Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rondo made a helluva play. But was it a violation though?

I mean....I had a VERY CREDIBLE explanation given to me by a person I know who 'referee's'..He said no but it was borderline. He said that being as though he planted his hand on top of the ball and used it to get up, there was no violation. Not necessarily that the placement of the hand was important but that he used the ball to get up.....

My issue is this...

I have no problem with the slide...That is a no call to me. Nor him even controlling the ball. Again, he is supposed to. He got up though. That is where I am baffled at. I thought you weren't allowed to get up and take steps without a dribble happening first. A la a Curly Neal type move. The ball was dead on the floor. Having seen people get called for a travel for EVEN ATTEMPTING TO GET UP in a PRO GAME (AND ON OTHER LEVELS)NO LESS, I was surprised none was called then. It was a SPECTACULAR PLAY. For real. No doubt about that. I just want to know if the ref blew the call. If he were dribbling the ball and he had put his hands on the side of it like he did when he got up, they would have called a palm. That is my issue. I think he did blow the call. I thought he traveled with it. Yes, they travel all the time. I know...I know..but that was blatant as hell.

My timeline wouldn't touch the question (Sans the 'ref') What say you? Was it a violation? Was it not? Would you have had the guts to call it if it was or do you think the ref did the right thing? (Seeing as though they were getting spanked anyway..) Answers people! I want to know.

(In fairness, people not on my timeline said the same thing. It was a violation. The rest? No comment on it either other than it was a helluva highlight...)

The play in question...(For those of you who live under a rock and didn't see it..)


The ball never moved while he was getting up, so there was no violation.

(Tallies up one for no travel)