Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I wanted to write about James Harrison's 25k fine...@steelergurl did it for me...

This is a classic case of.....

Props to Steelers Depot for the .gif..

What she said>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.http://steelergurl.com/?p=965

Right down to putting the little white flag on the quarterback part....I would SHOW YOU THE VIDEO OF THE HIT but the 'League' has conveniently taken down (Contacted Youtube and made all the videos of it disappear) the offending video of said event...Oh wait, I found one..On Twitvid (harder to stop)..It is slowed down for you 'biased' folks (Ya'll names start with an A..I am not calling your name. Just come on up here and put this shoe on cuz....lol..You KNOW it is for you.) that thought it was SO LATE when he got hit. Was the ball gone? Yeah..by a half a second. James was ALREADY IN THE AIR and on his way to hit him. James was supposed to freeze himself in the air? Oh he wasn't supposed to jump so Ryan could complete that pass huh?

I know ya'll won't admit that this is a bad call though. lol Its okay. There is nothing that you can say that makes me think IT ISN'T. It is pretty clear. Peep the ref too...HAND ON THE FLAG THROWING IT AT THE SAME TIME THE HIT WAS MADE AND THE BALL CLEARED...Interesting...See #92 and get your hand on your flag much ref? He was gonna throw that flag if he SO MUCH AS SAID 'BOO' to Ryan back there.

If you are throwing the flag for this, no one is going to have a check. You also might as well go on over to "MambypambyLand" and find some......- The Gieco Commercial...That is if you are calling this on everyone else. Which we are not. As usual. There is no bias towards the Steelers though. I know....FOH..

Yeah, I ended up writing about it. She did so in a nicer fashion so still go peep it...


He keeps getting fined he'll find himself out of a job.lol they called a few on us like that namely against ray. It's sorta like they cant stop the momentum once it starts going. *yeezyshrug*
so sunday's game will be interesting because neither D will let up.

I didn't agree with the call on Ray honestly...lol I mean, Ray has hit BEN LIKE THAT and it was just 'football' to me. I don't get it. I hate it. Put flags on 'em if you are gonna call it that way. Yes, the next game will be very interesting. I wonder if the players are just putting money in a pot for 'fines' at this point? 'Cause there is NO WAY YOU CAN LET A BEN OR A JOE JUST STAND BACK THERE AND 'THROW' WITHOUT GETTING TOUCHED. Period. They gotta hit the ground at some point. If you wanna win...lol

i think for this upcoming game the team mgrs or team owners have set aside some fine money per hard hitting defensive linemen because they're gonna tell they play hard. lol Yeah...hopefully Ben heals and starts we want this game to be a slug fest

Thank you Mark lol
Always looking out :D

I loves my Stiller fam!!

You already know SG! You look out all the time. More than you know. :) Not a problem.