(Music Video) Bobby Dime$ X Driver's Seat prod. by Sap

His new album Google That is out now.. Click the title for details..

Depression: Sometimes, it is THAT BAD..

This is personal btw.. Not what I heard.. What I saw..

Suite 302/Carolinaware's Own are one..

New location for my 'home' barbershop. Read the post for details

I've walked that walk with someone..

Personal true story... Hope it helps someone.

The Foreign Exchange X New Music X So What If It Is...

New REMIX ALBUM coming 2/13/13 from them..Read posts for details..


If you don't know about Ms. Evans, GET FAMILIAR DAMMIT. She can SPIT.. Period.


Aka Mrs. Carolinaware's Own R.I.P. Rest In Power pretty gal..

Monday, November 30, 2009

Alicia in red...Fantasia doing Chaka and Arsenio on Paula

Alicia...I don't have to say anymore. She does 'that song' of course....

I am sure that most of you are too young to even know that they dated but..Arsenio on Paula..Arsenio said Paula has that 'Sunshine' aka Harlem Nights type good good...She is nuts. I believe him. I need to catch these George Lopez joints. I have been sleeping.

I have been on a lil hiatus so this is catch up time..Cannibus, Jim Jones, more..

A lil late but hey..Cannibus didn't stink this joint on up...Disses Em..He spoke Thought's name.

Jim Jones on Beanie Sigel and other things...He surprised me with his comments. He kept it 100 to me.

I am guessing telling us that Nas is going to diss him is supposed to take 'thunder' out of it huh? Okay then...Go here for the interview on Beans...

(Video) @therealTahiry speaks on things...

Just giving her side of things on the 50 pictures and stuff...

Hines Ward on Ben....

Dennis did the thing tho! Yikes Hines..Not sure about him being the third quarterback either....

I swear these two should write a treatment and get this syndicated..

My Chi-town peoples are back at it again..Snickers and Rai.This shit is HEE LAR EE US...DVS I feel ya pain fam...Raina, you already know! lol

"Who are you and WHERE IN THE FUCK IS MY WIFE?? Hello, police. I would like to file a missing person's report...." *dead*

Some past eps in case you have not seen these before.....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who is Dennis Dixon??

If you follow college football, I don't have to tell you who #2 is. This post is NOT FOR YOU. So reminisce or skip over the post. This is for those who do not know much about the young boy from Oregon. He probably would have been much more well known had it not been for that ACL injury. Up to that point, he was up for the top award in college football that year...

He makes plays with his feet. I won't say the 'V' word (Vick) but lets just say that he is athletic. He DOES have a cannon of an arm though. He has not taken a snap this year but in the preseasons and camps, has looked the part of an NFL quarterback for the most part. Here are some highlights. Doubt that you will see him out there doing THESE THINGS against a tough B-more D but stranger things have happened. I just hope the young man does well.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Snoop on Biggie/Fat Joe/ etc...etc..

Speaks on business and whatnot...

He showed a piece of his "Empire State Freestyle"....

Speaking on gangs in other places...

For those that come for the pics..Happy Thanksgiving.

I do realize that some of you are just here to look and move on to the next blog. This is for you...


Johanna Hernandez

Rosa Acosta

Zoe Saldana

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not shocked. Matter of fact, in some ways relieved.

Allen is retiring. I would say for now but you never know. He might just ride off into the sunset. His averages are 'down' so I guess think people think it is time. I am betting none of those people either watched him Denver (with another 25 plus scorer btw), caught some sporadic games in Detroit (where he was TAKEN out of games) or in Memphis (hell he only played in three games..lol but the on he was 'cooking in', Memphis put in their young boys. When he was taken out, they were winning. When the young boys came in? They got blown out.)

Whether you like it or not, he WILL BE A HALL OF FAMER. Ya'll have fun debating whether he will be or not but when he BECOMES ONE, I don't wanna hear SHIT from ya. Aight?

