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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Okay Jamie!! I ain't mad at you...Lebron, Lakers/Magic

Lebron James. The boy is a gifted basketball player. He can go many things on the court. Pass. Dunk. Shoot. The only thing he is missing is a post game and SOME DAMM TEAMMATES (outside of Delonte and Mo). He ran into to Superman and he happened to bring some Superfriends with him. Hedo and Rashard. No shame in losing to them. I hear people blaming LB for the Cavs failures. No. I don't think so. If you are saying that you are letting your dislike for him cloud your judgment. Sorry. If Kobe, Wade, or Anthony (Hell even Howard) is your favorite player, so be it. But don't let that cloud your judgment of LB's game and body of work. Maybe the boy ain't MJ but quite honestly, neither are ANY OF THE PLAYERS I just mentioned. So stop the backlash. He lost. If you wanted him to go home, he is home. Happy now? lol

P.S. I am not sure why ya'll care if the 'League' is mad or not. They have the Defensive Player of the Year and the guy who is STILL the face of the L even though he didn't win MVP of the League. The guy who people say can't win a ring without Shaq. There is STILL A STORY line in this Finals. Trust me. You will be 'complaining' about it too!! Watch.

Let me preface my prediction by saying I am VERY HAPPY FOR RAFER ALSTON. Starting guard for the Eastern Conference Champions. Not bad for a guy who was 'questioned' as to whether he could even be a 'bench' player in the L. A guy who used to embarrass people on TV during the summer, have the co-sign of many a pro player but get nothing but skepticism from the majority of the public who frowned upon streetball players and whether they could play organized ball. Congratulation Skip. You did well fam. Real well. I would not be mad if you got that O'Brien Trophy....

....speaking of that, the Lakers won't have the issues that the Cavs had with the Magic. I am not saying they will sweep them boys OR nothing like that. They do have someone to match up with the 6'10 bombers that the Magic have as well as post players for Dwight. Hell, Dwight better hope he don't foul out guarding Pau (if they have the nerve to put him on him). Lets not even talk about who is going to guard Mamba. (Pietrus? Yeah okay...Mo Evans? He couldn't guard him in practice as a member of the Lakers.) It should be a good series though. I predict the Kobe hate will be at a all time high when it is over and he is raising the trophy. I could be wrong. I doubt it though.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

The gal everyone says looks better than Kimmy Kakes

Her sister Kourtney. I don't know..All I know is that you are not LOSING either way going with either one. She is a lil sheltered and psychotic but then again, what bad pretty girl isn't? Ya dig? I would be aight with her on running point on my team.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jamie Foxx w/Marsha From Floetry..

Not sure why I have not posted these pictures up from my recent viewing of Jamie but yeah..Was shocked to see Marsha show up. I will tell you what, like him or don't like him, Jamie Foxx is VERY TALENTED. Can play. Sounds great live. Him and Marsha were magical up there. Would love to see him outside of a 'interview' format as this 'special event' ending up being a taping for Big Boy's Morning Show. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the pics. (No cameras allowed for us peons so I had to use my cell phone.)

'Madden 10' Ratings: Top 10 by Position

'Madden 10' Ratings: Top 10 by Position

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It is almost that time again!!!

I had some of the ratings up but it was a bit bulky. Click the link to see who is rated what...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kimmy Kakes!!!

First pic is a preview of who might be coming next!!

I don't care what you think about her. She is hot to me. Fuck it. I ain't trying to marry the gal, I just think she is hot to death. She is not the only one I feel that way about but she get to be the first I put up like that in this space.

Cleveland vs.The Lakers and those that seem to

think the League REALLY cares to the extent that they do.

Now ideally, the League's two biggest stars playing in the championship game would BE A GREAT IDEA and I do not doubt that the League would like to see that. I really don't. It is a business..yada...yada...yada...At the same time though, people are getting a little outta hand with the comments of them being out right NERVOUS about a Denver/Orlando series. Why? You guys act like 'Melo isn't a hood star or that Dwight (he of McDonald's ads, pretty clean cut image baby outta wed lock withstanding, and the like) is the second coming of Ron Artest or something and that they wouldn't draw ratings. The 'buzz' about the nervousness is so loud on Twitter/Facebook/barbershop that I dare say if they are taking note, they have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. @ the comments being made about 'Bron and Mamba. So they have a lil commercial about the two cats with puppets..Oooh, they REALLY WENT ALL OUT ON THAT ONE!! That was a big budget commercial right there. Yeah right...It sounds like ya'll do not want to see it and that there are MORE THAN OF ENOUGH OF YA'LLS for David to turn a profit. The funny thing is, you would STILL WATCH A LEBRON/KOBE Final anyway. If no more than to hate on it. lol And you know it. I personally don't care too tough which one of the four teams get in 'cause at least it is not the Spurs or Detroit. I did not want either of them in it. Some of ya'll are really showing your slips though. Tuck your slip in mayne.

