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Depression: Sometimes, it is THAT BAD..

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Suite 302/Carolinaware's Own are one..

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I've walked that walk with someone..

Personal true story... Hope it helps someone.

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If you don't know about Ms. Evans, GET FAMILIAR DAMMIT. She can SPIT.. Period.


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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something else I wrote somewhere else..

Only this time the unedited version. (For those of you who have seen this, IT REALLY WAS AIMED AT SOME PEOPLE and I was trying to be nice. I probably won't be here.)

I love helping people. I really really really do. If I have info to give , I share it with everyone. I even do it sometimes to a fault. What I don't do ,on purpose anyway, is over step my bounds. I put the info out there and allow people to do with it what they will. You can't force information on people and sometimes, you are not telling someone something that they don't already know. Now if they ask you, BY ALL MEANS, give it to with both barrels. But if they don't and it is causing a problem, it is best to just let it be.

All you can do is put the information out there. The rest is up to the people you put it to do with it what they please.

Kinda like I am doing with this note.

Let's see what is done with the information I have put in this note. 'Cause there is a MESSAGE in it for someone. Several someones actually. But it isn't my place 'to come to you and say it' straight out and I am going to FOLLOW MY OWN RULES. That is someone else's job to do. I am only in it 'cause I heard about it. Understand this isn't the first time I heard this shit either or had to come at you about this personally. Remember?

Let me tell you what the hell it is YOU CAN'T DO though. You can't go running around like a pack of wolves, trying to reform the opposite sex with your 'truths'. This ain't no Tyler Perry movie. Some damm Zane book. Fuck you think this is? Furthermore, what KINDA REACTION DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GONNA GET running up on people in the streets about their relationship? Huh? A good one? A "Oh yeah you are rightt!"? Yeah okay. Your whole approach is wrong. Period. More flies with honey people. More flies with honey. Fucks you keep setting the vinegar out for? You see it ain't working don't you? Come on man.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My bracket, Donte Stallworth, and other stuff.


Well, as you probably already know, Donte Stallworth hit and killed a man in Miami. Now the video is out of him minutes after the crash. It is in the link up top. I am reserving judgment on the situation but I will say it doesn't look good. I know his money is long though so he might be aight. Florida's laws on this sort of thing are vast so there is no telling what his charge might end being if he gets convicted at all. Hence the reason it is taking them so long to charge. Sounds like they are being really careful about this so they don't 'mess it up' judicially. Not good news for Donte that they are taking their times. @ the authorities.

My bracket is doing pretty good. I have UNC winning it of course and pretty much all my meetings are on schedule at the Sweet 16 minus Wake. Them boys from Cleveland State put it on 'em! Teague doesn't seem so ready to take Chris's place as the next big thing right now. Hopefully, a summer of work will do him some good. Wherever Chris Paul is balling this summer, Teague should be TRYING TO GET THERE TO PLAY WITH HIM.

Dear athletes (dare I say entertainers too) that get on Twitter:

Let your publicists handle things. All you are gonna do is get hemmed up with either the groupie aspect of it,say something about those that did not draft you, say something foul to a fan that they are gonna screenshot and send out to the press, or REALLY RUIN YOUR PUBLIC IMAGE by showing us the REAL YOU. I mean, hey, I could give a F#ck and deep down you might not either but once something dumb happens YOU WILL CARE. I mean, you can get on chat live for an hour or something but all this twittering during games, doing giveaways to the ladies, and the like will just lead to your coaches/organization/League either fining you, suspending you or both. I would love to chat with you though, having said that. But I recognize that I might not be the right gender. @ me being a male. Not only that, I am a fan of your sport/craft/whatever not a groupie so I will be TELLING YOU HOW I feel and when you mess up or if there is something that I don't like. You think the paper is bad? Or when you are at the game? Sheit. This right here is WORSE. There is millions of miles of wire separating you and the fans. Shit will get popped and more than likely, you will be powerless. I know I know, haters are everywhere. Well it will really feel like it once you mess up on here. Ask Chris and Rhi about that if you don't believe me @ how brave people get when there is monitor and some keys are involved. I am respectful though so I won't be dissing you super personal attacks. I will only be addressing whatever mistake you made and that will be it. But not 'cause I am scared. I just don't do that. Not something men do. I see enough of you in the streets and can say my piece in person. Have done it before and will do it again if it is that disrespectful. @ what I have to say.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Even though my young boy Steph didn't make the 'Big Dance', you know I had to peep out his performance in the NIT. You see he did the thing to South Carolina with 32 pts.

