the title for details..

Depression: Sometimes, it is THAT BAD..

This is personal btw.. Not what I heard.. What I saw..

Suite 302/Carolinaware's Own are one..

New location for my 'home' barbershop. Read the post for details

I've walked that walk with someone..

Personal true story... Hope it helps someone.

The Foreign Exchange X New Music X So What If It Is...

New REMIX ALBUM coming 2/13/13 from them..Read posts for details..


If you don't know about Ms. Evans, GET FAMILIAR DAMMIT. She can SPIT.. Period.


Aka Mrs. Carolinaware's Own R.I.P. Rest In Power pretty gal..

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

(Video/audio) @DJMalcGeez X @therealsap X Freestyle X #MFM


#tunetuesday (Video) @ChrisSkillz X This Is How I Feel (@TantuBeats)

 (@FEOFFICIAL's "Take Off Your Blues" sample in this song is ill) .Props to Teun de Kruif the producer on the sample.. 

Very happy this video got made. Dope lyrics...dope beat..

(Poster) @BlakeGriffin X @KendrickPerkins...This still is pretty ill...

Kia has to love this.. @ their logo in the background..

 KD and Serge are over there looking like "Perk my nigga..I hate it had to be him...."

 Very nice play but I like Perk's attitude about it. I mean if you play ball long enough and challenge shots, it does happen...

(Audio/ALBUM) @Nerd_Ferguson X Bitch Where's My Sandwich: The Album

(Chuckles) Helluva title from a helluva an MC. (Yeah..I'm a fan of his music. Have been for a while. Got to know him on Twitter..) Go support the man. Period.

#tuneTuesday X Carolinaware's Own Chat Series: @therealsap sit down X (new single) "Just Enough" #SurpriseSurprise The Mixtape Coming 2/17/12 #CertifiedCool

Get to know a little bit about the man behind the production on Mac Miller's smash "Donald Trump' AT THE TIME RIGHT BEFORE HE RELEASED IT.. Normally, when someone says 'anticipated' it is hype. Trust me on this one....this is not hype. 

This man helped SHAPE the current sound in the Philly/DE/Southern Jersey area....He helped Meek Mill create that sound you hear on Maybach Music with Rick Ross (In My Bag was Meek's first hit...produced by Sap..) I can't divulge WHO is looking at him but suffice it to say YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER'S LABEL wants him on their team. Cool and Dre have signed him to a production deal but he is much more than a producer. In the coming weeks, you will all soon see though. A true 'Surprise...Surprise...'* awaits you all. Get familiar with the kid if you haven't already...

The Warehouse....Exclusive interview...Sap The Beatman....

http://www.youtube.com/user/SoundOfAPioneer is where you can find him on YouTube.

The Warehouse....Exclusive interview...Sap The Beatman....

Finally got to do an interview with someone that I have been meaning to get at. Our schedules meshed and we got a chance to have a GREAT CONVERSATION about his music and accomplishments. The amount of humbleness this man shows is incredible. Which makes you want to root for him. The music? It makes you want to do what good music does. It paints a beautiful backdrop for both the rapper going over it and the listener who is taking it all in. Lets go find out more about the man who started at a REALLY YOUNG age and has some major accomplishments under his belt ALREADY. I had an 'order' I wanted to do the interview in but quite honestly this was more like a REALLY LONG CONVERSATION. Hence the easy going vibe of it and the answers you are about to read. So the order quite honestly, got scrapped. Sue me. @ you pure journalists out there. I am not claiming to be one of those. I just wanted to interview the man before hopefully either one of us got too busy to do it in this format!

I know some of you aren't from the Tri-State area so you may not really understand just what this young man has done in such a short period of time. Here is a taste for you though. He has worked with Meek Mill, Cyssero, Beanie Sigel, Shizz Nitty and soon to be many more artists.

In the studio with Beans....

New Sap!

(Daps all around and pleasantries exchanged)

WH- I am a laid back kind of interviewer. I like to have 'conversations' and turn them into interviews. With that said, we are just going to jump right into this thing my man. I will try not to ask you to the 'boring questions' and really give the people a glimpse into the 'real Sap'. Cool?