ROY 1996
10 Time All Star
All Star MVP '01 & 05
League MVP 2001
Scoring Champion 1998–99, 2000–01, 2001–02 and 2004–05
Career averages of 27.0 points a game, 3.7 rebounds, 6.2 assists, and 2.2 steals a game...

He was a scorer. Period. Call the shots what you wanna but when he got cooking....YOUR FAVORITE didn't want to face that. No matter who that is....He carried a team FOR YEARS and epitomized that city's rep as a 'blue collar' town, getting buckets against all odds. Forays to the hoop taking on two and three defenders at a time with them KNOWING HE WAS THE ONLY OPTION on the floor for his team to score.

Did I mention he was 5-11ish and MAYBE 160 lbs?? Remember that lil guard that you played with/against when you were in high school/college/streetball? Well, Allen is EVERYTHING you thought that kid was gonna be. This is why he was held in such a high standard to many fans. You 'knew' a Allen Iversonish player that didn't get that chance Allen did. That may have gotten that chance but fucked it up. That still does work at your local rec league like the Baker League in Philly, the Chi town Pro Am, the Drew out in LA or down in Houston or any other place where basketball is played.

If this is it, THANK YOU ALLEN. You had more heart in your pinkie finger than some of those teams had in their whole bodies...Enjoy your rest. You have earned it in my book.

Rookie highlights

More highlights..I love the 'new rookie' and have heard his named breathed with Allen's...Not yet. Even with that double nickel. (And I gave him love for that too so that is not hate..)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

They BETTER Mike Vick this fool too..I want PETA

at his door, on his job and all of that.....Of course they won't do all of that but...

This is amazing..Belgian coma victim..

Just wow...

I can't blame him. Don't know IF I WOULDA SAID IT..

I love ya'll too..- Vince Young

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank you Oakland and Indy...Hey Coach, the special teams...

We all lost in our division. So nobody can really pop ish...However that doesn't mean that I am going to give us a pass.

Right now I wouldn't care if cats had to do these on Thanksgiving Day...

Obviously we miss him...

But last I checked, HE DOESN'T PLAY SPECIAL TEAMS nor is he the only cat out there. EIGHT TOUCHDOWNS consecutively? Really? I don't care WHO YOU HAVE TO PUT OUT THERE ON SPECIAL TEAMS, but something needs to done.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

So during Hov's acceptance speech Chris Brown decides

to tweet this..

He followed it with this though...

" @MechanicalDummy now everyone thinking im callin homie a cornball. I DELETED IT SO YALL WOULDNT BLOW IT OUT PROPORTION"

Oh boy..Here we go again..-DMX

This just in..Brandy Norwood CAN BLOW...

In case you forgot..

If the NFL Network gets her to do the weather on game days...

Marysol Castro. Thankfully, ESPN is ABC affiliated so we get to see her..

Here is a link to her cliff diving...


Beanie Sigel- How I Could Kill Jigga Man

Blank stare.

So a conversation is supposed to happen after this? Yeah right...

Either diss the shit outta him or leave it be Beans....I am a lil tired of the 'tongue in cheek' thing personally.

Before you come out your mouth wrong in the comments section, PEEP THE MUSIC PLAYER. Both artists are in it. I love 'em both. But when they do shit I don't like, I call 'em on it. Sorry.

En Vogue on A&E...

This looks like it premiered in June of '09 but it was new to me. Probably is new to you too unless you watch A&E..


Posts won't be as plentiful as I enjoy some of this sun

down here BUT I will be posting up stuff like this here..

Okay Earl..I mean J.R....

November 21st highlights..

Nov. 20

Devin Harris's dunk

Friday, November 20, 2009

Twitter Person of the Week- DrPostALot

I told you it was a two for one type of thing going on! This tweeter here is special. Owns a beautifully designed website http://www.drpostalot.com/ and tweets with the best of 'em! Very personable and always responds back.

Enjoy the follow! Follow them here:

Looks like your boy earned his first celebrity 'unfollow'

I said who on Twitter but you know what? I'mma just give some hints..They are not a male though and they have about 22k followers. I will say that...

