Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some highlights of Week 7..NFL

We won the game but DAMM IF WILLIAM GAY didn't pay for it...Granted, he is a DB and Adrian is only doing what he is supposed to do. He runs over James Farrior/James Harrison or someone like that? Give me a call. @ those taking the shit TOO FAR. Oh did I mention WE WON THE FUCKING GAME? We did. Special shout out to those in my barbershop who said he would 'run all over us'. One of ya'll has him on your fantasy team right? I am SURE I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU HIS NUMBERS, now do I? I'mma do it anyway just in case you start doing that 'fuzzy math' and try to combine his TOTAL yards. You said rushing. Over a buck. WELL OVER A BUCK at that. Here are his stats for the game:

18 carries for 69 yards. That's not a buck. Certainly not a buck fifty. And now I HAVE IT ARCHIVED. On the Net. So the next time you mention our D and him, remember this. But he had ONE HELLUVA RUN HERE. I will give him that. He caught a body and we caught a whole team. @ his run and us winning. Next!!!!!!

The rest of the highlights from the game..Defense.

Dear Jeff Reed:
I am sure you hit that paper towel dispenser harder than you tried to hit Percy on that return. Wow. Percy is translating well to the League. I like it. He got introduced to it right about...

Oh by the way, if Chester had caught that pass, he was going get toe tagged anyway. @ those whining about him not catching it. He missed it so....Yeah..Coulda...woulda..shoulda...

When are we going to NY, I heard one of you say? Okay. Against the Raiders. (side eye) Aren't the Raiders YOUR TEAM THOUGH? Anyway, here ya go...

Prayers out to Leon too. (He is on my fantasy team to boot..)

Saints/Dolphins...If my team had not been playing the Vikings, this would have been my game of the week. Helluva game. I caught it on a replay.

There was a Reggie Bush sighting in this game as well as a RICKY WILLIAMS OF OLD. @ the runs. This was a fun game and as you can see the Saints aren't playing. They were down in this game.

I won't be doing all the games. Sorry. lol


Well at least we got some ink SOMEWHERE. Hell, they don't even talk about us on ESPN. Its hard to love the Raiders but I still do as I have for the last 25 years!