Sap- For sure fam. Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I have been wanting to do another interview for awhile. It has been a minute.

WH- My pleasure homie. I apologize for taking so long to get at you. Meant to get this a long time ago. Here we are though. Lets get it. First question off the rip though is an obvious one. How in the World did you even get started making beats?

Sap- It is crazy. I was introduced to production by my uncle (Jahlil Beats father) He was a computer genius. He used to make beats just for fun. All types of crazy Atari type beats. He taught my cousin (Jahlil Beat) first. After that, I learned and it took off from there.

WH- You took my next question about Jahlil. Thanks a lot..

Sap- (Chuckles) My bad...

WH- (Laughs) No, it was a good thing. You are comfortable. It is going exactly how I want it too..I wanted you to explain to the people your relation to Jahlil and now that is done. Clear cut. Next question. Did you take music in school?

Sap- Not really...Played the flute but wanted to do some REAL MUSIC. Took a keyboard class. in school. The teacher seemed to look forward to what I would come up with but other than that, no real music classes.

WH- What is your favorite program to use when you make beats?

Sap- I mainly use Logic Beatmaker program when I am making my beats....

WH- What was the first beat that you made that you said "Man, I think I have something here...." and who is the recording artist who lays claim to going over that beat?

Sap- I will say the Shizz 'Stand Up Man'. I try to make quality music all the time but as a producer you never REALLY know what is going to pop or not. So it isn't like when I did it I 'knew' it was going to be as hot as it was. It depends on the artist. After I gave that beat to Matty (Gate$) and saw their reaction to it, I got the sense of 'Yeah, this might be something'. I loved what Shizz did to the joint.

WH- You do know that is my favorite Shizz joint right? Ask Matty...

Sap- Word! Thank you...thank you. I appreciate that.

WH- Do you still have the first beat you made?

Sap- (Falls out in laughter) Man, I wouldn't LET ANYONE hear that beat. I don't have it though...

WH- (Chuckles) I heard that. Well lets take the question here then. What was the first beat that you produced that you feel like it let it be known you were 'here'? That you had arrived?

Sap- There are two. First is Freakzoid jawn. Joey Jihad. I would also say 'Bossman' featuring Meek Mill and Joey Jahid. It is crazy 'cause that is how I got down with Meek Mill through that. Those are the two that made me feel like, "Yeah, I might be able to get where I need to be..."

WH- You just keep taking my questions. I knew I just should have sent them to you and let you answer them..(Laughs) Who was your first manager?

Sap- (Chuckles) It is all good fam. My bad. Naw, my first manager was Cosmic Kev of Power 99 actually. Funny story about that. He asked me one day if I had heard of a kid name Shizz (Nitty)and this 'Sox In Da Air'(OT Records) song he had. I told him I produced it and it stunned him. He had no idea I produced the joint. He went in about how cats would go crazy when the song was played in the clubs.

WH- Speaking of OT Records....Describe your relationship with Matty Gate$ Shizz and the rest of the cats. Talk to me. I don't want to get into the 'boring questions' Just go off the top...

Sap- Matty is like a mentor to me. He has always believed in what I was doing. Matter of fact, when they came to get the beat for Sox In Da Air, I was still doing my 'perfectionist' thing. Adding more stuff to the beat. He was the one who said, "Don't touch it. Leave it just like it is.." So in essence to me, he co-produced it. He helps me hone my craft as a producer and as a rapper. You need someone like that and Matty is that to me.

As far as Shizz is concerned, I want you to put this on record too, I feel like this. There isn't anything going on hip hop wise here in this State that shouldn't have Shizz involved. Period. Or at least you should be asking him to be involved. He is that big of a deal to me. His wordplay. The hooks. He is so versatile with things as far as MCing goes. Matter of fact, when I make beats, I can hear him on the beat. That is how highly I think of him. These are tracks that I am talking about I make for others too. I have a great relationship with all of OT Records. All of them have talent and I love working with them. From Clark Bar, to 5th Ward to my man Chuck50. Enjoy working with them all. I feel like you are looking at a movement. If you put me, Shizz, Keena, Chuck50, Clark Bar, Meek Mill, Charlie Mack (another mentor), my cousin Jahlil and those in our circle in the same room you would understand that you are seeing the future for this region. Shoutout to DJ Difference too...We are the ones popping on the radio right now. Not to be disrespectful to others but we are the ones you hear in the clubs. In the whips in the street. We are not done though. We have more to do.