While we are at, lets address this increasingly homoerotic trend of calling your favorite hated player/rapper some quasi gayed up version of their name. You sound mad suspect if you have nicknamed another man based off of his looks or attire. Not saying you can't notice but you have officially taken it too far if you are picking out a matching nickname. It doesn't matter if I like the artist or not, I think it is pretty much stupid all the way around. I mean, if you don't like the person, why are you STILL paying attention them? I don't get it. lol You hate Hov but you up in every link to see what he is doing? Yeah..You don't like the young bol from ATL who is making your lil niece giggle through the phone to some young cat but yet you STAY WATCHING HIS VIDEOS and listening to his songs well beyond the time period it takes to ascertain whether you like it or not. Or my favorite, YOU HAVEN'T LISTENED TO/WATCHED SAID PERSON PLAY/ DON'T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM but you 'know' you don't like them. Hate them in fact. (Your words, not mine) lol But yet have taken the time to 'label' them with your own lil cool 'nickname' for 'em? Then you find out some of your favorite artists have worked with them and now they are 'tolerable'..Or you are a fan now and have been one. Okay champ...lol

Skip was BALLING last night. I was not mad. At all. In case you just have no clue....

I don't even have to say anything else do I?? Didn't think so...

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Charles Hamiliton sh#t....

I am sure you saw it. Charles and his girlfriend had an 'intimate' argument on camera. I will play both here in case you been living under a rock.

The Punch...

The Apology...


First 'The Punch'. All I have to say is that she kinda opened the door. Yes, he crossed the line but she opened the door by reading off her 'freestyle'. Hats off to the nigga for not punching her back. It coulda got ugly really quick. He probably needs to guard his grill a lil better when he is popping shit while she CLEARLY needs to work on her anger shit. She probably won't end up with him and the next man might not be as composed. Everyone should keep their hands to themselves. That is my take on that. Things happen when you don't. Period.

The 'Apology' I actually think that is a lil too real for people to handle. That is HOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HANDLE SHIT. I don't even LIKE THIS DUDE but I will give him and her all the credit in the World FOR ACTUALLY OWNING UP TO THEIR MISDEEDS in the situation. 'Cause they both fucked up. Majorly. Her for even bring that freestyle out and him for not so much crossing the line in his freestyle but more for EVEN FEEDING INTO THE SHIT. He shoulda shut her down on camera and said "Look here, you know what this is and you know if I respond how it going to get..Chill out." Coulda handled it all behind the scenes. He knew who she was and how she gets. No need to let the rest of the world know. Know WHO YOU ARE FUCKING CHARLES!!

In the spirit of the 'adult content' tag my blog has..Ole school Vida G. pic..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random mini story from a friend, that damm Lebron shot

& the Black Berry Storm 2

The best line ever - In the grocery line standing behind this lovely young lady with body J.lo would pay for, talking on one of those invisible ear thingys. She was standing there looking down her hair was covering her face. she pops up like toast. "I am the best shit since fire mutha fucka, I aint jealous fool, but I damn sure aint stoopid..... Why she gotta hug you with her titties.... and shit."

My friend Chela Simone is a fool for sharing that story with me. You can find her here.


She is a beast musically. Very good people.

That damm Lebron...Just take one more look.

As you probably already know, I wanted to purchase a Blackberry Storm. I was all set to make my purchase until I saw this..


Looks like those Blackberry Storm rumors are TRUE eh? No click screen? Hmmm. I might have to hold off on that purchase it seems. Wait it out a bit.

Someone reminded me that my blog is a 'adult content' blog. I have not decided how I am going to live up to that billing yet. Obviously, the words take care of that to some extent but maybe some pics might pop up. Maybe. We will see. I want more followers though so I am going to keep the options over.

For some reason, I cannot active links anymore in my posts. I am working on that. Until then, you are gonna have to copy and past the links I put up. Sorry for the trouble. It is pissing me off too. Trust me.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

James Harrison, The NBA PLAYOFFS, Drake and Jeezy in DE?? and more

Seems my man James Harrison (reigning Defensive Player of the Year for YOUR WORLD CHAMPION PITTSBURGH STEELERS) does not want to join the team today at the White House.


Next Article
Pittsburgh Sports Examiner
James Harrison sticks to principles in skipping White House trip
May 20, 2:17 AM · 4 comments

AP FILE PHOTO/JAMES HARRISON A lot has been said recently of James Harrison not wanting to make Thursday's trip to the White House.

For most, a visit to the Rose Garden to pose with the President of the United States, especially one who made history, would be a dream come true.

Not so for Harrison.

Personally, I don't see the big deal about Harrison's refusal to attend the ceremony. If anything, one should love the guy for sticking to his principles. In 2006 when the team went to visit George W. Bush after winning Super Bowl XL, he didn't attend.

Then it was no big issue. Harrison was a backup to the outspoken Joey Porter. Now, because he had a huge part in the Steelers win in Super Bowl XLIII and the fact he is the reigning NFL Defensive MVP, media outlets are having a field day with it.

Take this story from Chris Chase of Yahoo Sports. In his blog he says this.

When Harrison won the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award, he didn't decline and say, "As far as I'm was concerned, they would've given this award to someone else if they had had a better defensive season than me." And when he scored that touchdown in the Super Bowl after returning an interception 100 yards, I'm pretty sure Harrison didn't tell the ref to take the points off the board because, as far as he was concerned, if Larry Fitzgerald(notes) had caught him, Harrison wouldn't have scored. As far as I'm concerned, James Harrison is sort of a fool.

