Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So apparently, Formspring is what is 'next'.....

For some of you, I can see the looks on your face from here! lol http://formspring.me Don't fret. Your cool friends will start yapping about it in your timelines on Facebook/Twitter (if you are on Twitter 'cause I know some of you don't even do that yet) and you will be tempted to jump on.

So what is Formspring?

Here is their description as to what it is the site is:

Create a box where friends can ask questions anonymously. Post your responses to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or your blog.

Sounds like fun huh? All of my friends are doing but I am probably going to hold out for awhile. If I ever even do it. I can just SEE all the issues that something like this would cause. Cats getting brave with the questions do to the anonymity aspect of it. I have seen the complaints about it flooding timelines (and soon to be Facebook feeds, you watch!). I don't know if I can clap to that with all the shit I see in my timelines/streams. So I don't understand all of that mess. We all type things that others may not want to see sometimes. It happens. Now you DO HAVE THE OPTION NOT TO HAVE IT STREAM to your Twitter/Facebook and not to answer all the questions. The only problem with the latter is that you have some people who LOVE TO START SHIT and will be asking questions they shouldn't. You don't answer and ignore it, then they step from behind the shadows..Now if they had to ask you behind the mask, then they probably shouldn't have been asking anyway and....well...you get the picture right? Okay then...You also can't see who is asking you the questions. I know how that movie ends. None for me thanks. Yes, all this could happen in other mediums. I know that. Right now, (I said right now dammit. Time will tell. Shit. You hard of hearing?) it seems a wee bit unnecessary to me. That said, I WILL ENJOY watching others do it and seeing what it is they are going to say. Let me know if you do it (are currently doing it) and how it is turning out for you. I know at least 15 people who have it RIGHT NOW. I am curious to see if what I am thinking is correct. I could be wrong. Doesn't happen often (chuckles) but I have been before. Give me some feedback for those of you who have tried it.

Personally, I get enough questions via all the outlets I have thank you. So I am all stocked up on that sorta thing over here. I do see ONE POSSIBLE way it could be used. For the blog. I would answer only questions about the blog. Not about me. I know..I know...there is NO FUN IN THAT.


I am so not interested in formspring.