WH- Do you and Jahlil work together in the studio together at all?

Sap- All the time! We are working on a couple of things right now. There is tons of work we do together. Right now we are doing our things solo wise but we do have some things in the works that we will be doing jointly.

Wh- Tell the people how old are you again? I sometimes have to remember it myself.

Sap- I am twenty now.

WH- But you started out making beats when you were??? More importantly how old were you when you made that In My Bag beat?

Sap- I was around 15 when I made first beat. I was actually 18 when I made 'In My Bag'.

WH- Tell me about what it was like the first time you performed? Where was that? How was it?

Sap- My first place performing was actually at the Del State homecoming. I am not even going to front. I was ALL THE WAY NERVOUS. I had never performed in front of anyone and then to have to do it in front of 5000 fans was a bit daunting. One of the other dudes on the side of the stage even asked me

"You aight? You look nervous..."

I replied "Yeah, I'm nervous! That is a lot of people and this is my FIRST PERFORMANCE."

He wished me luck and out I went out there. I mean, at first I was nervous but what are you going to do? You are already out there? Everybody wanted to know what this guy Sap looked like and I had to do what I had to do. So I got through it. I have since become MUCH MORE USED TO PERFORMING. Matter of fact, because of the size of the crowd that night, performing in a smaller venue is MUCH EASIER. So I was glad I went through it how I did. I know it wasn't much but...

WH- ...Let me stop you right there. It is a big deal fam. I know. I went there. It isn't just the 'student body' that is there. There are people from other schools, alumni and just people who live here in the building. It is a BIG DEAL. No shame in being nervous on that one.

Sap- You right....It was really big for me. I got to see how I was supposed to move. How I am supposed to hold the mic. Perform. I learned all of that from watching Shizz (Nitty), Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj perform that night. Next time I get to perform for that large of a crowd I will be more prepared.

Well...well...well...What do we have here? Some footage of said performance.

WH- Aight, good stuff. I am digging the honesty my man. How did you feel the first time you heard a track you produced on the radio? What song was that?
Sap- My first song on the radio was Meek Mill's "In My Bag". Only, I almost missed it. You see I went out to go get something to eat and I got a phone call. My ex girlfriend hits my phone and tells me 'Your song is on the radio!". First response was 'No it isn't' but I checked anyway. It was crazy to hear it on Power 99 FM (Philadelphia). A station that I grew up listening to as a child. Definitely a crazy feeling...

WH- I can only imagine. I probably would have felt crazy too. So tell the people, who are some of your favorite producers?

Sap- I would have to say Dre first 'cause he is a legend. Timbo (Timbaland) next because like Dre, he is a legend and he managed to stay relevant. Last is Kanye. He is the one I can identify with for the fact that he is makes dope beats but he also rhymes. There are a lot of dope producers out..Those are some of my favorites though.

WH- Yes there are. I know we are all over the place but what do you feel about sampling? I couldn't help but notice that you have sampled yourself on a couple of tracks. Is that something you are looking more into?
Sap- You know what? I actually am. I am looking to take it back to the old school way of sampling but with a new school sound. As we speak. I have started to do some of that on the newer tracks I have done. I do like sampling. I will say this though. It is not what you sample but finding the 'right' sample.

WH- Right! Anyone can sample but you need to have quality as your main goal. I know you have a song with Freeway. How did THAT COME ABOUT?

Sap- That is another interesting story. Are you recording? Please put this in there. When I did the "In My Bag" beat, Grouchy Greg of Allhiphop.com decided that he wanted to do a 'In My Bag' regional type of deal where all types of rappers would rap over the beat. They wanted everyone to do a freestyle. Through that process, I ended up getting Freeway's email from my manager at the time. Now I was only supposed to be sending him the "In My Bag" joint but I sent him like ten beats! I mean "Why not?" I figured the only thing he could do was not like them. He hit me back and let me know he got the beats and the rest kind of took care of itself. We have been working with each other ever since.....