A fool? C'mon, be real. Harrison may not attend the White House ceremony, but who cares. I like the fact he would rather be training as he told reporters when he came off the field during Tuesday's practice.

My good friend Mike Bires of the Beaver County Times also has a good piece on this. In it, Harrison had this to say about not making the trip.

“I decided not to go because I don't want to go,” Harrison said. “No personal feelings.(toward Obama) No nothing. I just don't want to go. That’s all there is to it.”

And you know what? You have to love Harrison's other reaction to the plethra of media at the South Side facility when posed the question.

"I'm surprised the media is making a big deal about it," he said. " 'Oh my James Harrison must be a devil worshipper!, he ain't going to the White House!"

People have to remember this about Harrison. He'd prefer to be out of the media spotlight. He's said it on numerous occasions.

"There’s not too much they don’t know about me anymore,' Harrison said recently. "They (media) have asked me so many questions that I’ve told everything to somebody somewhere.”

But Harrison is a true success story and epitomizes the Steel City. A man with a strong blue collar work ethic, who worked his way into the player he is today, teammate James Farrior's comments say it all.

“He epitomizes what the Steelers organization is all about throughout the history of the team. He’s a hard, tough-nosed guy. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. He always plays aggressive, and I definitely think he’s the most intimidating player when he’s out there on the field. He doesn’t have to talk, he just goes out there and plays.”

It's not like he is making a political statement either. Bush was a Republican, Obama is a Democrat. Also, Harrison has the utmost respect for team owner Dan Rooney, who was recently named Ambassador to Ireland by Obama and an ardent supporter during the election along with former Steeler greats Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis.

If a political stance was the case, it would be newsworthy. Him not wanting to go is just fodder on a slow news day. The dean of Pittsburgh beat writers Ed Bouchette had a different spin to the Harrison story then most writers which was worth noting.

According to one of Bouchette's sources, the All-Pro linebacker, who fears nothing on the field, has a fear of flying and his agent Bill Parise confirmed this. But like Bires says, he has never missed a team flight or a trip to Hawaii.

So give Harrison credit instead of calling him a fool. Parading out for a media outing with the President isn't a priority to him. Football is his focus, and that is what he will be training for while the rest of the team is in Washington on Thursday.

Now I don't know about calling Mr. Harrison a fool. I will say that it is a non story to me at this point. He didn't go the last time we won either. Thing is, he wasn't a star at that time so nobody gave a damm. His ORIGINAL statement as to why and the way he played that was wrong to me though. The stance that he is taking now of "I just wanna work on football' is the correct one and one who should have just stuck with! lol He doesn't want to go? Cool. No problem. I am sure BHO isn't too worried.

That Lakers/Nuggets game was all you could ask for in a playoff game. Anyone who has 'doubted' Melo should be convinced now. (Like the Olympics weren't enough or something! Or the NCAA title) He went head up with Kobe and was a A. Carter inbound pass from winning. Same with Dwight Howard. His team showed that they are not just gonna lay down @ last night's victory. Lebron's teammates couldn't hit a shot to save their lives last night in the second half. It certainly wasn't Lebron's fault they lost. He made the right play on that last possession prior to the jump ball. Dude just missed. Good series from both sides. I love it. I am going to miss basketball when it finally does end. I swear I am.

I see #43 will be gracing the cover of Madden. You can see the vid here..


Congratulations Troy! Before you ask, no I am not worried about that curse. That man gets hurt and plays hurt damm near every down. Hell, it might IMPROVE his chances of not getting hurt. lol

It is him and Larry Fitzgerald.

Finally I'mma leave you with this reminder. It won't be the first time you hear me say it and DEFINITELY NOT THE LAST.

If you are not doing your job and YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB, you can only get but so mad when someone finds a way to get said job done. Yes, there is a way for that person to go about doing and YES, you still have some right to get mad depending on the agreement/arrangement. But there comes a time when yo, YES YOU, have to take some blame. I don't care what your lil friends are telling you or what those that are 'feeling you' have to say. You know deep down what you did/your part of the problem is. Own up to it. Please. We are grown. It is time to start acting like it. No more bullshit excuses.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

(Waves to my new followers) Welcome..

If you know me offline, I am sure that NONE of what I am saying is shocking to you. Hell, you could probably vouch for my views and help reassure the people that what I am saying is not fake. I finally decided to get the nerve to put up my blog address in other places that I KNOW OTHERS WILL SEE IT. So I guess that means I will get tamer with the posts huh?

I'll take HELL NO FOR A THOUSAND, ALEX!- Jeopardy. This is my spot. My therapy. My place to vent to those that 'really don't know' the people in my life, the things that I have seen, my point of view on things now. So I will not be biting my tongue. Nor should you expect me to if you know me in real life. You gotta know that I don't do that by now..lol I have tact but after a while, I let it out. So yeah, we will see how this goes. This ought to be fun actually. At least for me. My Life your entertainment...Speaking of which...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out my peoples in the Chi. They make funny lil shorts about their life as a married couple/parents.

