Sunday, October 18, 2009

Twitter Person of the Week: WPDDigital

One of my boys from Philly, he KEEPS me in stitches on Twitter. He is a great follow and we have some of the same 'fam' on Twitter.

As you can see he is a fun dude.

Get at him ya'll.


when he "found" me on twitter, i was like aww Diz from college. then I realized that all of OKP knew him and was like WTF?!?! and then i hung my head in shame...okp is not my little secret.

The degrees of separation in a region have forever been narrowed by the introduction of social sites all over. lol People who I probably SHOULD have known knew each other and do come out the wood work EVERY DAY on one of those places. It has gotten to the point that I have 'clammed' up about where I have been 'cause I already know SOMEONE from both places knows each other and I want to see just who. I like the surprise of that. Especially when I can see the two worlds 'intersecting' before they do.