Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not that Mike Leach is an angel or could not have

been wrong...

I just need to know more of the story. As a parent, I do understand that you are to side with your child, take care of children and all of that. Also AS A PARENT having went to my child's (I have three) defense only to find there is MORE TO THE STORY, I have to ask, "What else happened?" There is more to this story. Sorry. When did the young boy get hurt exactly? Was he being punished for some other things? If he did get put in the shed the first day, why IN THE HELL DID HE GO BACK THE SECOND DAY? Especially if he knew he was being wronged? I think that a lot of you may not understand JUST EXACTLY who his Dad is. @ the kid involved. Not only is he an ESPN analyst but umm...

..this is him and Eric Dickerson. Yes, THAT Eric Dickerson. So he is a big deal in college football. It makes me wonder whether his pull, those contract negotiations and other factors did not play into this firing. Just saying...

As for the one kid who spoke IMMEDIATELY, despite being told NOT TO TALK TO THE MEDIA, that is Adam's best friend on the team. You think about that for a second....@ his comments and relationship to Adam.

Again, I am not saying Leach is right or wrong right now. I am just saying something it amiss. This is the school that hired Bob Knight as their Men's basketball coach at one time VERY RECENTLY.

Tell you what? Read this here....A piece of said article..

Leach is more complicated than he seems, and so are the events that led to his firing. His relationship with university officials has been contentious. While they may well have had just cause to fire him, there is also some compelling evidence that they may have judged him unfairly.

Several current and former players have come forward to attest that he's a humane teacher. "Leach has unusual methods for doing things a lot of times, but he's never cruel and never out of line in doing them," former offensive lineman Cody Campbell told the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. It turns out the alleged torture chambers were an equipment garage and an auxiliary room, where injured players are often sent to rest or do calisthenics, and where James had access to trainers and ice. "It's not like its some dungeon," former lineman Glenn January said.

It turns out Leach has a policy that requires injured players to remain close by at practice "to let everybody know they're not going to stand around and do nothing," January added. And it turns out that James was examined by a school physician named Michael Phy who, according to, wrote a memo stating "no additional risks or harm were imposed on Adam [James] by what he was asked to do." Which amounted to standing alone in a room for a couple of hours. Standing in a low-light environment hardly seems like a menace to his health.

Two days before the concussion, Leach and his staff apparently disciplined James for poor effort during drills. Leach contends that this, and a lack of playing time, led the James family to resent his handling of the player. James's habits and attitude have also been questioned by his teammates. acquired an e-mail to Tech authorities from former wide receiver Eric Morris, who said that James "was never known as a hard worker" and "seemed to have a negative attitude toward the football program the majority of the time." Receivers coach Lincoln Riley also wrote a memo in support of Leach to the administration, obtained by, in which he referred to the player as "unusually lazy and entitled."

It also turns out university administrators have quarreled repeatedly with Leach over his contract demands, and may have been looking for a reason to get out of paying him a $800,000 bonus he was due on Thursday if he were still the head coach at Texas Tech.

THIS was the 'more' to the story that I was looking for. I wanted to know about this 'building'/'shed'/whatever. Was this routine? Was there access to water and ice? Things like that...Look, I am all for humane treatment. But the pussyfication of dudes has to stop. he is a football player. I am wondering if this cat went over and complained about getting contact, if he couldn't stay in a non plush room with all his usual amenities? That cat wasn't locked up in slave quarters. He wasn't put in a room with holes in the floors, field mice running around or in a pile of feces. So lets stop with the dramatics man. For real. This is sickening. If he had a concussion over a month ago, what was he EVEN DOING near the field if he still had ill effects from it? Not only that, he taped it. He wasn't that bad off now was he?

(Gives the side eye)

Here is what some of his former players/coaches are saying...(Thanks Mike Frier)
Mike Leach is getting hammered by the media for not showing any sympathy for his discipline of Adam James, son of ESPN’s Craig James. The networks have been one-sided in their coverage of the story. Quotes are coming out everywhere in support of Texas Tech and their decision to terminate head coach Mike Leach.

What they are not showing you is the quotes from former Texas Tech players and coaches who support Leach and state that James was a spoiled, lazy kid who was just looking to get back at the coaching staff.

Dennis Dodd of released in his blog some e-mails that were sent.

Here are some examples of the players opinion of Adam James:

Two days prior to the incident in question, I disciplined Adam James along with several other recievers. His attitude was poor the entire time; even with constant plees for improvement. By the end of the practice, a few of the other recievers accepted their lack of performance in the previous practice and worked harder. Adam was not one of these individuals. He was last on all the excercises asked to do and talked and “danced” during the discipline. When told that this was unacceptable, he simply shrugged his shoulders. I continued to encourge him with no success.

Bennie Wylie
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Texas Tech University

To whom it may concern:

You can find out a lot about a person after playing three years of college football with them. Adam James was a teammate of mine from 2006-2009. Ever since the day he arrived on the Texas Tech campus you couldn’t help but to feel a negative energy from him. He expected people to baby him and that he was going make it solely on the fact that his father was a very successful player. Coach Leach has never been a coach to just give something to someone because of who they are. He believes that everyone is equal and you have to earn respect from your coaches and teammates. Adam was never known as a hard worker. I can honestly agree with this because we played the same position and I witnessed his laziness on a daily bases. Adam seemed to have a negative attitude towards the football program the majority of the time. That negative energy is never good for a team and can cause some major problems on and off the field. During practices, Adam always tried to get by with doing the least he possibly could. Never do I once remember Adam to be excited or enthusiastic to be out there. It was almost like he was playing the game of football to please someone other than himself.