Here is the first episode:

Also, I have some more friends that do a web show and they are pretty damm funny. Babs and Koku..

Feel free to answer their question here about Red Lobster.....And peep the rest of their page. Very talented and from the looks of it they just might be getting ready to be 'put on' too so hurry up and get on board. Read more about them HERE..http://bellejenkins.wordpress.com/

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The pictures!! Someone is getting corporate. Jon & Kate..

and a couple of other things..

By now, unless you live under a rock, you know that Cassie V. and Rihanna both have pictures of them nude. To say it isn't a 'big deal' is probably an understatement at this point. I am talking about it here aren't I? We KEPT TALKING ABOUT ON TWITTER didn't we? On Face book? In the barbershop? Radio? You get the picture. So yeah, it is a pretty big deal. Should it be though? Maybe and maybe not. The part of the situation that I want to talk about right now though is the whoever leaked it part/they leaked it for publicity part.

Now I know that the lot of you reading this blog are okay with a computer. You have been around the block with this thing. You probably have a blog spot of your own. Some social networking sites. Work on one at work. The whole nine. So to those people, I know that it is unimaginable that someone would 'hack' into any one's personal anything to steal things. To those of you who think that, I would like to share with you that it happens to NORMAL PEOPLE TOO. Not sure what social networks you roam on, but even the 'music' forums, the 'let's just get together and bullshit' forums, this type of behavior is PRETTY NORMAL. If you have given a nude picture (or taken one)to someone, chances are, someone else has seen it. If it is on your computer, there is a good chance someone will get it. Such is life. Heaven forbid, you are popular on the site and they fall into the wrong hands. Someone will make a thread and there you are. In a link on imagebeaver or some shit playing with your cookie or stick/naked/or whatever. It HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. So now, take that mentality that is pretty much standard operating PROCEDURE ON THE NET, a lonely nerdy kid with HACKING CAPABILITIES, and someone with a pretty fat Pay Pal account and PRESTO. People's shit get hacked. This is how it happens folks. YOU MIGHT NOT THINK/HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO HACK INTO some one's computer/Sidekick/etc and that is great. But like most shit, it isn't ABOUT YOU dammit. Get off your horse for a second. Everyone isn't you. lol IT HAPPENS. A lot more than you know. People steal regular people's credit via the Net all the time. You think that nudes aren't different? Porn is big business whether you frown upon it or not. Do I believe that some people have done this in the past as a 'publicity stunt'? Sure. It got them nowhere though. I think that has BEEN PROVEN. It does not work. Those people are no more popular now then they were when they released their sex work. You gonna cite Paris or Kim? They already had shit in the works before their scandals happened. Matter of fact, the latter of them got put on BECAUSE OF PICS W/THE FORMER. That is how she got put on.

Oh and another thing, while I am sure that there are a couple of grandmas, people who don't listen to popular music and people who live under said rock up top that had no clue who these people were, THAT NUMBER IS NOT HIGH. In English, the same mofos who were scouring the Net trying to get pics of said starlets, ALREADY KNEW ABOUT THEM. Maybe you like to think that your boyfriend was telling the truth when he said "Cassie? Whose that? Never heard of her" but NEWSFLASH. He has. If he likes woman he has. I don't care if he listened to nothing but MOP all day. He knew who the fuck she was. Your co-worker would like you to think she hadn't heard of them and only knew of them via the Tom Joyner Show. Wrong. She might not have listened to their music knowingly but she knew who she was. Same with Chris Breezy's 'former' lady. YOU DEFINITELY knew who she was. You been telling the world since "Me and You" came out that she has no talent. So let's stop that facade too. It wasn't about publicity. You can look at the photos and tell that they were never meant to be put out there for us to see. If these people are as 'smart' as you say they are to 'leak' nudes of themselves they coulda pulled an Aubrey Day and posed for Hef. Both have enough pull and obviously enough male (and female) following to do so. That is clear. Knowing Hef, he probably already asked them on them low long time ago. As far as press is concerned, RIHANNA NEEDS MORE PRESS NOW? For real? That is her reasoning for 'leaking' the photos? You sure about that dumb ass statement? Positive? So sending out pics probably meant for the nigga who beat her ass was what she did? Yeah..Okay. C'mon people. Wake the fuck up. She needs more press like she needs another hole in her damm head. She is getting PLENTY OF THAT. It sounded good..RIGHT UP UNTIL YOU SAID OUT LOUD. @ that notion.

