Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Still? Joe Buddens on yes, you guessed it....Tahiry

I don't even have to say anything about it. Just watch it. Three sides to every story. (Despite what he says, her counts.) I can't say that I don't understand what he is saying. I really can't. I am more questioning why this WAY. @ him explaining it.

Then again, I have been watching him and her so and so are you. I just hope he learns from the situation. Whatever there is to learn. Same for her. (Shrugs shoulders)

I just don't want to hear from people that they don't care. They do. As they should seeing as though they been going through this for five years. I am hearing whispers of it being fake (like everything is to people) but I don't see faking this type stuff. I just don't...

LMAO @ she's a great girl after calling her everything but a child of God

Just watch it. Wait 'till you hear how he REALLY FEELS....

His Mom kicked the truth to him to an extent about her and people. Only it is not that they change. It is who she is though. It is not her in her totality but it is her now. You see, people don't want to own up to other people being who they are. Whatever she showed him that he saw this time was shown to him before in some fashion I am sure. Maybe not DIRECTED at him (which is why he probably didn't see it.) but she showed him. He chose to ignore it/deal with it/whatever. Like everyone does. Like you are really supposed to as we all are human and flawed. (I will get into that here one day. Trust me. @ flawed. Hell, I AM FLAWED.) People like to wax philosophical about it being 'settling' and all that bullshit but the bottom line is this. No one is perfect. By perfect I don't mean lopsided shapes or maybe having a bad shoe habit. I mean that everyone is fucked up in some way. So I hope he took heed to that. I really do.

This is like a train wreck. I don't wanna watch but I can't help it at this point. Been watching this long.


LMAO @ all Asian chicks being bootleggers.

Joey's a mess