(The aforementioned 'Freeway song') Ten Freaky Girls (remix) along with a post that was done on it here. http://thewarehous.blogspot.com/2009/10/shizz-nitty-del-state-homecoming.html

WH- That is pretty much what I would have done. I am sure that he loved the initiative it showed. Great story fam. Never actually heard anyone ask you about that before.

I have to ask you fam these two questions. "Did they play your music at your prom?" and how was that? Also, what is this I hear about you driving a PHANTOM to the prom?

Sap- They actually did play my music. They played 10 Freaky Girls at my prom and Doc B (Power 99 FM) played that joint later that night. It was definitely something that was a highlight for me. I can't even front on the Phantom thing. It was a friendly competition between me and my boy. He started it. We started speaking about how we were gonna kill 'em at the prom because we were the 'best dressers in school' (not self described). So we hatched a plan and it kinda evolved into the Phantom thing. Not trying to be 'better' than anyone on some type time but genuinely trying to have fun at the prom.

WH- Well damm I would say you did that and then some my man. I can only imagine the response you got when your joint got played. How did you handle the 'early' fame of being known in and around town?

Sap- Well, I kinda got a small taste of it at school once people started finding out I did the Meek Mill thing. So that helped me get a peek of what it would look like and prepared me for the larger scale of popularity I have started to receive.

WH- Talk to me about any backlash you may received...

Sap- You know what is funny about that? I'mma keep it all the way real with you. I don't get too much of that. What I have learned is that sometimes you have to be 'more humble' around certain people.

WH- I have a saying that I and others use for that. Its called "Know your audience.."

Sap- (Bursts out in laughter) Yep....That's it. You gotta be extra humble around certain dudes...

WH- Sometimes you have to do things for people even when they can't do it for themselves. I know exactly what you are talking about by 'extra humble'.

Sap- Take the 'prom' whip question for instance. I would have never bought that up if you hadn't asked me. Why? I know how it sounds that is why. I mean maybe to some people that I knew could handle that but not to others. Like I said, sometimes you just have to know when to stay humble 'cause you bring some of that on yourself. Crazy thing is they would find out anyway and be like 'Oh snap..You went to the prom in a Phantom? Wow! Why didn't you tell me?" I (you) don't wanna tell you (them) though 'cause I didn't want you to feel like I was showing off...Stuff like that.

(At this point, the interview goes off tangent a bit to the history of the Ghetto Boyz, Mr. Scarface, and others. Sap also speaks on how as a boy visiting his grandmother shaped him musically. in Chester, Some of it is off the record but I just wanted to point out the young man is MUSICAL like a mofo. We are going to pick the interview up off a STATEMENT HE WAS MAKING. Usually an interview goes 'question' then answer but he started to get into a question I already had for him. FAVORITE ALBUM....)

Sap- (Sits up at the edge of his seat and gets more animated.) I don't know if you got this all in there (on your list of questions for me) but put this in there. Truthfully, my FAVORITE ALBUM, that I vibe to all the time is DMX'S "Its Dark and Hell Is Hot". That joint is crazy like. Definitely an all time favorite.

WH- That album is near and dear to me for a lot of reasons. (Goes off into a personal story that I will share on the blog or in print one day. Comes back on topic) I know you have some DEFINITE ties to Chester, Pennsylvania. Can you speak on that a bit.

Sap- Definitely. It is one of the places that helped me with my versatility as a producer. As I said earlier, I spent a lot of time there. I used to go to my Grandmother's crib and we used to walk in the city all the time to this African dude's spot. He had this big box full of tapes and stuff. CDS too. Ya know I mean? The jawns might have a little piece of paper as the cover but it didn't have the name of the songs on 'em! Or it might have it but it was faded. Anyway, I would grab my music from him. I remember one day I picked up a couple of Mystikal joints, I had the The Hot Boyz....