Twitter. Stop lying about why you are doing things. Tell the truth. You 40 something dudes gonna fuck around lose your base. Last time I checked, what you are doing isn't really copyrighted to the point that it can't be duplicated. Easily. They say Facebook jacked your steez anyway. Be easy. I think you guys slowed us down last night for one of two reasons. To either 'teach us your power' or because of Lost. Hopefully, I am WRONG ON BOTH COUNTS. Both reasons are CORPORATE AMERICA like a motherfucker and are bullshit. Teaching us a lesson will lose ya'll users QUICK FAST AND IN A HURRY. At this point, those of us who deal with each other on the regular have other means to contact each other outside of Twitter. We will just go to those. Shutting it down because of Lost means that ABC musta got in your pocket. Again, if it is that easy, OH BOY. Hopefully I am wrong. I REALLY MEANT that.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is one of my favorite shows. I see now that they are considering a split due to the 'I' word on Jon's part. Seems he got caught taking some photos on a night out with some people he knew. One was a 22 year old 'not ugly' teacher. I don't know the specifics. I am not sure I want to at this point. The story is out there. That's all I know. Then there is 'speculation' that Kate is seeing her bodyguard. I hear people 'clapping'/co-signing this. Okay people, now I KNOW WE ALL LOVE DRAMA. I get it. It makes things interesting, blah, blah blah...But this INCREDIBLY insensitive piece of writing right here takes the cake.

Swipe=Not my article. I didn't write it. Nor am I claiming to have written it. (Obviously if I am not condoning it.lol)


Now it is not that I do not understand what the writer is saying. I actually 'get it'. They have a tribe to feed. They need to get that money. Yada, yada, yada. I get that. I have 3/8ths of what they are facing at home myself and THEY AREN'T CHEAP. Okay. I dare think however, that the writer is not thinking about the 'message' that sends to the World though. Not only about Kate or Jon, but about whatever it is they are supposed to have. Now, I have heard MANY A YOUNG PERSON SAY, "Staying together for the kids is stupid". These are also people without a kid to raise. It would be akin to me listening to a person talk war strategy who has never even been in a fistfight. They just don't KNOW ANYTHING. I don't care how many FIGHTS THEY HAVE SEEN, HOW MUCH CALL OF DUTY THEY PLAYED, they don't 'know'. They have never done it. Credibility is zero. Money be dammed they have 8 KIDS TO RAISE. If the bodyguard rumor is true, we have to go back to the old saying that everyone wants to sweep under the rug when it doesn't support their theory. Two wrongs don't make a right. They are both wrong now. How can she stand on ANY HIGHER OF A MORAL GROUND? Miss me with that 'well he disrespected it first'. If that is the case, get out of it the MINUTE YOU STOP CARING ABOUT IT. 'Cause at that point, you don't respect it either. Regardless of feelings. If it can be worked out, they need to work it out though. Now of course, they are gonna do what they are going to do. As they should as neither you or I are in the situation. Lol This is just my two cents.

If you follow me on Twitter, you KNOW that I love music. You probably like 85% or more of what I play. Having said that, go to this man's blog. He is a member of the group called Tanya Morgan. They are dope. No they are not mainstream but YES THEY CAN SPIT AND ARE NOT JUST 'RHYMING TO BE RHYMING' as I like to call it. THE END.


Friday, May 8, 2009

A piece of a note that I have on Facebook and some other places: Claiming to 'know' folks you haven't seen in 'years'

I think it is time to remind everyone here about a couple of things. I too, love to see what people are up to, how they 'turned' out and all of that nice stuff. What I do not appreciate is the over abundance (that is more than one for the slow people!) of people who are using these little social networks for the 'petty shit'. Yeah, yeah, yeah you knew me when we were eight. I remember you too. Back when we both thought we were cool. Neither one of were though. Yeah, you MIGHT HAVE EVEN GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL WITH ME. But you don't 'know me'. For most of the people that I have gotten 'reaquainted with' online, it has been upwards of FIFTEEN years or longer since we have last seen each other. Think about that. FIFTEEN YEARS. Some of you I have not seen since high school. Middle school (That would make 20 years ago). Do you know how much SHIT TRANSPIRES over a a time period that long? Especially when the last time we saw each other, neither of us were 'full grown'. @ college/high school. No matter what we thought. Cats done got married, divorced and remarried. Lost kids. Lost and had jobs. Had it all and fell from grace AND BOUNCED BACK AGAIN. That and a whole HOST OF LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCES that override any lil 'dorm/apartment antics'/high school stories of whatever/etc that you could 'reminisce' on. Just like I have NO CLUE who you are or what you turned out to be, you don't know about me either. Shits done changed- Biggie.

People change. Their circumstances dictate that they have to. Some people have gotten smarter. Been through some situations. Some good. Some bad. All of it, however happened. Whether you were there to 'witness it' or whether you 'believe it' or not. Not that your perception of who I (or anyone else) was correct any damm way. That was evident by who you fucked with to begin with. Which is probably why I stopped fucking WITH YOU and lost touch. Ever think of that? Probably not. Anyway, dear old lost 'friend', if we had not been in touch for a decade and some change, it is a pretty safe bet that is because I wanted it that way. Sure, it has been nice to see you got married and all of that. See that you may or may not have fulfilled your dreams, etc, etc. However, all that running up on people telling them 'I KNOW THAT DUDE AND EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM' stuff is a fallacy. You know a 'piece of my background'. (And not even all of that. If you know me like you say YOU REALLY KNOW THE REASON WHY MY SCREEN NAME IS WHAT IT IS. I don't have to tell you or explain shit.) There is a certain decorum that goes along with being someone's 'friend' on the Internet when you may 'know of them' offline. I see cats don't know that. I don't have time to teach it. If and when I want someone to know that I know you, I will let it be known and they can 'figure it out'. You won't see me 'volunteering' info on you either. Whatever that person that we 'mutually' know, knows about you is WHAT THEY WILL KNOW. At least on my end. If you can't do that on your end, hit that 'unfriend' button fam. Please. 'Cause I will if I find out that is not the case. The solution is simple. No tough talk. Nothing crazy. I will just delete you and K.I.M. (Keep It Moving) If what I am saying makes you want to 'unfriend' me on here, PLEASE DO. Save me the trouble. For real.

