Saturday, October 1, 2011

(Beats) From the homie @LosoDaBeatman .... His beat credits are below...

Mel love, Young Chief, Wacka Flocka , Frenchie1017 , Diggy Simmons , Lil Twist , Reed Dollaz , Younghot, QuillyMillz and more... All of you rappers/singers that follow the blog need to come see the man about his craft.

  No Beef by LosoDaBeatman

  KILLER by LosoDaBeatman

  What It Is ! by LosoDaBeatman
  KILL SWITCH Prdby Losoondhabeatt by LosoDaBeatman

  Life Is A Dream by LosoDaBeatman

  StoryToTell-Prd LosoBeats by LosoDaBeatman

I really like this last joint. They are all pretty good but that last one resonates with me. Big beat. Breakdowns for a rap...If the girl (or dude) had a strong hit. All over it.