Do I care? I think it is funny. I don't have many followers compared to a huge blog so yeah, I think it is laughable that any of this would earn me a 'unfollow' outta 22k people.




Twitter Person of the Week- Poetesscrystal

This is a good friend of mine from another spot on the web (some of you know her) that is just an all around GOOD PERSON. The kinda person that if you came to her town, her and her family would take ya in, give you the lay of the land, fill your belly and have you wanting to live where they do. You know the kinda person I am talking about? That is Crys...I mean Poetesscrystal. She DEFINITELY lives up to her name too. Go here and peep just how NICE she is with the words. She gets down. Great follow on Twitter.

Follow her here:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week: @juicee_mama69

I took a week off (Notice the other post is gone now.) but I am back with it now. Both honors. Because of that and some other circumstances, you will probably get two of each. I know some of you look forward to this so....

She is really youthful looking in the face but don't be fooled. She is a full grown woman. 30 years old from Albany, NY. Really nice. Participates in #twitterafterdark something heavy. Will reply back to you. Loves to eat..lol (Check the pictures....)

Follow her here..

Her avy picture will show you what the 'rest' of her looks like. Trust me. I don't need to post it up. She takes care of ALLADAT..lol

Alicia Keys- Empire State of Mind II (Live)

If you dig the first version, you should love this...This is 'classical' Alicia showing her chops..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Remember Elena Delledonne?? She is BACK...

She played her first BASKETBALL game for the University of Delaware and gave them 19 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 blocks..

In case you don't know who she is, she is the former PLAYER OF THE YEAR in girl's high school basketball for THE NATION. She was scheduled to go to UConn but cited burnout as her reason (a good one by the way) for not reporting. She then went home to UD and walked on the volleyball team (She was a All State Volleyball member too.)

After a year off, she is back on the court. She is 6'4/5 and can PLAY. I have played with and against her so I am not talking outta the side of my mouth. She can ball. She can handle. She can shoot and she is not afraid. I wish her the best and will be watching her closely.


Another link

Highlights of her in high school.

It is official. The boy Clark Bar and Sap the Beat Man with OT Records

This is big news for the label. Congratulations gentleman.

Clark Bar is featured on the OT Record's smash hit "Man Down" with Shizz Nitty. He is 'back' for all of those who were wondering where he was and it is official. This is the same CLARK BAR that I featured in Rennie Rox's (who is also HIS MANAGER) movie "The Game of Death". So you know he is not one dimensional. The boy can spit and act a lil something for you too. Go check that movie out. http://thewarehous.blogspot.com/2009/11/rennie-rox-films-presentsthe-game-of.html

Sap the Beat Man has laced not only the OT Records camp with not only the "Sox In Da Air" beat wise but has a bonafied hit with "Ten Freaky Girls (remix) ft. Freeway (Yes, THAT FREEWAY). He is also responsible for a beat by a pretty well known Philly artist by the name of Meek Mill's hit "In My Bag". You may have heard of that one I am sure.

Look out for that On Deckery 2 featuring Clark Bar, Sap, Shizz Nitty, Chuck50, 5thWard, Mr. Dicer and some others along with Shizz's solo debut 'on deck' as well. Not mention the 'RSVP' mixtape, a CLARK BAR mixtape AND MY BOY CHUCK50'S mixtape coming. Looks like the OT Boys are locked and loaded for the new year over there. Look out for more exclusives, links, videos AND interviews with everyone mentioned here coming soon HERE.

You know what? Enough from me. Listen to them SPEAK ON IT. They can do it better than I can....You even get to see my boy Matty Gate$ from behind the scenes and speak first. Shout out to him too. Good looking on the footage and the access.

Bonus: In case you have not heard it, Shizz Nitty has a new single out. Download it here:

I Got It

New Mexico Soccer player remorseful...

I mean, who am I to say she is not. I will say that hopefully next time she is faced with a situation she reacts better. smh. I still say she deserves her ass whipped on the soccer field by some professionals. See how she likes it..