I also see I don't talk to some of ya'll on here. I know some of you don't get on that much. I can dig it. I am NOT TALKING TO YOU. You don't use it so...lol Some of you do though. You got one more time for me to 'say something' and I get no response. The 'unfriend' button will be used. No discussion. No, "Hey fam.." Just gone. I hate feeling like I am bothering someone which is why I don't call people now. Damm if I am gonna do it on the Net too. Especially when I have tons of people to speak to. So yeah, if I delete you, that is probably why. Some of you have upwards of 300 friends anyway so don't act like you will miss me..lol Unless you are just being nosy and if that is the case all the better reason to just end the facade.

This goes for EVERYWHERE. FB. Twitter. Whatever. That is why it is in the blog. Some of you read it so I KNOW YOU WILL GET THE MEMO out to others. lol 

P.S. If you 'knew' me, you would know that I have always been into computers and have been online since AOL CHATS. Which means I am NOT NEW TO CHATTING ON LINE. Which also means, it is no big deal for me to type something like this out. So don't worry about whether I am 'too vested' in it. I am not. It took all of 3 minutes to complete. I am somewhere else right now doing something else fun. No worries from you, aight? You would know that I didn't just jump on here 'cause of Oprah. Or get on here 'cause my friends told me. I probably was already on it LONG BEFORE THE BUZZ. 'Cause I like computers. Always did. That's if you 'knew me' like that. Does that make me special? Naw. It does however give you some more info. That's all.

Now I know you are sitting there like "Wow. That is was deep. Did it really have to go 'there though'? " It did. I am sure if you been on the Internet long enough, you have encountered this too. If you have not, BE THANKFUL. It is a shame that I even have to address this. We are grown. Well, some of us are. Here we go again with the unnecessary things. I see that I am going to have to go back into seclusion. Again. I love people. I just don't like how they act sometimes. Shit.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear Other Parent:(s):

(Let me preface this with a few words. First off, yeah, SOME OF THIS IS PERSONAL. So what? I don't right about what I do not know about to some extent. I just don't do it. Sorry. I do not guess when I write. If it is not YOUR REALITY I am happy for you. Feel me? Second. All of it is not JUST MY EXPERIENCES. I am using other people's experiences too. Third. It says parents because not every child lives with their two parents. Some children have two sets of parents. Some people are doing it by themselves so it only applies to the parent not there in the house. All different types of scenarios. Some of what you are about to write may apply to all scenarios and some of it may apply to none. I am giving the info, as usual. What you do with it or how you take it is up to you. I am just writing about what I know)

(Sighs) Hey. I know you are busy over there doing work from work/watching Lost/playing Scrabble/watching the game/talking on the phone to your friends/etc/etc but I just wanted to talk to you about a couple of things. I sense the feeling that you are agitated about the state of affairs in regards to the children and such. I feel that way too. But you seem SURPRISED that this has been as challenging as it has been. I am not sure if that is due to your jaded memories of your childhood, naivete' or just not knowing that it would be this hard. In any event, I feel this is one sided a lot.

Now again, I know that you are a busy busy person. Always have been. I was too. Remember? When we first had these kids, it was a change for sure. We both adjusted well so it seemed. We could pretty much pack 'em up and take 'em where we were. (Except to the club of course 'cause well you know..) When we did need a lil 'break', our none kid having friends, Aunties/Uncles, and the like would be begging us to take 'the new additions.' It was all good. I told you then though to enjoy it 'cause they would eventually demand more of our attention. Which is why I re arranged my schedule pretty much then. I could see how we couldn't do what we always did forever. You decided not to and felt no changes were needed. Oh sure, you made some adjustments to your social calendar only after it was ABSOLUTELY necessary. Your mentality did not change though. Whatever it is you deemed that YOU needed to be doing, you did it. Found a way to do it. Even if it helped us and hurt us at the same time. This is where I suspect things got uneven. Somehow or another, it was deemed that I would do the sacrificing on the daily while you continued to do what it is you do. Good, bad, or indifferent. I guess it is 'my fault' for not bringing this to your attention sooner but you KNOW that on the parental tip, you have NOT BEEN DOING YOUR PART. Funny thing is, you are doing it under the guise of 'things that need to be done.'. Things that could either wait, may have to be sacrificed or just are not conducive to what we have going on here now. Or my favorite reason. "Cause you do it better." (Looks at you sideways) It may have 'worked' (insert years) ago when they were little and there was no homework and the like but it SURELY isn't working now.