Mr. Archie did have a helluva highlight though.

Tory Holt is FREE. Now come our way fam. We could use you in the slot. @ Pittsburgh.

What is New England doing up there? Trying to build an All Madden Team? @ looking at Peppers. Yeesh!

It is has been on for a hot minute now so I feel like I can post up some of the clips from Jimmy's show. lol

To me, this is still Jimmy Fallon's best interview thus far.

But Cameron broke him DOWN here.

Slow jamming the news...Questo, Riq and 'em did the thing here..

If you know me like that YOU KNOW THIS WAS THE HIGHLIGHT FOR ME. Princess K, Khloe and Kourtney. Khloe is trying to make a run at being hot like her sisters I see. She finally got rid of that blunt bang..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NCAA and other musings..

IT IS BRACKET TIME! I may even put my main bracket up here in some form at some point. Now I am not like most that have to diss the rest of the year's sporting events to big up this one. I will just say that this is a GREAT TIME OF THE YEAR. It is one and done time. My squad (UNC) got another #1 seed but I am not concerned with that. I just want TY LAWSON healthy. Hopefully he can practice today and tomorrow so that he is allowed to play. We NEED HIM. Period. Point blank. I would play without Hansborough and his 'benefit of the doubt' calls than Lawson. For real. It makes Green a better player when he is in. Frasor can go back to being the 'junk guard' instead of bringing it up. Drew ain't ready so I don't want him running the point and Ginyard SCARES ME with the ball. So yeah, I need Ty back up in there. ASAP. Oh and GET THE BALL TO DEON THOMPSON please!

I hope UCONN gets exposed and that the Chester boy (Tyreke Evans) gets to do his thing for Memphis. He is finally showing the player that he can be. I have been EXTREMELY hard on him but only because I know that he can play when he REALLY wants to do so. He has been balling well since they made him the point.

Here's an excerpt of a note I posted on Facebook. Just a tidbit on a couple of 'adult' relationship type things.
Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it! Just because you WANT TO BE MARRIED doesn't mean you are ready to be. I know a lot of people have this 'fantasy in their head' about what it is supposed to be like. It will have its 'bumps' (like cabinets being left open or something small) but all and all YOU WILL GET ALONG GREAT ALL THE TIME. Yeah. I hope you don't REALLY BELIEVE THAT. It takes A LOT to do it. You won't always get to be 'together' like that ESPECIALLY IF CHILDREN ARE INVOLVED. You have to have some trust. And by trust I mean more like you have to 'trust the person you married to be the person that they are.' Whatever that is. Not that fantasy stuff. The REAL THEM as nobody is perfect. You gonna be man/woman enough to own up to the fact that not only your mate has a 'major flaw' but you do too? If you can do that, it has a MUCH BETTER CHANCE TO WORK. If not, you will be disappointed EVERY TIME something happens as what you are expecting will totally different than what you are gonna get more than likely.

Some of you cringe at the very thought of having to share a jar of Nutella together but wanna sign a legal document that gives another person the right to basically be all up in that jar and any other jar of Nutella you bring into the house? lol You have to change this mentality if you wanna 'be as one'. This can't mentality can't fly. Your life has to be an open book for the most part.

Just a lil something....Do with it what you want.

Note to Sean Williams. Control your temper my man. Control your temper.


Shoutout to my FAVORITE print magazine SLAM for the article.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

(Words) Lane Kiflin, Pumping gas, Chris Brown and Rihanna and other musings...

So back in the days as Al Davis's whipping boy, EVERYONE FELT SO SORRY FOR POOR LANE KIFFIN. Now in his present position, ole Lane is making Al look like he might have been on to something.