Alicia Keys- Dancing With the Stars performance

For the person(s) who asked, no I don't normally watch it but if I know people I like are gonna be on it, I tune in. lol

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I almost forgot you rapped Joey. Thanks for reminding me..

Addresses some things....

In case you don't know what the 'big' deal is about Tahiry....

(Video) @RosaAcosta doing what got her famous...

Stretching. Dedication video to those on Twitter....

Backup link..

Rennie Rox Films Presents....The Game of Death.

Shout out to Clark Bar (Sox in Da Air fame with Shizz Nitty) first off. Second, for those of you not familiar with the city of Wilmington, Delaware, this is a glimpse of what life is like there (and in the surrounding areas). I am hoping that this film gets some major love as all reviews of this film that I have heard have been stellar.

You say people aren't trying to make a change? I disagree. Some people are. The bad guy doesn't win in this one....As is usually the case in real life.

So they parted ways....A.I. and Memphis. Officially.

Well, the last time I spoke on it, I did so with a frame of mind that it was official and he would not be putting back on a Grizz uni. I was right. http://thewarehous.blogspot.com/2009/11/throws-arms-up-in-air-in-disgust-allen.html

It should be noted that the Grizzlies are 2-8 right now...Looks like things are working out REAL WELL Lionel. It is early though.

Now I am hearing NY is in the mix. Wide open offense. Garbage men to do the dirty work (David Lee). Sounds interesting. Come on Allen. If they are interested, get there. At least you will be playing. You and Al Harrington could really give some people some headaches.

Stay tuned. Link for NY part here...


Monday, November 16, 2009

Floyd Mayweather..Do you want to fight Floyd Mayweather? Ask my promoer...

That is what Pac said in the interview after the fight, no? I know ya'll saw the fight. I want Pac to win so that Floyd would have to fight him..Contrary to what Floyd says here, I won't hold it against him if he wins...lol That is what I WANT...

I put up the clip. Here's the full video. Popular Demand- The Clipse ft. Cam'ron

No more pushbacks ya'll!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Joey on Fab's comments...

Go back and listen to this 'http://thewarehous.blogspot.com/2009/11/we-learned-nothing-i-seejoe.html' then come back here if you need a backstory of sorts. I won't say much else. You come to your own conclusions.

Raquel Reign...Hidden Treasures Mag...


For the sneaker heads the Jordan XIV's.....More pics there..(Just click on it. You won't be mad if you liked these pics)

The aforementioned Brandon Jennings...

Right on cue..Brandon Jennings. Damm the Warriors played HORRIBLE D but Brandon made his shots like he was supposed to. 55 points. Okay rookie...Looks like Steph got some run after playing very little in New York. Very very ACCURATE ARTICLE on Brandon here....http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2009/11/brandon-roy-2/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Here is some consolation for you Warriors fans...

Wade County!

Top Ten plays..(I was out for the night so I didn't get to pick out some of my own..)

Eric Maynor is balling too!

James Harden

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pay attention. Bugatti-Veryon..water..BAD ENDING..

I don't even know what to say. Hoping it is a stunt but all indications are saying it was not. Either way that is 1.7 MILLION in a salt water marsh.

Article here:

I left this young man out of the 'young boy' NBA discussion

...cause I was going to do something special on him....

....then he goes and does THIS HERE. I forgot what announcer it was who said they were 'worried that Ty Lawson can't finish in the paint on the next level..' Whoever that was are you STILL worried? Watch the young UNC boy fly...Remember he MIGHT BE 5'11. That is me being generous.

Dunks of the Week..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Droid vs. Storm2 ..Video (Verizon going in)

Still undecided about which one of these to get? (Not you Apple people. We know...YOU LOVE YOUR IPHONE. Happy for you..)

Watch the video...

The commercials as of late are funny as hell...

This is for my people in my favorite area...

