Saturday, March 27, 2010

You are gonna hear some shit about Phonte and 9th..

I will let him speak. Period.

If you want to know my opinion, ask me. I will tell you but for now, I will let Phonte Coleman speak his piece.

Phonte speaks on Little Brother/9th Wonder from Phonte Coleman on Vimeo.


I want to know your opinion :)

Here is mine:

I don't like dealing with passive aggressive people. Because I have a confrontational personality, I have a greater appreciation for people who tell me, "Hey Syn, I don't like this or that/blah blah what you did". There is no reason for it to go pass us talking. However, if they don't feel they've "won", I have experienced people trying to make me look like the bad guy to others. At that point, I am free to truthfully say whatever I want about the situation because a line of common courtesy has been crossed.

I observe some passive aggressive people and I feel they have no right to be upset about anything if they're never going to fully address the situation. What I translate that into is them being a coward ass pussy. So what if I don't like what you're saying? I'd much rather prefer someone say it to me instead of randoms that have nothing to do with the situation, you know? When people do that, it always feels like they're trying to win others over who have nothing at all to do with what's going on.

So yes, saying shut the fuck up unless you want to address it and close the book on it, is my mind :)

this shit is a lot deeper than a lot of people realize and has been going on for YEARS...and I am surprised it hasn't spilled over sooner. It's a sad that it came to this but Phonte is a cap too and I know he tried to maintain his cool before it got out of control.

But knowing past history, 9th probably won't even respond.

How am I supposed to come back behind that! lol @ Assertive.

Seriously, I just think the BEST thing would be for everyone not to speak on it anymore. Period. Yes, people are gonna ask but no more words. No slick comments about 'It isn't me..." or none of that shit. Like you, I feel like if the truth isn't out there and I don't like what you are saying, I'mma tell the truth. Obviously, in this situation, the truth is deep. Deeper than 9th wants to get into. Cool. QUIT BRINGING THAT SHIT UP THEN. No rap for it. Otherwise, people like us are gonna have some sort of opinion. Like I told my friend on Twitter, he doesn't 'owe' us anything. But that isn't going to stop one from drawing conclusions due to the bitchiness of the behavior he is exhibiting by taking snipes. Which he has done. His whole suggests that. Almost on some 'If you knew the real Phonte' type shit. Spill it then but don't threaten me with a good time, don't tell me and THEN TO BOOT tell me I don't know what I am talking about. I mean, I have had disagreements and the unspoken rule is we just don't speak on it. Too much personal info to be running around all nilly willy with it taking shots. On both sides. I see this the same way.

Now the NOSY side of me wants to know. I can't lie about that but I know that the nosy side IS NOT CORRECT. (See how I did that?) The correct thing to do is for them not to speak on each other ever again. Period. No innuendos. No sneak disses. Nothing but love or nothing at all. Sounds like they have unfinished business though. Which is just that. Their unfinished business. I am just glad that he spoke on it a little bit so he wouldn't be doing the same passive aggressive thing. Right or wrong. He spoke on his side. We all pretty much know there are three sides to every story. Yours. Theirs. The truth. We may not know the truth in this one and it is okay. We will live. It is nice to have some pieces though.

@ Steph. You are correct as usual. Yeah, the Cap in me feels him. lol Might not ever get responded to and that is his right. @ 9th. But to keep 'hinting their is more' and then not saying what that more At least to me at this point. Early on? Cool. Now? Just address it. Not NECESSARILY in public either. Just with Phonte and then having Phonte say "We good.." would be cool to me. We don't even need to know 'what' is going on @ the actual underlying issue. Just that they are good or at least agree to respect each other. Otherwise, the comments from fans and critics alike will continue to flow. It is clear neither one of them want that to happen or it wouldn't be getting addressed.

I don't want them fighting. Personal experiences and feelings aside. Nothing is gained by them bickering at the end of the day. Musically, they will not be working together it seems so we ALL SHOULD BE GETTING OVER IT. I have. I did a long time ago. Had a great run and all still make great music.

I always wanted to ask him but NEVER DID. Not in all my days of speaking to him. Wasn't my place. Still isn't my place. @ Phonte.