(Music Video) Bobby Dime$ X Driver's Seat prod. by Sap

His new album Google That is out now.. Click the title for details..

Depression: Sometimes, it is THAT BAD..

This is personal btw.. Not what I heard.. What I saw..

Suite 302/Carolinaware's Own are one..

New location for my 'home' barbershop. Read the post for details

I've walked that walk with someone..

Personal true story... Hope it helps someone.

The Foreign Exchange X New Music X So What If It Is...

New REMIX ALBUM coming 2/13/13 from them..Read posts for details..


If you don't know about Ms. Evans, GET FAMILIAR DAMMIT. She can SPIT.. Period.


Aka Mrs. Carolinaware's Own R.I.P. Rest In Power pretty gal..

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Speaking of the Steelers....

I know the term 'my' gets on some of those fair weather fans nerves. Especially when your team doesn't 'win'. (Chuckles) Anyhow. Here is what MY TEAM looks like when it is time to hit......

Complex Magazine isn't playing over there..Taraji and Lindsay??

I wanted Taraji P. Henson on the cover though. Not my mag so I can't get upset. Not mad at Complex for the Lindsay thing either. They need to sell them units. Hate or her love her you KNOW HER. That's all that matters.

You can catch the rest of Lindsay here...(SHoutout to the 3 or 4 people I know who are Lindsay fans...This is for you..)

For everybody who STILL doesn't get why T.I. was given the chance he was..Stuff like this.

Now let me preface it by saying that he is not the ONLY ONE who gives back to his community. By no means. He is not the only ONE WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD, giving back to his community. Not in his hood, county, state or country. What I am SAYING is that he can give like this twenty times over, NOT HAVE IT FILMED (as he has done), STILL KEEP GIVING and bring back more positive things back to not only HIS COMMUNITY BUT WORLDWIDE. Over and over and over again. I guess if he was only doing this 'after' the sentencing/conviction, there would be some validity to the 'backlash'. He has been doing it the WHOLE TIME. From Nu Finish on back....Giving mortgage free homes AWAY to needing family. Not just turkeys on Thanksgiving Day. Whole houses. Not just Toys for Tots on Christmas Day. So I don't buy the whole 'he is only doing it because of that sentencing' logic.

What I am hoping is that some of you that I know will get even HALFWAY to where he is at staturewise so that some of the things in the past can be overshadowed by what you have done. I truly do. Some of you I am even helping so that it can HAPPEN. Then if (Hopefully it doesn't...) something DOES HAPPEN, you will be able to say what you have done. What you have given back. What you DO BRING TO THE TABLE IN A POSITIVE WAY. Not on some excuse shit either. More like on some 'I may not have always been 'right' but I always cared about XYZ so this is what I have done to support that...' Never know when that kind of good thinking may come back to help YOU.

It is a 'small' thing but could this be why Tyreke Evans didn't make the USA Team? Speeding clip.

I guess this is usually the time that I give the 'young, grow up and when will we learn' speech. It would be warranted too. Except that I am not sure I know too many full on grown ups who haven't done these speeds on a freeway when in comparable cars. Doesn't make it right though now does it?

Yes, he could have died. Yes, he could have killed someone while doing it. I guess my thing is I hope he sees how something that people HONESTLY DO DAILY can get turned into a big deal because it is him DEPENDING ON WHERE HE IS AT. This isn't 476. Or 495 down in Delaware (right near where he grew up at). This isn't the SEVERELY undermanned Chester police department. Or the 'We have other shit to do besides catch speeders with our helicopters' state of Pennsylvania. In those places, this would probably not even make the news unless someone got hurt.

It is California. KNOWN FOR HIGH SPEED CHASES CAUGHT ON VIDEO WITH A HELICOPTER. Can't do that there. It will get out. They 'felony stop you too' so you know he had to get out at gunpoint. Which makes it LOOK WORSE! Knowing the 'morality police' that is the USA Team committee, once this got out, chances of him repping us this time quickly became thin. Which is a shame. I think he should be there. Not sure over 'who' but he definitely should be there. Hope this wasn't the reason why he wasn't....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Jazzy Jeff and Questlove...The Roots Picnic.

I guess it is make good on promises of audio week. I found the audio of the when Jazzy Jeff and Questlove were getting down at the 2010 Picnic with Skillz leading on the mic. As I told you in the post, I was a little busy taking pictures (Like the ones up above) of the event to get the audio like that. (I did manage to get some on my phone though.) He had me, Titi215, Phonte and the rest of the crowd ROCKING. I am sure that you will be too. Take a listen...

You can watch a little here...

Or you can listen to the whole thing here...

Okay, I promised footage of Yaris Sanchez speaking on Lloyd Banks

We only have her side so I am not here to call ANYTHING truth. Maybe Lloyd will speak on it so there will be two sides (with the third being the truth as we all know) or maybe he might be just stay silent. Probably depends on when they catch him...Hats off to the ni##a though. Straight up. No bullshit. That is a A plus acquisition.