WH- (Interjects...polite word for interrupts) Oh so you were listening to music out of your REGION? That's big 'cause a lot of cats weren't very ACCEPTING OF THAT MUSIC even at that time. ('97ish) It had just started to pick up North...

Sap- Yeah man! I was listening to everything.

WH- What about Outkast?

Sap- Even them! I had the name of the joint with the long name...(WH interjects) Southernplaylisticcadallicmuzik....Yeah! That joint. I love their music. My Mom had me listening to all types of music. I had no choice. She kept an LL Cool J playing. I like Meth and Red too. Matter of fact, the best song as far as ones that had a whole bunch of MCs on it to me was that 4,3,2,1 remix LL had with them and Master P. That was my joint. I also dug Cam'ron's Confessions of Fire. It was those trips, along with my older brother's influence, the help of my uncle and my love for music that shaped me into the producer I am today.

WH- (Turns to the other person in the room who shall remain nameless for now.) I LIKE HIM! (Pointing to Sap.) He knows his music! Confessions of Fire? Wow. You definitely paid attention to music as a youth my man. I dig that. There are some artists and producers who did not or do not.

Sap- ...Yeah man. Here's the thing, I had an older brother and his view on Hip Hop was a little different than mine. To keep it all the way real my look would have been more Diddy and 'em whereas he would look more to the Cam'ron's of the World. The Cormegas of the World. Capone and Norega. So that helped open me up to even MORE MUSIC since he was my older brother and would play those records for me.

WH- Name five artist, dead or alive, that you would love to work with...

Sap- (Give it some thought) Hmmmmm...Okay...Here is my five. My five artists that I would love to work with are Kanye, Jay-Z, Biggie, Will I.AM, and Bun or Scarface...I will pick Bun B. 'cause that is my man but I would love to work with Scarface.

(We continued to chop it up about those era of records. His influences. We got back on the topic of producers and Pharrell. Then he dropped this little gem on me about his relationship with Boobonic of Philly's Most Wanted.)

(You do remember them don't you? Oh you don't? Okay here..)

Sap- I don't know if people know this about Boobonic and I. We are friends. He took me out LA and gave some good advice. He is definitely one of my mentors. Along with Matty Gate$ (OT Records). I have some of the best mentors man. They keep me up on a lot of game and open doors for me all the time along with the music itself.

WH- Yes, you do have some good mentors. Well man, I appreciate you taking the time to sit down with me....Anytime you have something to say, the pages of the Warehouse are open to you. You have our support over here.

Sap- Man I appreciate that. Thanks for sitting down with me. Really enjoyed!

I hope ya'll enjoyed that. It was a pleasure to sit down with the humble young boy from Delaware. If you want to get at him on Twitter do so here...


I am going to leave you with some behind the scenes footage that he has done as well as some of his music. All you potential beat makers, aspiring artists as well as some of my established friends in the music business, don't hesitate to get at the young man. He is about his business, real humble and super talented.

Yes, that is a picture of him and the Phantom..

*For my loyal readers who may recognize one of the tags in this blog post. (Or for those of you who don't read this blog and are thinking 'Wait a minute.." @ tag...

In the coming DAYS you will see some promotion in conjunction with another VERY POPULAR BLOGGER. Don't be alarmed. We are all on the same team on this one. Lingo will be used. No need to run and 'tell it' or accuse it of being stolen. Lets just nip that in the bud right now. I know how ya'll do. We are working TOGETHER. Just thought I would put that out there EARLY. You know me. I am my OWN MAN and have always blogged how I FELT with my own words. There is a reason for that and for this collab. I'll leave it at that.

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(Video) @1andonlyOlivia X Walk Away

Fair assessment? This joint is good.

(Video) Bleu Davinci speaks on T.I. not snitching and Jeezy....

I put this video up for the former but I imagine that many of you will be more interested in the latter as you probably don't want to 'hear' the former. I've tried to explain to some of you that your 10k lawyer doesn't have the reach of the MULTI MILLION DOLLAR lawyers T.I. has but you continuously compare you and your cases to his. Naw. Bleu breaks it down again for you arm chair lawyers.

I'll let you listen to what he has to say about Jeezy for yourself...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

(Video) Fan (actually an MC... ) calls out Blu for 'weak performance' on stage..