I love cars. I have a special place in my heart for these admittedly ridiculously rimmed out joints. Just thought I would put a blast of a certain region on deck for a second. These particular ones come from a certain state but they aren't the only ones who get down like that. Might be one of the most known. I am SURE most of you know where this is and what it is all about but some of you don't. So this is for those of you reciting the lyrics to songs but have never actually seen what you are rapping about....The first one I have seen EVERY time I have been down that way. It is a clean clean ride. Might even pull up my own personal pic of it.

The Vibe Interview with Somaya Reece..

Here is a piece of it..

"Now that Joe Budden is on to the next one, it's time to get familiar with his new arm candy. The South Central-bred beauty spoke with VIBE about the relationship, the Internet roasters and her own rap career.

What kind of reaction have you gotten since the video with Joe Budden went up last week?
All his fans are happy for us because they've taken the time to get to know me. But then there has been an overwhelming swarm of hatred. Being in the public eye I'm used to it but it's really strange that people that don't know me would crucify me for absolutely no reason, nor do they want to take the time to get to know me.

What is the hatred about?
The hatred is pretty much always the same thing. Either they think I'm trying to gain some sort of career-obviously they don't know who I am, because I was already doing it. I have accomplished everything on my own without an agent or any help. And then his ex-girlfriend [Tahiry], there's the comparisons: Oh you're hotter or You're nothing or His ex-girlfriend's prettier. And that's really unfortunate that other people are more obsessed about that than he is or I am.

Does that make you not want to be in the videos or in the public?
I'm already doing my own thing. I'm getting ready to release my song with a full push, so I'm used to this. The opinion of people that are hating is something I really don't care about because they seem to be more obsessed with the fact that I'm his new girl. Joe is allowed to move on. His ex-girlfriend is completely allowed to move on, so what is the obsession?

Well, people were calling him an asshole for parading it when the--
The thing is we weren't! This is the problem: the way it looks versus what was happening. Because his personality is very different [from mine]. He's very out there with it. Me, I'm very direct but in a different way... Crooked I, who's in his group [Slaughterhouse], is my music producer and my friend for many years so this was something that was very normal for us. It wasn't like we were like, "Let's go on the webcam and upset people." We were comfortable, we were talking and personally his fans wanted to meet me.

When Joe was like "I got a girl with money now," people took that a certain way and I guess he tried to clear it up in the video but...
I was like, "Oh my God, you didn't just say that!" 'Cause I know how the public is. He's so vulgar; he's just honest like that. He can blurt stuff out. He didn't mean it like that. I think he was trying to defend me, 'cause there were people that were like, "She's trying to come up off you" and he was basically trying to say she already has her own thing going on, but it came out all wrong.

What do you want people to know about you? What's your heritage?
I'm Salvadorian and Puerto Rican. I was born an immigrant, extremely poor. I've been a maid my entire life with my mother, up until two years ago when I started getting very big serious deals. And I did it all on my own. Producers didn't want to produce my music. I was dissed, I was mismanaged, I was completely just crucified the entire way coming up but I've never known anything but to work. I'm not ashamed to say I was a maid. I'm not ashamed to say we didn't have a car. We grew up in a garage our whole life so everything that I have now is appreciated.

VIBE-Somaya_Reece.jpgWhat kind of music do you make?
I used to rap a lot of conscious rap. Music in general has been my first love, but I was always really an instrument type of girl. I love drums and things like that, so I started rapping and I haven't really stopped. It's just that if somebody doesn't put you on, it's really hard as a female MC. I've always liked dance music as well [so] now I'm mixing rap with the electro.....

Read more HERE:

A look at Tyreke Evans, Steph Curry, and Brandon Jennings..

among others young boys...

Tyreke Evans...'I'm a basketball' player. He DEFINITELY has a (Chester)Philly area game. For sure.

