Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Hey, everyone.  This afternoon I took time to share a small thought on twitter, and was happy to have it start some discussion with fans who are following me.  If you saw the tweet, you may have noticed others talking about some private messages I was sending to clarify what I had originally sent.
I’m not an argumentative person, and twitter would be the LAST place where I would want to publicly give the impression that I was debating people.  So, I thought I’d take time to write a post (something a little longer than 140 characters) that would let anyone see the direct message perspective I enjoyed sharing with the folks on twitter who were talking back to me.
From my theological study, and I certainly don’t know everything about the koine Greek, the abbreviations XΣ, XP, and XC were ancient symbols that the early church used to represent the word “Christ” and not “X.”  In all ancient icons, nowhere is Christ symbolized by “X” alone. Nowhere in the Greek language or Church history is the letter “X” a symbol or representative of Christ. In English, of course, it stands for unknown.
I know this is something that has been debated for years, and both perspectives can quote their own wikipedia articles. The main opinion I want to emphasize (which is hard to do in 140 characters) is our need to recognize the origin of the Christmas season.  I think most people can appreciate the importance of preventing materialism from replacing the observance of a ritual that is important to so many people’s faith.
So forgive me as I continue to figure out the best way to use twitter.  I know it’s not going to be a place where I fight or debate.  I don’t mind it being a place where I can connect with more people.
Thanks for interacting with me.
You folks are great!