Now, I have used the statement that Lane used (allegedly) about 'pumping gas' myself to motivate those around me. So the statement itself is not really that big of a deal to me. You don't make the right decision and yes, you just might end up doing nothing more than 'pumping gas in the middle of nowhere' or the other ole cliche' 'flipping burgers'. No problem. But what YOU CAN'T DO AS A PERSON IN LANE'S POSITION is, attach names of institutions to the statement or say it to a recruit. Maybe after they get into your 'fold' you can pop trash but not then. Not like he did. To boot, he said it to a program whose coach WILL REMEMBER that and use it as bulletin board material. Lane better hope that not ONE OF HIS KIDS EVER ENDS UP PUMPING GAS after leaving his programs (he will get fired/let go/whatever just like in Oakland at some point. They all do) He will NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT. lol

Free Tory Holt! You let Orlando Pace go. Go ahead and release Tory too.

Now it is a 'teaching moment.'?* Here we go again putting undue pressure on two people who still need help. It is a 'helping moment' for them. Are we going to help them? Well HARPO? I mean, I imagine that at some point, when this all blows over, they will come on the show. At least I hope so. I can only hope that it is an 'even' show. That's all that I ask.

Another 'let's get drunk and claim pride in something we really know nothing about' day coming up. Can't wait for the pictures. Personally, I plan on staying off of the road that day.

*It being 'Chris Brown and Rihanna's domestic violence situation btw.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'mma say it again but now more bluntly since it is a dude who is 'the victim' this time. Chris Rhi...

 It won't sound as insensitive I suppose.

I told ya'll this shit happens more than you think. Be prepared to HEAR ABOUT IT FROM ALL SIDES NOW. Now I am sure that some of you will maintain your 'stiff' stance that nothing should happen to the weaker of the two sexes solely based on that so I ain't here to change your minds. Just know that more than one scenario for DMV exists. It isn't always the scenario presented in the movies.

Don't let the backlash from the other incident 'cloud' your judgment in this case though. Wait to see what is said. This case is a lil more SEVERE (weapons involved) but finding out a 'backstory' MAY make it more clear as to why she did what she did. You JUST NEVER KNOW. Just because you have never been through it or KNOW ANYONE WHO HAS doesn't mean the shit doesn't exist. Step outta the bubble people. Oh and 'talk' to your damm spouse. Don't hit 'em! Take a minute if shit gets heated. It helps. You don't have to take it overboard like Oprah and them say and spend 'DAYS APART'. Just take some time. You know you are a 'hot head'? Do what you can to WALK AWAY. If your man/girl IS A HOT HEAD, STAY THE FUCK OUTTA THEIR FACE UNTIL THEY CALM DOWN. It isn't rocket science. Shit. Just because YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY/DO/GET ACROSS doesn't mean that IT IS THE RIGHT TIME FOR YOU TO EXPRESS. It isn't ALWAYS ABOUT YOU DAMMIT. Shit. Take some time people. Take some time. Table the 'discussion' and then come back to it if it gets that heated.

Bucs' LB Hayes stabbed by girlfriend

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Associated Press
TAMPA, Fla. -- Authorities say the girlfriend of Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Geno Hayes stabbed him in the head and in the neck.
A Hillsborough County Sheriff's spokeswoman says Hayes was taken to a hospital by a friend Saturday. The 21-year-old former Florida State player was treated and later released.
Deputies arrested 19-year-old Shevelle Bagley on Saturday afternoon. The sheriff's spokeswoman says Hayes and Bagley got into an argument, which led to Bagley grabbing a pair of scissors and stabbing Hayes in the head. He managed to get the scissors away from her, but authorities say she then grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the neck.
Bagley was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Jail records show she was released Sunday on $25,000 bail.

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's a shame..

Of course the weekend when it was BEAUTIFUL OUT, I get sick. lol Figures.