Which leads into the young boy Steph (against Tyreke's team no less) This was more like 'Let me steal the highlights' by Donte Green tho..lol

Like I said a long time ago, I think Curry can be a fine pro. He just needs to play somewhere that fits his style of play. One would think that would be in Golden State right? It would be too except that the players there are not happy. Captain Jack (Stephen Jackson) has outbursts every other day and even Mr. Moped (Monta Ellis) has had his moments as recently as yesterday. You can see it translating on the court if you get the chance to watch them play. They are not sharing the ball. They CERTAINLY aren't playing any damm D. Lotta finger pointing and icy glares abound. I imagine that Ellis and Jax will go before Curry would though which MIGHT NOT BE A BAD THING. Ellis is a helluva player and so is Jax but neither one of the have ENOUGH GAME to carry around those prima Madonna attitudes that they are sporting. Yes, Jax singlehandly beat the Mavs that year but his attitude was BETTER THEN. (He also had Baron too so..) Monta is no longer a 'surprise' Everyone knows what he likes to do and that injury of his seems to not be fully healed. @ the explosiveness he once had. Curry is supposed to be a small piece to those two. With the way they are playing, he can't even do that. This next highlight proves that (I think Jax was even suspended this game which again, speaks to the issues. Nelson suspended him. Not the L.)

Brandon Jennings...I probably don't need to say much to about him at this point. You should know who he is and what he has done. I wondered (aloud in this blog) if he would take advantage of the experience that Europe had to offer? Would he slow down his game JUST ENOUGH to get it under control? So far..so good...Here is a clip from High school to right now..

Louis Williams is doing the thing isn't he? After years of watching him the summer leagues and stuff, it is good to see his game being recognized in REAL GAMES.

Do you remember these plays by Lou?

More news on the Verizon getting the I-Phone..

I am sure you have heard that there are even MORE INDICATIONS that the IPhone is indeed coming to the 'Can You Hear Me Now?' network. Soon. As in REALLY SOON.

Well...yes and no....

The article that started it all this week AKA THE 'YES': http://brainstormtech.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2009/11/12/rumors-a-verizon-iphone-in-2010/

"Judging from reader comments in this space, there are a lot of cellphone owners in America locked into Verizon (VZ) contracts who would buy an iPhone in a minute if they didn't have to switch carriers to get it.

Verizon has made it pretty clear that it would cut a deal with Apple (AAPL), were it not for a couple of impediments: 1) the contract that makes AT&T (T) the iPhone's exclusive U.S. carrier, and 2) the fact that Verizon's network (based on CDMA2000 technology) is incompatible with Apple's smartphone (which uses W-CDMA (UMTS)).

The first roadblock — AT&T's contract — is set to expire next year, according to a widely cited 2008 USA Today article that included an interview with chairman Randall Stephenson. (Stephenson declined to comment on the details of the contract.)

The second barrier could also disappear were Apple to build a new iPhone that is compatible with both AT&T and Verizon's networks.

Last week, AppleInsider reported on rumors that Apple may be doing just that. Its source was a leaked OTR Global report, based on unnamed sources in Apple's Taiwanese supply chain, that said Apple was making a "worldmode" phone using a new hybrid chip from Qualcomm (QCOM).

And here is the 'no', not yet part....

"This morning, CDMA inventor Qualcomm announced official plans to release new dual-carrier chips that would enable future phones to work on both its own CDMA/EVDO carrier partners such as Verizon and Sprint, as well as rival 3GPP carriers using UMTS/HSPA+ technologies such as AT&T and T-Mobile. The new chips also provide future support for LTE, the next generation 3GPP standard that most carriers plan to begin testing for deployment globally over the next few years.

However, an analyst has cited sources within Qualcomm in stating that although the company would like to have a dual-mode handset ready in 2010, that would likely be impossible. Ashok Kumar, an analyst with Northeast Securities, told AppleInsider that a dual-mode iPhone from Apple wouldn't exist until 2011 at the earliest.

Kumar said what Qualcomm wants and what they can do are two different things. In order for a dual-mode iPhone to launch in the summer of 2010, such a device would have to be in field trial today.

"They're nowhere near that," he said.

Kumar said he believes it would be a "stretch" for Apple to introduce a dual-mode CDMA/EVDO and UMTS phone in 2010. Instead, he expects a CDMA-only phone specifically made for Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile carrier in the U.S., to debut in the second half of next year."