Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dad Finds Naked Boy(s) With Daughter, Pulls Gun, Gets Arrested - Seattle News - The Daily Weekly

If you aren't familiar with the story, you should skip down and read it first and THEN come read what I said. It will make sense then.

I am not one for going at 'other people's children' on the reg. I have said something every once in awhile if it EFFECTS my children or me personally but other than that, I try to let them be. Let the parents handle that. However, in this case, you are in my home. Let me REITERATE. 

MY HOME. Not the streets. Not down at the school. Not at the park. My home. If your parents didn't teach you about running up in other folk's homes UNLESS YOU WERE INVITED BY THE PARENTS THEMSELVES, then they failed you. Sorry. Not saying you can't go into the house if your friend invites you but just know that when you go uninvited by the parents, it is probably not gonna end well. That's how it goes. I remember being at friend's houses..hell my own COUSIN'S HOUSES...and if the man or the woman came home and didn't know folks were coming through, EVERYBODY CAUGHT THE WRATH. Period. Coming home to you having your way 'consensually' with my daughter is no exception. That 'consent' doesn't mean shit to me partna. You are in MY HOUSE. I didn't consent to you doing it in MY HOUSE AND I also happen to be responsible for her well being to boot. So I AM ACTING IN HER BEST INTEREST whether she gave consent or not as she is a CHILD/under my care. If she stole or cut school, GUESS WHO THEY COME LOOKING FOR? Not you...Me! So don't tell me I don't (or can't ) have some control over what she does as I am RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT SHE DOES. Including probably taking care of the child that could result from the two (four of you in this case) having sex. Excuse the fuck outta me for not 'taking it in stride...'. This isn't a movie. An afterschool special. This is real life Jack. It isn't like you are going to do take care of your child...It would be me and on my household.

Now I see folks out here, reminiscing  on their childhood, on when they were a boy or who have boys of their own who are a bit upset by the Father's actions. That's fine. I understand. I was a boy. I was also taught that I enter other folk's homes at my own peril and that if I were to EVER GET CAUGHT WITH SOME ONE'S DAUGHTER shit could ugly. Now clearly, my parents weren't going to let anyone 'kill me' as they stood idly by but they weren't out here saying 'You better not touch my son if he is in your house uninvited by you' either. There is a middle ground. Can't be out here 'shooting at folks for messing with your niece' on one hand and then letting your son off the hook when someone gets upset at him being in their home on the other hand. 

I think the Father showed INCREDIBLE restraint on this one. In hindsight, he probably wouldn't have pulled out his shotty on them but he DID HAVE THE SENSE NOT TO SHOOT ANYONE. Which quite honestly, most Fathers wouldn't have. 

I don't blame him for snapping. I also find it funny that folks think that somehow running back to a man's house who CLEARLY IS IN DISTRESS to 'talk to him about pulling a gun on your son while your son was fucking in his house' is somehow gonna end well.

Like all of the sudden he wasn't thinking 'What if this kid tells his father?" 

Ever stop to think that he may WANT THAT TO HAPPEN? That you may be walking into some shit? 'Cause as a Father, I can tell you THAT I have WELCOMED THE CHANCE TO SPEAK TO SOME PARENTS ABOUT WHATEVER THEIR CHILD HAS DONE. I understand that a parent loves their child. Hence the reason I am upset. I also may be thinking 'What kinda fucking parent does this child have?" though and maybe I REALLY WANT TO BEAT THEIR ASS. Ever think of that? Maybe I don't blame the kid so much which is why I didn't do much to him. Maybe it is YOU  I WANT TO DO BODILY HARM. Folks think like that you know. I know some of you think your 'anger' will override anything (same could be said for the Father truthfully) but going back over there 'to get the Father' might not be the best thing for the situation either. 

Which is why I wasn't too upset about 'the calling of the cops'. I am not a fan of the cops but at some point, if neither party can get things to a amicable place, they may be needed. 

Best case scenario I could see for this though AFTER THE EVENTS TRANSPIRED is for the parents to explain to their children what happened and to ensure NONE OF THE PARTIES INVOLVED EVER GETS INTO A SITUATION LIKE THAT AGAIN. BOYS. PARENTS and especially the Daughter. (Even though something tells me that after this, sneaking boys over will not be happening as either she will leave her abode if she is rebellious enough or she has learned her lesson..)

Dad Finds Naked Boy(s) With Daughter, Pulls Gun, Gets Arrested - Seattle News - The Daily Weekly
Growing up, a girl's dad I knew used to make a point of cleaning his 12-gauge, pump-action Browning shotgun whenever a certain teenage boy came to see his daughter.
It was terrifying.
But not half as terrifying as what these young men apparently went through.

The P-I reports that Timothy Wayne Gooden, a 40-year-old dad from Kent, was charged with assault after he supposedly went way too far with a gun and his fists upon finding his daughter and her boyfriend(s) in a compromising position.

At 1:30 p.m. the day of the incident, Gooden's daughter, her boyfriend and another 16-year-old boy were in the apartment when Gooden arrived. Realizing her father had returned, the girl sent her boyfriend - who'd disrobed previously - and the other youth into a bathroom to hide.
So dad supposedly came home; he knew there were boy(s) in the house, and he eventually found two in the bathroom.
Now Mr. Gooden happens to be the kind of dad who carries a pistol in a holster on his hip--so naturally that came out.
At that point (according to the boys involved), Gooden allegedly pointed the gun at the 16-year-olds and told them, among other things, "I have every right now to blow your brains out!"
He didn't blow the boys' brains out, but he did supposedly beat his daughter repeatedly--as in "50 to 100 times."
About an hour later, Godden supposedly figured out that there was a third boy in the house--his daughter's boyfriend--who was naked as a jaybird, hiding in the bathtub.
"Gooden punched him in the chest and then tried to hit (the teen's) face," Kent Detective Matthew Holmes told the court. "Gooden had the pistol in his hand and told (the teen) to sit on the bed with the others.
"(He) asked if he could put his clothes on and Gooden would not allow him to."
Eventually Gooden's daughter's boyfriend was allowed to leave. And as soon as he got home and told his dad, the cops were called.
Gooden's daughter, however, discounted some of the boys' stories--particularly the part about how he'd pointed the gun at them and beat her profusely.
Whatever the case, prosecutors have charged Gooden with second-degree and fourth-degree assault.