Monday, June 14, 2010

Yaris Sanchez...Ustream...just some pictures and a little insight on her..

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Yaris and her friend Cheril....

I did something I NORMALLY don't do (Yeah......yeah..yeah...everyone says that but I haven' and not only went to Ustream (not unusual for me) but I let her know I have a blog (Very unusual for me to promote straight like that). She was MORE THAN gracious about it and very sweet. She even came through to look at the blog for a spell. She explained to 'us' (there were more people in the chat) about how she started doing the 'video' thing via Craiglist. (She answered a video shoot call.) She spoke on her four year daughter and such. She was pretty polite. She did get into her salary on the shoots, the stalkers, the haters, her dancing background and some other things. She is just at the 'beginning' of her journey and she lets you know that from jump. She also asked us about how we liked her new lipstick...What lipstick? Thought you would never ask...Pictures coming.

Now before ya'll go into the phone booth, put on the cape and attempt to save her, you might want to do your homework. She is dumb busy, not about the bullshit and very much about her business. She said she has some things coming in Smooth and with someone else (WSHH) but she wanted to keep it under wraps. So I guess these nice pics she supplied us with (and she has company too)will have to do along with some pics from the Ustream. Thanks for the convo Yaris...You have a supporter over here for sure. You said this is your 'Last time pursuing your dreams'...I don't think you will have to worry. I think you will make it to the level that you aspire to get to.

She is featured here in this video...