So here we are now. It is now uneven. Everything should not get done by one person a majority of the time. This a two person job and that is the mentality that I have taken simply because that is OUR REALITY. Yes, I know some of your friends (male & female)do it 'alone' but lets not forget the COUNTLESS number of times we have had to intervene/help/straight take over for a minute 'cause the other person was not 'there' like they shoulda been. So lets not act like they are over there doing it and it is cool. 'Cause it is not. They are doing what they can and that is admirable but you can't cite that. I know too much about their situations and WHAT ISN'T HAPPENING. Ya dig? Matter of fact, since we don't have that kinda support system, I would dare say that 'we do it alone'. Never looked at it like that, did you? We are other people's support system but at this point, no one is or can support us and in turn if you don't help me.....Get the picture? Single parenting all over again in a couple situation...Sound like fun to you?

This is not to say that you do NOTHING. You do. Thing is, you do it with an permanent attitude a majority of the time. A teeth suck here. A reluctant 'Okay' there. I am almost begging you to do shit. Wow. You take whole 'days' off 'cause you are tired. I never punch 'out' of parent mode if I am there. You? You make statements saying you "I need a moment." I feel like I can't do that. That is not an 'option' for me. Okay, ooh I get 'one day' to do what I want. Ooooh. That isn't even a full 24 hours either by the way. That really amounts to 'day time hours' like from 9-6 or some shit. lol Then it is back at usually with you ready to pass off the responsibility like we are on a 4 X 100 relay team and I am running the lead and anchor legs. Newsflash. They are YOUR KIDS. How is it that you can't stand to be around them for more than 8 hours at a time? WPOTGIT? (What part of the game is that. For those that can't translate that.) Wasn't it you who wanted a kid? I coulda swore that was you. Did you drop that person off in the river one day on the way to work? I am not understanding. I need THAT PERSON BACK HERE.

Look, I am not saying I LOVE doing all of these things at times either. I don't love picking up blocks. I certainly hate shitty diapers. Homework? Shit, I don't like that either. I like to cook but the short order thing for multiple people is a bit wearing 5 outta 7 nights a week. Couple that with separating children while they are doing homework while trying to cook dinner and it is a bit hectic. So I feel you on not LOVING to do these things. But they have to get done. That wonderful childhood that you had did not come with a maid and wait staff for your parents. That is the side that you didn't see. You don't remember it 'cause they had enough sense to shield you from it evidently 'cause you SURELY DID NOT SEE THIS PART COMING DID YOU? Your reactions to it are telling. It is if you thought we would change some diapers, teach them to count and read and they would just be self sufficient like you thought you were. lol You weren't by the way. Legend in your own mind. You were just like every one of us who thought we could take care of ourselves 'cause we could babysit some kid from 7-12, had a part time job, cook some fucking Ramen and do good in school. Naw B. That was called playing 'grown up'.

I need you to step it up and stop acting like this is a movie. Where you earn money while I full time parent in addition to whatever jobs I may have too (that is the way you look at it so) with an occasional backup from you with attitude.

This is life. Isn't that what you always said when people were telling you that you 'act wise beyond your years'? Or when your friends/co-workers/subordinates/etc complain about the rigors of life to you? Stop with the attitude when I ask you to parent too then. If you gotta 'step in' to check homework 'cause I happen to fuck up doing it then maybe you shoulda been helping from the fucking door. Ever think of that Sherlock? If you have to cook dinner one night 'cause it 'isn't done when you got in' then cook that shit. You live here too. Shit. You like to eat don't you? What did you do before me? Whatever it is, shut the fuck up and do that if need be. But lose the attitude. Do you know how much I would 'cost' if I was getting paid to do the things I am doing for all the waking hours of the day? More than your damm salary perhaps (or at least more than you would be willing to pay times 4 depending on who you are and what you do) Oh and just so you know, NOBODY likes doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom. It is not exclusive to you. I hate that shit too. I don't run around bitching about it (or in some cases just flat out not doing it) though. Just do it and shut up already.

So here's the deal. Either you get a much higher paying job so that neither one of us have to do this work or chip the fuck in like everyone else in the World does in their own households. Like your mother and father did. Stop complaining about doing things around the house too. The kids are watching. They might think it is okay to complain ya know. Then you will be asking me dumb shit like "Where do they get this sense of entitlement?" and I will have to point at YOU. And you KNOW I WILL DO THAT.

The Equally as Tired and equally as under appreciated Co Parent.


I am tired too...Shit..If we are both tired and shit don't get done IT IS NOT MY FAULT SOLELY. Fuck that. Miss me with that shit.

Now I wrote that for all of the people that wish that they could say it and don't. The parts of that I have experienced personally? Don't worry. I said them. If you know me, you can even 'see me' doing it. I just want you to think about that the next time you come home 'to a mess', or things are not done 'the way you would do them' as a parent in the house. Some of you have the ego of a superstar when it comes to your 'co parent' and can't figure out where the cold dinners, mediocre sex game, or straight silent attitude is coming from . Just saying...Next to money, this is why people leave.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The 'Flu' and other things..Cancelled Drake/Jeezy concert....