Anyhow, back to Reese Witherspoon article. Did you read it? Did you get the points she was trying to make? I was trying to figure out why I had not heard much about their divorce and the usual bs, then I ran across this article. Now, I know that Ryan was doing his thing so you won't see me defending that at all. That is his cross to bear and I will let him handle that. What I wanted to commend her for was for 'taking the high road'. She took ownership of her role in things and decided that the 'ugly' side of things just wasn't going be the center of the issue. Which a lot more of us could do. We all like to concede that we 'are without fault' but are usually dammed if we are gonna admit that fault. At least not if it is not 'obvious' or in the forefront. I think that was admirable. I really do.

T.O to Buffalo huh? Hey, they DID BEAT THE COWBOYS didn't they? Him and Lee should do well. Trent Edwards might just be aight. lol Now if they can just keep their running back Lynch outta trouble when he is at home, they might be able to do some things. Maybe. Stroud. Evans. T.O. Lynch. Whitner. The Penn St. linebacker. A draft pick or four. Not a bad place to start.

UNC is once again the ACC champs and bought out that broom on them Devils. The Devils would be well served to let Gerald Henderson take over. But I know they won't so I will not worry too much about them. Now lets just hope that my Tar Heels can make a 'decent' showing in the ACC tourney. I would like them to win it but I wouldn't be surprised if we don't. I keep hearing rumblings about the Big East being FAR AND AWAY the better conference. Okay and? I don't CARE ABOUT THAT. All I care about is the Heels. Period point blank.

My football team, the Steelers, lost Bryant McFadden this week. Good for Bryant. He gets paid, which we wouldn't have done yet with Deshea playing the way he is, and he gets to play in a system he is pretty familiar with. Can he beat out Rod Hood though? The young Cromartie-Rodgers boy ain't sitting so is he being bought in to what he did for us? I wonder. Mr. Gay, step your game up son. @ his replacement. Hopefully we can draft a Alphonso Smith from Wake..Speaking of Wake football and draft..

You heard it here first. I want us to draft STANLEY ARNOUX. He would be PERFECT FOR US. Fast. Good tackler. Smart defender. Chip on his shoulder 'cause he is going to get overlooked. Called the plays on their D. We need to draft that man. And I am not just saying that 'cause I know him. I know a couple of draft eligible players. I don't want us drafting them though. But I do want us to pick up the kid from Wake. So that is two kids I want from Wake.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm sick...I am coming with a post tho..

Bear with me please.

I have plenty to write about. Just no damm energy to do it for prolonged periods. lol

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Melanie Fiona..I am looking all over for stuff by her...If you can help, hit me up!

I need some info on her ASAP. That's all. Links. Music. Bio. All of that. I do have pictures so I am not as interested in those. It is my understanding that she used to go by the name of 'Syren'. Any and all info would be appreciated.

http://www.mediafire.com/?fo0mmd2mnqe Here is the song that got me onto her. Give It To Me Right.

There are lessons to be learned from this link..

I will come back later to expound.

For now, just read it. Ignore the 'D' word she is using (as that is her situation but it doesn't have to be YOURS) and take the lesson outta what she is saying dammit.

Reese Witherspoon in ELLE: Humiliated by divorce and operating on fear



Reese Witherspoon is the blonde who has shattered stereotypes with roles as a wary prude in “Cruel Intentions, “a high school over-achiever in “Election,” a sorority girl at Harvard Law in “Legally Blonde” and a poor child turned ruthless society woman in “Vanity Fair.” Her turn as June Carter Cash in “Walk the Line” earned her a Golden Globe, SAG and Academy Award for best actress. But that doesn’t mean Reese doesn’t have her flaws and weaknesses like everyone else. When it comes to her painful divorce from Ryan Phillippe, accusations of being a control freak or seeing her own face on the cover of tabloids, Witherspoon confesses to ELLE how painful and lonely life can be on the other side of the camera.

On her divorce:
“Very humiliating and very isolating…But, by the way, if it’s not painful, maybe it wasn’t the right decision to marry to begin with. Those are the appropriate emotions. When people get in your face and say, ‘This will pass,’ you think, Are they crazy? I’m never gonna feel any better than I feel right this minute and nothing’s ever gonna make sense again. And I still have moments where I’m like, Nothings ever gonna make sense again.” 