Interesting. This is the MC that did it... allegedly. The status below gives some credence to that..lol

Dregs One



Now I, obviously, don't think his intentions were to be mean. He was just giving his honest opinion as a fan of the dude's music. He is also not the first person to voice this sentiment when it comes to Blu so.... take that for what it is worth.. What do you think? Was he correct? I mean as a fan who happens to participate in the same occupation, is he not correct in speaking out on it? Or would it be better if he wasn't a fan? I want to hear what ya'll have to say. I say he is right personally IF that is how he felt. (Didn't see the whole performance so I can say it is 'true'..)


(Pictures) @mayolisena X In Paradise...

(Audio) Great discussion by The Black Odd Couple 3.2 with @wisemath and our special Guest @AndreaDMorgan #BlogTalkRadio

Take a listen..

Listen to internet radio with Inkognegro on Blog Talk Radio

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(Pictures) @genaeugene...she is shy.. so be nice please.

Be respectful so she will allow to OCCASIONALLY post a picture or two of her up..lol

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(Video) @IGGYAZALEA X Above Ground

Had some folks ask me about her (Not sure HOW they didn't know who she is..) so here is some footage...

ABOVE GROUND: IGGY AZALEA LIVE PT. 1 from Above Ground on Vimeo.

Above Ground Presents: Iggy Azalea "My World" LIVE at 330 Ritch from Above Ground on Vimeo.

Above Ground Presents: SHOWTIME At The Ritch with Stalley from Above Ground on Vimeo.

Courtesy of @CDouglasRoberts : HUMBLE FLASHY • International Fresh

HUMBLE FLASHY • International Fresh

Since I have a lot of friends that play internationally, CDR's sentiments don't surprise me. Very happy for him. Follow him on Tumblr if you have one...

International Fresh

A lot of people have been wanting details about my stay in Italy. They also have been asking questions. Are you coming back this season? What team are you playing for next season? How do you like it over there? Do you regret signing a 1 year deal? Well I’m going to answer all of those questions and get you up to speed with my time in Italy.

First off I want to say I appreciate all of you for actually giving a damn. It still amazes me that I have so many people that actually keep up with me and are fans of my game.

“Different” is the best word to use when people ask me about my time in Italy. Everything is totally different from what I’ve grown accustom to while living in the states. From the language to the way the actual game of basketball is played.

The question that most of the people on Twitter ask me and @TeamCDR is “Why did you/he sign a one year deal without an NBA out clause?” To be honest, during the lockout I wasn’t thinking of when/if the NBA was going to return this season. I just wanted to play basketball. Regardless of what most people think, I love the game. I’m loyal to the game. Simple as that. I still wake up early every morning with a burning desire to become a better basketball player. With that being said, I didn’t want to wait on the NBA. I felt it was too early in my career for me to be missing months of basketball. I was also in a stage where I was unhappy with my career in the NBA thus far. Yea, I had a few good months…few good games, but I wasn’t consistent enough for my liking. I’m my own biggest critic. A lot of my fans make excuses for me, but I don’t believe in excuses. All people care about is the end result. Either the shit gets done or it doesn’t. That’s how I look at life. So, with the lockout pending and guys like Wilson Chandler and JR Smith signing 1 year deals overseas, I felt it was the perfect time for me to step away from the NBA for a little while and re-invent myself. Both as a player and a person. Also, I’m a loyal person. If I make a commitment, I’m going to stick to it. I didn’t want to sign with this team over here and leave in the heart of the season.

The second most asked question is “How is it over there? How are you playing?”

Italy is beautiful. One of the most beautiful countries in the world. The food is also incredible. I believe in living life and experiencing things you can tell your grand children about. During the lockout I could’ve signed for more money with an NBA out clause in other countries, but I wasn’t in need of money. This decision definitely wasn’t about the money. I’m straight. It was more-so about basketball and life experiences. I’m from the westside of Detroit. From one of the worst neighborhoods called the “Number Streetz”. I’ll actually be able to say I lived in Italy for a year. How real is that?

