Monday, June 28, 2010

Chris Brown & Alicia Keys backlash...I was gonna write something but my peoples Steph/Assertive Wit took care of it for me..

Here is his performance....

I will say this and then let you read what Steph had to say....

If you can't forgive don't go around expecting others to forgive you....It is just that simple.

Now I often allude to some of you not ever being forgiven for what you may or may not have done but you have to bear the blame for in your own lives. This is what I am talking about. You take these situations and you get so bitter about them that one can't help but wonder, even if you lived through situations like the ones that you are upset, have you TRULY DEALT WITH IT. Some of you 'proudly' say no and when it is pretty fresh, that is understandable. After awhile though, life goes on people. Sorry. If you have lived long enough, you have ALL DID SOMETHING. This standing in judgment thing is getting old. Especially when you are standing in a steaming pile of shit yourself. Which a 100% of us has done at one time or another and pretty high percentage of us are standing in right now. @ lack of perfection...Only reason why I can write stuff like this is because I am bringing it from a place of imperfection and I am not scared to tell you that I am not perfect in MAJOR WAYS. Not that fluffy, 'I snore' or 'I am a music freak and might take it too far sometimes' kinda way either. Real life, "I fucked up, I know it, I was WRONG, I have to make a change kinda admissions. Which some of you could REALLY stand to do. Even if you have made changes to improve outwardly. 'Cause if you are acting like because you changed that it makes you 'better' than him or that he cannot change because nobody thought you would 'cause it is 'normal' to act that way, you are just as bad. You KNOW BETTER. Stop exacting your revenge or 'hiding' that you used to be messed up too in an effort to sound politically correct and fit in. You are on your BS man. Sorry. Every time someone in the spotlight messes up, some of you have a tendency to HYPE IT UP, knowing you have done that and TAKEN IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL too. Or that your girl did it. Your mama did it. Your Daddy did it...and so on and so forth.............

Hit up Beautiful Struggle for the rest..She covered all the angles that I was going to cover. Verbatim. Probably sound better coming from her though..So go read it.

Compared to me, Chris Brown is a child. Straight up and down. A child who made a foolish mistake. A child who will hopefully grow into a man who knows better and control his anger in the correct and proper way. The only person who knows the truth about that night is Chris, RiRi, and God. And only God can judge him. The problem is people are so quick to vilify this young man when they give praises to several other "women beaters" and "child molesters". Months leading up to the situation there were SEVERAL reports of Rihanna hitting on him and fights in hotel rooms, at beaches, at clubs...but pictures say 1000 words. Those pictures came out and it was a wrap for him. He gained some love when that cute white couple danced to "Forever" at their wedding. That song ended up being #1 on itunes almost 2 years after it dropped. However he is still facing the backlash, and his videos and songs hardly ever air on tv or the radio. But I love the way I can hear R. Kelly every other day or see him singing about being a Pied Piper (oooh the ironies in life...). Again, I digress.

I don't condone what Chris did. But that boy is a child. And children make mistakes. I have been in his position. And I mean that in this MOST literal way. I know what it's like to allow someone to get you so upset that your only recourse is to lash out and smack someone. I know what it's like to feel like you have to fight to get your point across. Thank God for anger management. I know better now. And hopefully he will too. I have friends (female and male) who have been on both sides. Domestic violence is not a situation to be taken lightly. And I don't take it lightly...but when I saw that child crying last heart went out to him. Because not everyone knows that pain and turmoil and frustration that you feel inside...knowing you messed up, letting people down, being unable to release your stress/pain in a non violent they will talk about you and diss you when they have done far worse.

Oh you thought that was something? Aww man, I have more. If Steph baked the cake then Assertive iced it and made a pretty picture on it....Here is a PIECE of what she had to say....The rest is HERE:

"As far as Alicia goes...yall don't know SH*T about that woman's life EXCEPT what you see in the media. AGAIN, if we were to take bits and pieces of regular normies lives and distribute them to the public, I am sure I can make a large percentage of people reading this blog look like the criminally insane. NO ONE but her, Swizz and Mashonda have ALL the details regarding that relationship. Even IF we did, what in the hell does that have to do with her writing music and playing instruments? Not a damn thing. So yall call her an adulterer and that she conceived her child in sin...well last I checked fornication was a sin too...don't stop yall from humping and scrumping on each other. God doesn't have a check list that says "adultery, bad...fornication, not as bad". IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, IT SAYS CLEARLY IN THE BIBLE THAT BOTH ARE WRONG. So if A. Keys needs to kill herself, why don't you do everyone a favor and blow your brains out too.

The problem I have with the general public is all the judgment they pass on others. It is sickening to see my timeline always filled with "#whogonecheckmeboo" "#dontjudgeme" "I'm grown and I do what I want; I wish someone WOULD say something to or about me" "haters are always talking sh*t about me; hate on haters"...and more foolywang that fools like to spit and then see these SAME people judging folks they only know through the media. AGAIN, NONE OF US KNOW THESE PEOPLE! THEY WERE NEVER YOUR FRIEND, NO MATTER HOW MUCH OF A FAN YOU WERE BEFORE THEY SHOWED YOU THEY WERE JUST AS FALLIBLE AS YOU.

The Christian and hypocrisy side of things go hand in hand because a large portion of people who I follow and that end up in my timeline are Christians. This isn't based on assumption; I know the majority of these people and I can always count on Sunday to see their "praise Jesus" tweets. Apparently what I can count on is for them to act unChristlike too. I AM NOT CONDONING A MAN PUTTING HIS HANDS ON A WOMAN OR don't make THIS about THAT. What I am saying is, who are you to say that it is NOW ok to forgive Chris? Who are you to talk about someones unborn child because of how it was conceived? When did someone appoint you God? God forgives us EVERY DAY for ALL of OUR sins, not just the ones other people can see. Who were you to say last year that Chris didn't deserve his job anymore because he hit his girlfriend? Alicia can't write music and sing it because YOU think she's talking about f*cking around with a married man? Do you even know WHEN she wrote that damn song? No you don't so shut the f*ck up. If I looked at your life in FULL DETAIL, would you be able to walk away unjudged by God for your actions? I seriously doubt it because WE ALL SIN.

I don't know what Bible these folks been reading but apparently they have found some list that says certain sins are to be forgiven while others are not. Last I checked, that aint nowhere in the Bible. God doesn't pick and choose WHAT sins are forgivable. Granted, if you continue to do the same thing over and over like an idiot, you aren't showing repentance but again, that isn't our place to judge someone on. As for the fake ass people, well, if you don't want anyone judging your hoeish ways, shady behavior, and/or felonious acts, STOP JUDGING OTHER PEOPLE. Instead of spending all this time talking about how genuine Chris Browns apologies are, whether or not his tears were real or a PR stunt, and if A. Keys needs to "burn in hell for stealing someones husband", yall need to go read your Bible.

No, seriously, start at Genesis 1:1 and don't get your ass up until you have read everything down to Revelation 22:21. In that book, you will find that God forgave men who committed HEINOUS crimes against their family, friends, and groups of people they didn't even personally know. King David was the assclown of his era but God still saw something in him that allowed him to remain in his good favor. He didn't go without punishment but it was God who did the punishing...not some puny humans. Don't believe me? Go do your research...King David wanted another man's wife SO bad that he would sleep with her while her husband was at war. When the wench got pregnant, David put her husband on the frontline to make sure he didn't come home to a wife pregnant with some other mans baby. So not only did he commit adultery, he intentionally set someone up to get murdered. When you read that account and other parts of the Bible, you will see that God had plans for David STILL after he willfully committed wrong acts."


thank you for the mention! 'preciate yah :)