On dealing with the split: “You see a lot of people play this blame game. Blame, blame, blame. You know? And it’s a really easy thing to do, and I’m certainly guilty of it. [You have to] look at yourself and go, ‘What part of this do I need to own? Which part of this is my responsibility? And that’s the painful work that you have to go through to hopefully get some real life knowledge out of it.”

Carter Smith for ELLE

Carter Smith for ELLE

On being a young mother:
“When I first had Ava, I couldn’t afford [help]. And it was so hard. I was out in Los Angeles, living [away from my family]. I really didn’t have any friends. And I had a baby. No one else who was 22 had a baby. I couldn’t go out.” 

On her reported Type A personality: “I don’t think I’m a control freak. I think I’m just fearful. I operate from a lot of fear, like, of things being lost or forgotten or neglected. Losing the spiritual rather than the physical. It’s so funny to me that somehow I’ve been portrayed as a very, like, closed-off or uptight person. I’m very open.” 

On the paparazzi:
“Fascination is gonna die off. I honestly know it. But it’s just like I keep waiting and waiting, and then it’s just more tabloid magazines, and it keeps going. I don’t take a shower everyday. I don’t put on makeup everyday. I wear a lot of sunglasses, in case you noticed.”

But it’s not all work and no play for Ms. Witherspoon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shaq's resurrgence, AI's injury, VHI's trainwrecks..

Here lately Shaq has been playing outta his mind. He says it is because he finally healthy. I don't care if it is because he takes 'roids, that man is balling. Him and the manchild (Dwight Howard) did battle the other night and he looked great. Speaking of that, I am sure that Stan Van Gundy was just playing when he spoke on the flop but it seems that Shaq wasn't having it. He went off...lol I can't blame him though. He made a flop but didn't bitch about it like Vlade, Manu and the rest of them do. It was a no call and he got up and kept playing.

I will break my silence on the AI thing. Those of you who REALLY KNOW ME, know I am a fan. The Detroit thing was something that I wasn't crazy about but I just KNEW THAT THEY WOULDN'T TRY TO MAKE HIM POINT. Shows what I know. That is exactly what they did. Then they put Stuckey in, who WILL BE NICE but is not NICE NOW, and to me it was a bad move. All of the sudden, Rasheed is the 5 but he is shooting 5 to 6 3's a game still knowing he has to go down there and board. Rip goes to the bench and to me, these niggas STARTING TANKING GAMES. Even when the unit that is currently starting in the game now due to AI's injury was in, THEY STAYED FUCKING UP. Bad shots. No boards. No moving the ball. It was like Stuckey was trying to do his best AI impersonation and put his head down and hit the bucket. So now that the boy is gone, oh now they can hit shots. Now they can pass the ball and move it around. Rasheed ain't jacking 3's now is he? Nope. I personally hope they RELEASE MY BOY. For real. Just release him. The shit ain't working and won't work. Then we find out he played really hurt. Do you hear people saying anything about that? No. All you hear is the people whose girls he obviously fucked, talking that 'he is done shit'. Okay. We will see. If he is, he still a better player than your favorite player not on that greatest 50 list. When the next one comes out, like or not, he will be on that list too. lol. I don't have to 'cop pleas' for the nigga. He can ball and his numbers speak for themselves. Anyone who has stood next to that man in the club knows just big he really is and how amazing it that he has been able to do what he does in the L for this long. And if it were that easy, that lil slick guard that is burning your ass in the Pro Am summer Leagues or on the And1 Tour would be doing it in the L too. So miss me with the volume shooter shit. He took a team of nobodies that most people could not have taken and put them on his back. Your team was scared of him. Believe that. When he was in Philly, your team, no matter who they were knew that if that lil nigga caught fire, it wasn't no going out at Gotham after the game 'cause they didn't want to have to hear that shit in the club that night. Believe that. I hope he sits out the rest of the year, gets right and chooses to go where he can the 'help' that he needs to win. Like all great players including my absolute player MJ had.

The Love of Ray J is the latest trainwreck by VH1 that has gotten my attention. I can't even be mad at Ray for this one. But I can't speak too much on it. I will say my peace later.