Friday, January 22, 2010

(Pictures) Fun Friday....

First some more throwback cars. I never thought that I would look at these two and say "Damm, they have actually improved DRAMATICALLY on them both." They have. Both companies. I remember when both of these cars came out and it was like.."That's it. No topping them." Boy were 'they'

Now lets go with Meagan Good...

Props to

I mean it is fun MOST days here but this is something that I just felt like doing. Again. I may do it every Friday. I may not. Who knows...Have fun with it though.

I say the name Womack and those of you musically inclined will say Bobby, right? Well, that MIGHT just change a bit for you. Yes, she is related to him too. There is a bad joke to be made here...Insert it (here)...More of her HERE:

Candace Cabrera (Black)



This ain't work safe at all, man!

(I'm still gonna peruse when I get home, though. DAMN.)