Saturday, October 9, 2010

It isn't 'them'....It is 'us'...@ the mental/physical box black people put themselves into..

(Today I am going to use this space for a personal use..For some of you this will be abnormal. Click on the label below and you will find out it is not. I do more than post up pics, vids and interview people. This is PROBABLY going to strike a nerve with some of you. Good. That's means its intent is being fulfilled. Love me or leave me alone. I don't care. Seriously. @ whether I piss you off or not with this one. 

I don't NEED no new friends....- Trick Daddy (Ride Wit 'Ya- Jeezy) )

This is something that I have noticed that is PREVALENT in our community. Yes, I said 'our' community. Deal with it and get over yourself if you don't like it. What do I mean? Let me give you some examples.

For some dumb unknown reason, most of us (Yes motherfcuker I said US. It is 'us' when we are the only ones in the room full of other races so don't go getting all riled up now. Miss me with that defense mechanism shit..) CONSTANTLY have something sniping to say to a mofo who is does more than one thing well.

Oh you are a good student in school? You must be a 'nerd'.....

Oh you are good at sports? You 'can't be smart then...If you are smart then you must not be THAT good at sports or that is why you aren't going Pro. Since you are smart.

Oh you know about computers? That must mean you can't fight....

Oh you can shoot guns at targets right and left handed? You ain't no gangsta though. You won't shoot into crowds of innocent people with no regard for anyone just to show how tough you are....

(Myron Rolle....I have heard cats say all types of things about this young man. He is better than most of your 'local' football heros...Even if he didn't make the L....Rhodes Scholar....)

I think you get the point...Here we are worried about the 'white man' putting us in a 'box'. Segregating and separating us. Looking down on us. Shit. We do it TO OURSELVES. In addition, we allow others to do it too with these 'hood' rules we have.Since if you 'know the hood rules' you too can live within the mental slaves walls we use for acceptance.

Look, I am all for codes amongst ourselves and some of them are VERY USEFUL. They really should be (and are) LIFE RULES. Some of this shit is outta hand though and it is KILLING OUR RACE AND CULTURE. We are telling our youth that 'normal' is abnormal. That 'stardom' is the only way to 'be somebody'. That you can't do all three of these things at the same time...Be physically strong or gifted, mentally strong in regards to your perseverance and ability to endure hard times and struggle, and BOOK SMART.

We are making people 'pick' one. No OTHER RACE DOES THAT SHIT TO THEIR PEOPLE on a whole and as a standard. It is DISGUSTING to me personally

(Steve Young...Prolific qb......has a LAW DEGREE..You didn't see people giving him shit did you? That's because THEY DON'T DO THAT...Only we would do some bullshit like that....)

I am all for people having a 'way that they do things'. I know that all of that won't be 'right'. I UNDERSTAND all of that. I am simply saying that we need to point that mirror back at us for some of the things that WE aren't getting done. This is an area of concern. A huge one...Why?

We are basically telling our kids that you have to be either dumb and athletic or smart and soft. Pick one. Really people? This is the shit you want to tell your kids?

Dumb= Go to jail eventually by the way. So you will UNDERSTAND exactly what I am saying. Yes, I know it happens all the time. I don't care. It didn't USED TO HAPPEN ALL THE TIME. I don't want to hear that sorry ass 'Times have changed' excuse anymore either. Mofos used to have to WALK 30 miles to GET WORK. They used to 'make it pop off'.  Those same 'family members' whose circumstances you use as a crutch (slavery) to 'excuse' the deplorable behavior you exhibit now. Yup. THOSE SAME PEOPLE. Struggle? You want to talk about STRUGGLE? You want to talk about a WILL TO FUCKING LEARN ALL WHILE BEING ABLE TO LIFT WHOLE CARS UP BY THEMSELVES, OUTPERFORM WHITES ON THE PLAYING FIELD and STILL being HELD DOWN? Yeah..lets talk about that shit..Oh wait, you don't want to. 'Cause it will make you look lazy as shit. It is a good damm thing we aren't enslaved now by another race. We wouldn't make it fucking with some of you. Then again, you KEEP trying to enslave us with this 'real' bullshit now so we might not make it anyway..Do better people. Shit

Stop telling (clowning) these kids (and some adults who are kids) for being good at one thing while achieving HIGHLY in its POLAR OPPOSITE. Take some of that energy you are exhibiting and work on your own shit....Just like you like to say 'We all can't be gangsta...' you need to know we all can't be 'comedians' either. Or one dimensional. Some of us want to have more than one skill and be able to live. Let us do that. Some of us are secure in knowing the things that you have to pay people to do for you. You know the kinda things that won't land you in jail. (Yeah, I heard your thoughts. Mofos as a matter of fact, there are a couple of Third World countries that would make what happens in your 'hood' look like FantasyLand. So I am not talking about those things...Thanks for playing though...) I will say this, it is 'interesting' to see people who are fortunate enough to have made it through the BS they have been doing in life 'DISCOVER' certain things and tout them when some have BEEN up on them. You can see the 'light bulb' come on. Fun times. Except when they run up on you about 'you needing to get up on it'....Hard to refrain from saying "Nigga, I BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU TO GET UP ON IT. Now that it is 'cool' to do it, here you come. You are late homie....' Anyway, this concludes this particular 'rant'. Take from it what you will.

Oh...and if you THINK I was talking about you up there? I probably was. Don't act like I didn't tell you this before either. 'Cause I have. Just take the hint and adjust accordingly. Or not. Just don't say I didn't tell you.

This post is in honor of my boy having his first son. See had 'we' succumb to all of the peer pressure, the jokes and all of the other dumb shit I just mentioned up top, we would have gone down the paths that not only many of our peers had went down but our UNCLES, BROTHERS FROM ANOTHER, and other family members have gone down. I want all of you who KNOW who I am talking about and have kids of your own to remember this as you raise yours or around him. I , Lord willing, will be around to make sure that you (or anyone else) don't push none of your bullshit agendas on the boy. He will be unique in his own way. I can feel it. I won't allow it. Hurt feelings or not. Same as I do with my own. Which is why very few of you even get to 'see 'em', never mind interact with 'em.....