Basketball is much different here. I can honestly say the games are much more competitive than NBA games. I’m not just saying that either. This is why. I’m playing in the first division (Serie A). There are 17 teams and you play each team twice a year. Once at home and once away. You play ONE game per week every Sunday. Therefore, that team you’re playing has an entire week to prepare for you. By the time Sunday rolls around, that team knows all of your offensive sets and defensive strategies. They also focus in on your best player’s tendencies. Most games are decided between five points or less so defense is played at very high intensity the WHOLE GAME. The gyms are smaller and the fans are intense. I’ve never seen atmospheres like this in my career. Even in college. The fans are fuc*in insane for their teams. Also, the team that finishes last gets demoted to the second division (serie B) which is very disappointing. Every game is like the championship game. These teams carry great pride.

Game-play…fouls aren’t really called unless its obvious. This was something I had to get used to. At the beginning of the year I was getting technical fouls for screaming at the refs (which wasn’t a good idea). I haven’t been getting that many calls my way since. Hahaaaa. There is also no three seconds over here so the paint is always jam packed. You have to have a nice mid-range floater game and be able to knock down threes. Now it makes sense why mostly all European players can shoot. It’s because they have to. The games are only 40 minutes, eight minutes less than the NBA games so the games are much less scoring here. If you’re averaging 10ppg over here it’s equivalent to 20ppg in the league. No gas.

My team is currently in 2nd place. We have a really good coach and team. It’s more about team over here too. There are no ego’s. If you win games, everybody is happy. Not the fake happy either. Everybody is really happy we won. Winning is all that matters over here. I can definitely relate because that’s all that matters to me. Personally, I’ve found my groove. The first half of the season I struggled because everything was different. I tell my homies back home all the time, “Imagine playing a certain way for 24 years of your life and then having to change that overnight.” I was still scoring points, but it wasn’t efficient as I would have liked it to be. Because I’m not a selfish player, I’m not shooting every ball like people thought I’d be doing. I’m actually looking forward to the rest of the season to see what we can do. I like our chances.

People always ask me about returning to the NBA next year and which teams..blah blah blah. Honestly, I’m not thinking about next year. Me and my agent talk about teams that are interested, but I keep it at a minimal. I feel focusing on the future is harmful. All that matters is the present. The present molds your future. So for now I’m not thinking about the NBA. I’m on a team that relys on me to perform for them and that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll start thinking about the NBA the moment this season is finished over here.

All in all pimp, I’m making the most out of my experience over here and enjoying every minute of it. The living conditions aren’t what I’m used to, the travel is bus only, the language barrier can be frustrating at times, I get homesick here and there, but it’s all good. What’s most important is I’m becoming a BETTER BASKETBALL PLAYER. We practice two times a day (mandatory) and before practice I do a workout and after practice I do a workout. First one in the gym and the last one to leave. Due to the paint being so jammed packed I’ve been forced to work on my jumper more and more. I’ve never felt better as a player. I’m posting up now, seeing the floor better…Also I’m a better person. I’ve humbled a lot. Being away from the NBA/states have really made me put things into perspective. Playing in the NBA is a privilege. I always knew that, but now I really understand how much of a privilege it is. When I was in the NBA I thought I was working hard because I use to practice hard and then get a workout in after practice. That wasn’t shit! These guys practice two times a day over here and still get workouts in after practice. AND they’ve been doing this since they were like 13 years old. Sometimes shit happens in mysterious ways. I really feel that I’m suppose to be over here this year. I’m happy the way things turned out. I’ll be back next year more hungrier than I’ve ever been! Don’t let this fly shit fool you. You watch!

PS. I got rid of those Horace Grant sports glasses too. I’m back wavy as ever on the court.


(Pictures) Lions, @TygerBooty and Bears oh my....Literally. Fellas, enjoy.

I am going to put a candid up first then let you scroll down to see a professional picture of one Dasani Williams aka Tygerbooty...

She looks dope clothed too..

You can see her in the latest video for Gucci Mane and a few more videos..and didn't know her name.. Well you do now. Show her some love on Twitter.

UPDATED: Looks like Hood Affairs interviewed her. Good stuff here...