Anyway, here is her speaking on it..Her side. With a HEAVY DOSE OF NATALIE NUNN EGGING THE SHIT ON...lol

Sofia Vergara in Australian mag Loaded....

Weekly Yaris Sanchez update...7/30/2010...She is dancing ya'll.

She is trying to claim the video title now..@ Twitter. She already had it popping with the pictures...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pros vs. Joes.....Chris Mullins, Rick Fox, Brent Barry take on some cats...

One of the Joes is Carlos Smothers.. He is from the 'Yay' or Bay Area. He can GO. Peep it below.

OT Records...On Deckery 2...The review...

I am just gonna jump right into it. The mixtape will be available on http://www.datpiff.com/ Sunday. Locally in Delaware you will be able to pick it up at Wonderland on Main St. in Newark, One Stop, Skip's Book on 4th St. (Wilmington), Cave Man Apparel, Sam's (Newark) and at all the local hot barbershops in town.

The CD itself is a must have. I will not 'ruin' the skits for you by reviewing them nor will I give away a lot of the songs content. I will speak on SOME OF THE TRACKS.

From the beginning of the CD, you can get a chilling view of what is to come. The beat comes on and Shizz gets right to work. (R.I.P. Art) Lets you know who is on board with some shout outs. Props to Matty Gate$ and Bran for the order of this joint by the way. It is perfect. Nothing seems out of place. If flows. Skits are on point and all of that.

The CD starts off with two Rick Rock beats that set the stage of what is to come. 'Pay Me' is a song that is kinda near and dear to me 'cause I had a chance to hear it early. It features the person I am happy people will finally get to hear. Keena. Shizz does the hook and spits fire. Then out of nowhere it seems, Keena comes in and puts the nail in the coffin. Only to have Shizz come right back and pull it back out. The beat is BIG. Big like you would think a 'known' producer did it. Well, if Rick Rock keeps doing beats like the ones he has contributed here, he will be known. I will remember his name for sure.

'I Got It' is next. This is a banger produced by Sap the Beatman. He is next and the song is a winner for sure.

'Oh Let's Do'
It is an 'freestyle' by none other than Clark Bar and Chuck50. They DO what was supposed to be done over that Wacka Flocka beat. Spit hot fire over it. You can feel the emotion in their words and they spin a tale or two on how they get down.

'Rapstar' is another freestyle. This time over Gucci Mane's beat and starring Shizz Nitty. If you are from around here, you KNOW EXACTLY who this song is about. There is "Facebook" story behind this joint that I promise I am going to get Shizz himself to retell one day for me on 'record'. I watched it unfold but I want him to tell you in his words. Or you could just listen to the song and pick up the clues. Definite diss record and surely not made up.

'How 'Bout It' is a song that PEEDI CRACK wanted to get on. That is all I am going to say. That should tell you everything you need to know. He ASKED to be on the song. The song is fire. Period. The song was fire BEFORE he got on it actually. 5th Ward & Shizz did their thing. It is flames now.

'Snap' features Clark Bar (As I call him 'The Voice'. Just listen to him rap. You will understand.) on the hook with Shizz spitting.

Clark & Keena are up next to give you a whole new perspective on a Rihanna song I hate honestly. I literally never listened to 'Rude Boy' more than once. I left it be. As a result, I didn't KNOW what song it was they killed. I had to look it up. They completely redid the hook and all of that with great results. "I'm Back"

'Bad Bitch' featuring Shizz, Chuck50 and Keena is just one of those songs that shows you they are into more than just one thing. I think Chuck50 might surprise a few on this track. Keena once again damm steals the show and Shizz does what Shizz does.

'Shake 'Em Off' is a track that I have been ranting and raving about for months. It is a song with production by Jahlil Beats. It is that good to me. Club banger. I could see the 'shakey girls' coming out to this joint right here or people leaving the bar to get their 'steps' in when it comes on.

'Hugs and Kisses from the Girls' by Sap the Beatman is SELF EXPLANATORY. Production AND rapping, Sap puts it down. He has a surprise for you later on though when he gets FREEWAY and Shizz Nitty to join him.

'My Life' by Chuck50 is a CHUCK50 AT HIS BEST. He is an killer. On the track that is. His lyrics will put you RIGHT THERE with him no matter what the subject matter. Same with Clark Bar. They both display this on 'My Life', 'Always Strapped' and 'Exercise'.

Shizz Nitty and P-Dot go in next on "BMF"....

All We Do Is Grind featuring Chuck50 and Shizz Nitty is a where you can see just why 'Chuck50 and Shizz' are down with each other. It shows on this track.

'Yamz' is JUST LIKE IT SOUNDS. Good. And yes it is about 'that'. Shizz and 5th Ward are talking about what they know.

"True Story" shows you exactly how Clark Bar gets down. If you have never heard him independently of the others, you should peep this out.