Okay, so as you probably know by now we have a bit of a problem with a flu virus. It is quickly spreading. People use your brains and what your Momma taught you (hopefully). @ hygiene.

Drake/Jeezy show canceled due to that flu outbreak on UD campus. I was going to use today's space to write mainly about that. I am still not happy.

That Celtics/Bulls series is A BARN BURNER!! Ray Ray is shooting the heck outta the ball. Him and Gordon are going AT IT. I love it. That is playoff basketball.

How do you get BLOWN OUT in a series when the reigning Defensive Player of The Year is suspended Philly? Yeah...The other AI is pissed but I can tell you what, THE ORIGINAL AI would not have went out like that. That is all I am saying...

Dear Josh Smith: I love your talent. You are a bad mofo. With that said, you are winning the game in your building. You know you are going to Miami, possibly to close the series out. YOU CANNOT MAKE THAT DUNK ATTEMPT at the end of the game even if it is in your building. @ the missed dunk. I am sure that you Pros really want us to believe that 'locker room' fodder is a myth. It is not. I have played in rec Leagues where dudes don't forget shit like that. @ showing up your opponent. Number 3 for the other team is ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN THAT LEAGUE. You woke him up. Good job Josh! @ the blowout in Miami the next night. Ya'll might win the series and all but take the lesson son. Lay that shit up next time. Respect your opponent and the game. You do that shit when you are IN THE CLOSE OUT GAME if at all. Not the game before. Got it? Good.

I want to touch on something that only someone who has lived with another person could REALLY UNDERSTAND.


We all need them. We all should have them. What we SHOULDN'T DO is depend on someone else to make them 'fun' for us, others to just re arrange their schedules and wait on us, and/or waste them. It is YOUR DAY OFF. Do what you do! If you lay around all day, guess what? That is what you CHOOSE TO DO. Just don't expect others to either slack off 'cause you got the day off if they are home doing what they do everyday. Be respectful of others on YOUR DAY OFF people. THAT IS ALL.

Mike Vick is on his way to Hampton probably as we speak. I hope that the time he has spent away sobered him to who was who and what was what. I have my own opinion about the crime he did vs. the penalty he received but that has passed now. I wonder if society is going to let him back in. We embraced all types of fucked up individuals in the past so I am not sure if I will be happy if he is not at least given a chance to redeem himself. We will see though. Let the 'outrage' begin again. Smh

It also looks like my favorite boxer will be back in the ring after his 'retirement'. Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather is set to return. Not like we all didn't know he was taking a 'vacation' and all. Even his fans like myself, knew that. It will be good to see him in the ring. I am sure that while he has not been in the ring on TV, he still has the skills to get it done.

Dear Brett Favre: Stay retired. I know you want to play with Childress. I don't even doubt that you CAN PLAY. That isn't it. I just think it is time. That is all. You are going to do what you want to do anyway though. The Vikings should have been your first choice to begin with when you pulled this last year. Respect to the Packers be dammed as they made the choice to go with Aaron. You see where 'respecting them' got you last year right? lol You cannot undue last year though. So do not try to.

Kerry Rhodes I hope you like your new quarterback situation by the way. You too Thomas Jones. Ya'll better not cry about it this year. That is all I know.

(Waves to all of the new people reading the blog) I am still finding my way with it. Bare with me.

One more rant. Extended warranties. I have one on this very laptop I am typing on. The screen is 'black' and I am currently using the two external monitors that I always use ANYWAY to see what I am typing. The screen flickers on when you open it half way so I know that whatever it is IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS. I just do not own a solder kit to fix the lil cable running up the back of the screen. The back light works perfectly yadda yadda yadda. So I know it is minor. So I take it down to where I bought it from to get the screen looked at. They pull my name up. After a little bit of delay, they find the account and pull it up. They cannot fix it there so they have to send it out. Okay. I can probably deal with that. No biggie right? What are talking? A week. Heck two weeks? I could probably live with that. NO. The motherfucker behind the counter (I realize it isn't his policy but the nonchalant way he said it is the issue) said NINE TO TEN WEEKS MINIMUM but it would be more like 13- 16 weeks. I just looked at him like "Are you serious? What is this 'weeks' shit anyway? What is my laptop pregnant? Oh it just 'sounds' better supposedly when you say it in weeks huh?" What the hell are you going to do? MAKE ME ANOTHER DAMM LAPTOP? I have had cars that have been smashed up in the back come back SOONER THAN THAT! So yeah, fuck an extended warranty. This is what I get with one? You will have to excuse me as I have always done things a certain way. Warranty was not a part of that. You don't get those from the Jerome at the Barbershop when you purchase things so yeah. I was PISSED.Hell, even Jerome would try and cop you another one if that happened if you KNEW him like that. Shit. I mean, I actually USE MY SHIT. So I found a store that would at least 'look at it' for a more reasonable time period. I still have other computers so I will be online. Maybe that will force me to blog 'when I can' instead of when I want to.@ not having my laptop. lol Who knows. In any event, I will update ya'll on Monday to see what the 'other place' is talking about. I am almost positive THAT THERE WILL BE SOME MORE BS TO REPORT. I can feel it. lol