Friday, January 15, 2010

Twitter Person of the Week pt. 2- @MeekMill

He is 'next' in Philly. Cats IN Philly and on the mixtape scene already know about him. As do some folks here as he has TAKEN over the radio/club on more than one Saturday night or two. It is time for the rest of World to do so. He signed to a deal with Grand Hustle in '08 and has been out there grinding BEFORE and AFTER this signing. I am sure some of you heard about that. Others may not have. If you don't know, go to his site.... Matter of fact, I'mma let T.I. tell you in case you missed his introduction to Grand Hustle.

You can follow Meek at

I picked him for two reasons. He is an up and coming artist. His music CONVERTED me into a fan. I will be HONEST. I had heard of him but had him lumped in with the rest. I was encouraged to do some research by someone not affiliated with him at the time. The music got me. The boy can SPIT. You hear me? He can go. He is official. For real. Second reason? He will be performing this weekend. Yes, THIS WEEKEND. In Delaware. With my boys.

That is right, Meek Mill, Shizz Nitty and the whole OT Records crew are putting on a show in honor of the boy Tega Montana. If you live in the Tri-State area (NJ,DE,PA or even MD) or will be in the area, come on down. This will not be a 'fly through' performance where you see them in the VIP and they 'speak' on the mic for 5 minutes in between the DJ spinning. No sir. All parties involved WILL be performing. Including the VERY DOPE Come on down and support. This is the perfect opportunity to come see Meek and Shizz perform. From what I am hearing, there MIGHT be a surprise or two. Just saying... For those of you who do not live in the area, there will be footage coming and soe other things as well in the coming weeks on the event just so you can feel like you were a part of things and the movement. So this should not be the last time that hear about Meek here in the blog.