'Sox In Da Air' (Remix). The original started THINGS OFF for this last push that Shizz Nitty and OT Records got. Getting an official co-sign from the Philly Flamer, Meek Mill (Philly...215) just solidified that. This is not some 'added on' verse either. No need to wonder if he has been around 'OT Records' or was it a one time deal. No. (That's all I can tell you right now. Be patient.) He came through and RECORDED THAT JOINT FOR THE SONG. It also shows you how talented the other artists on the track are as they are not outshining each other. Everyone HOLDS THEIR OWN ON THAT TRACK. Period.

'100' just lets it be known. Period. Keyz has a nice track on his hands and Shizz puts his magic touch on it to finish it off. I'mma start calling Shizz 'Joe Hooker' if he keeps this 'hook' work up.

State City Music Weekend...Hip Hop Summit. Dover, Delaware July 25th, 2010

Now I can hear you some of you 'sucking your teeth' already. A Hip Hop summit in DOVER, DELAWARE? Why? Well if you KNOW YOUR HIP HOP and you follow like that 'elitist' thought you just had in your mind, you will IMMEDIATELY recognize some of the names I am about to mention. If you don't recognize them (along with their pictures)or the companies they represent, then you might not know as much about the genre (or music because they are not just limited to hip hop) as you thought you did.

One of the panelist was Mr. Jayson Rodriguez. You may have seen him on MTV. Sucker Free. Micheal Jackson's FUNERAL. ALL OVER MTV. He is a Delaware native. Google him if you don't know who he is. Or start here..

. I definitely wanted to come down to see what my boy Jayson was going to say. He even cleared up just exactly how MTV 'decides' who gets on. I will give you a hint. You have to pay your dues. It is very RARE for them to feature an artist without that. This doesn't mean that they are not WATCHING YOU THOUGH. So all of you artists out there keep doing your thing.

These three gentleman pictured above are DEFINITELY people to know. Richard Mahee (Stars Confidential), Brian Calhoun (VP of New Media & External Affairs for SoundExchange) and Rich Nichols (Manager of the Legendary Roots Crew). They spoke on a range of topics including, how to properly use the Internet as a medium, what your chances are of actually GETTING ON and how to get paid for your work among other things.

The event was hosted by none other than Grouchy Greg Watkins. Another Delaware native. I have known him for well over twenty years counting school. He DEFINITELY knows his stuff. He is one of the founding member of AllHipHop.com. He offered up PLENTY OF INSIGHT in regards to his own trials and tribulations.

Here are a couple of flicks from the day's events. It was definitely an informative panel that gave 'frank discussions' in regards to artist development, getting started in the business, success rates, business preparation and many more of the ins and outs of the music business from the artist's perspective.

Oh ESPN pulled a story on Lebron eh? Missed it? Here it is...

If you don't have your magnifying glasses handy, here you go.


(Pictures) Here is a blast from the past of @SweetSuleika ....

Let me get out of your way...

More of Foreign Exchange from their West Coast swing. Amoeba Music performance..

Sorry....Been on the road for a bit so these are posts I wanted to make but couldn't quite get to like I wanted to via the Blackberry. So here you go...Enjoy.

The Foreign Exchange - Daykeeper // Amoeba, SF from About Her Films on Vimeo.

Go here and watch more of videos like this...I won't post ALL OF THEIR videos up here. I will direct you to the source of the person who posted them.

Courtesy of Self Diggy

From Yahzarah - The Ballad of Purple Saint James (2010) +FE Music

Yoshi's San Francisco July 23rd 2010

The Foreign Exchange Live 2010 is Nicolay (Keyboards/Samples), Phonte (Lead Vocals), Darien Brockington (Co-lead Vocals), YahZarah (Co-lead Vocals), Zo! (Keyboards), Kush El-Amin (Bass), Chris Boerner (Guitar), Chris "Biscuit" Bynum (Drums), Aimee Flint (Director of Operations)

and MC Walrus (Phonte)...I spoke of them doing this when I saw them in Baltimore here and here....

Phonte's humorous take on Reggae music.
Yoshi's San Francisco
The Foreign Exchange Live 2010 is Nicolay (Keyboards/Samples), Phonte (Lead Vocals), Darien Brockington (Co-lead Vocals), YahZarah (Co-lead Vocals), Zo! (Keyboards), Kush El-Amin (Bass), Chris Boerner (Guitar), Chris "Biscuit" Bynum (Drums), Aimee Flint (Director of Operations)

Wale ft. Marsha Ambrosius- Diary (video)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OT Records and DJ Bran EXCLUSIVE!!! Shizz Nitty- That Booty

Shizz Nitty- That Booty (Produced by Sap the Beatman) ...On Deckery 2 on the way 7/30/2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guess who has 'reportedly' gone blonde?

I mean, I could bore ya'll with other stuff. Normally, I am not a fan of 'blonde'. She is one of the exceptions for me though. I think I dig it..IF THIS IS HER.