Eric Morris [Former Texas Tech wide receiver]

To Whom It May Concern:

Texas Tech University and the athletic department is filled with great people from the top down, starting with the chancellor all the way down to the student athletes involved in the programs. In the football program, Gerald Myers and the rest of the administration have put together an unbelievable staff that believe success only comes from hard work and doing things right. The staff expects the players and everyone involved to buy into their beliefs, but like anywhere not every player agrees with or buys into what the coaches and program stand for. At Texas Tech the majority of the players do everything the coaches ask of them and anything possible to improve the team. Adam James is one of the few players who has never bought into what Texas Tech football was built on and in my years there with him had a negative impact on the team because of his attitude and work ethic on and off the field. Coach Leach demands a lot out of every player in the program and pushed his players and coaches as hard as any coach I have ever been around, but he is fair to every player and would never make and decision or action that is not best for the Texas Tech football program.

Before Adam James ever entered the football locker room at Texas Tech I heard how spoiled and selfish he acted in a team atmosphere from many of my baseball friends. Adam was on the baseball team his true freshman year at Tech, before he ever joined the football team, and did not make it through the baseball season because of his selfish attitude. After a baseball game in which he felt like he did not get enough playing time, but the team still won twenty to one, he came into the locker room after the game and “pouted and threw a big fit” according another player on the baseball team. A few weeks later in the middle of the season, he just stopped showing up to practices or game and quit because he was not happy about how he was being treated. One of my roommates was a baseball player on the team and many of my friends were a part of the team that witnessed all of this. These baseball players told me he was “spoiled and selfish” before he ever came to the football team. After quitting baseball he came out for football and his selfish attitude was very evident, as was his laziness. During off-season workouts he often would be caught skipping lifts in the weight room or finding ways to cut corners/get out of conditioning exercises. When we had player organized seven on seven throwing in the summer, when he would show up he was much more interested in playing his own games on the side of the field or telling people that he wasn’t going to run any routes because the coaches do not get him a “fair opportunity” anyway. During the season he was often “injured” (it usually seemed like a very minor injury that could keep him out of practice but never out of any other activity, including games) so he would not participate in some drills in practice. None of these acts were productive for our team, but the most detrimental part of Adam was his off field attitude and actions. In the locker room and away from the facility, Adam used any opportunity he had to tell other players how he was being treated unfairly, how the coaches did not give him a fair chance and how we did not have to do everything the coaches told us because they had no option but to play some of us. When I heard these kinds of things I usually tried to put an end to them but Adam pretty consistently talked bad about the coaches or down played the importance of working hard, when he was off the field. When he talked to young players or players that were usually on the scout he would explain how the coaches were not fair to certain players and only played favorites. When he talked to players that did get some playing time he would talk about how we didn’t really have to do what the coaches asked of us because the coaches had to play us anyway. And it almost always tied back to how he was not getting a fair chance to play just because the coaches were unfair. The coaches were always more than fair to Adam I felt, because he came in the game during certain formations and situations last football season, but because of his work ethic and attitude, many of the players on last years team had a hard time trusting him or relying on him because he was not always practicing and we had seen his laziness during the off-season. Adam was a kid that seemed like he had been given everything he wanted his whole life and acted like if things did not go exactly how he wanted someone was treating him unfairly or someone needed to be blamed for his failures. He was a selfish player on and off the field that was counter-productive for our team and would be for any other team.

Mike Leach was not only my head coach, but he was my position coach all five of my years at Texas Tech. I spent more time with him than any other player during my five years and had meetings with him every day. He was very hard on me and every other player in program and he held very high expectations for every player. He would push us all every day during the season and during the off-season. He felt that hard work, dedication and doing things right was the only way we could be successful and compete in the Big XII conference. He worked harder and longer than anyone else in program and was committed to winning at all cost. He would never have been unfair to a player or not played the best players he had because he wanted to win more than anything else. Coach Leach also expected us to be tough but smart at the same time. He would not pressure a kid to play with a serious injury or play when he did not feel ready to play. Coach Leach is a man that cares about his player and puts his players, coaches and the well being of the Texas Tech football program above all else.

Coach Leach is a great coach at Texas Tech that emphasizes the importance of hard work and doing things the right way so that the football program has the best opportunity possible to be successful. He, along with the administration and the rest of his staff, have built a great football program at Texas Tech that is built on the virtues and principles that give any program an opportunity to be successful. Every single player may not buy into the program’s beliefs, but Mike Leach has almost everyone on board with him and the Texas Tech football program on a successful track.

Graham Harrell [Former Texas Tech quarterback]

There are more in that link...Two sides to every story I tell ya...Well, three. His, theirs, and the truth. Only one side is being shown on ESPN though. (Have not watched the other channels to be able to comment on them yet)


The fact that his Dad allowed a private matter to be debated thru his employer pretty much allowed me to draw my own conclusions about his son (spoiled, entitled, irresponsible). Daddy better hope he keeps pulling the big $ cause that punk will be living off him forever.