(Music Video) Bobby Dime$ X Driver's Seat prod. by Sap

His new album Google That is out now.. Click the title for details..

Depression: Sometimes, it is THAT BAD..

This is personal btw.. Not what I heard.. What I saw..

Suite 302/Carolinaware's Own are one..

New location for my 'home' barbershop. Read the post for details

I've walked that walk with someone..

Personal true story... Hope it helps someone.

The Foreign Exchange X New Music X So What If It Is...

New REMIX ALBUM coming 2/13/13 from them..Read posts for details..


If you don't know about Ms. Evans, GET FAMILIAR DAMMIT. She can SPIT.. Period.


Aka Mrs. Carolinaware's Own R.I.P. Rest In Power pretty gal..

Saturday, October 31, 2009

(video/highlights) You are cleared for take off- Shannon Brown

Damm fam...

I swear if Doc doesn't play this on the radio....Shizz Nitty- I Don't Like Her

Hit the pause button on the music up top and listen to Shizz's new song. It has hit written ALL OVER IT.

I see you over there fam...

Jay Z talks about Bean's song....

Just listen. This is a BRIEF answer to a random question. I wonder if he is going to talk more about it? I am sure he will 'cause he is going to keep getting asked.

Jay-Z answers Beanie Sigel from Olivier Guillemette ¨O.G.¨ on Vimeo.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sean Price

Just watch it...

Sean Price Is Right... from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Empire State Of Mind (ft. Alicia Keys)- Jay-Z video


Oh and here is the World Series performance. It is my understanding that if you are a DJ in Philly, you MIGHT NOT WANNA PLAY THIS..Thick Em's..I mean Alicia did the thing...

Is this how you are gonna keep us interested? @ Birdman

I know somebody out there agrees with him.....(Yawns) Here we go with this shit again. If I like one artist, I can't like another conquer and divide amongst ourselves shit..Yeah, this is JUST WHAT WE NEED.

Twitter Person of the Week- @Phenomentality

Or Vee as I call her. She is from that place where Phil Jackson is known to reside. Open country. Pure Native American (thank you Steph!). (Save the red dot or feather shit. She might give it to you verbally. For real.)

All around good person.

A Mother. (Beautiful babies!) Look at this pic. (Yes it is her. I won't post up the rest of the pics she put up but IT IS HER! Trust me.) I will let you digest that for a second. No celeb trainers. No lipo. Hard work and dedication. I have seen the vids.

A friend.

Deeply entrenched in her roots and it shows.

Loves hip-hop. I mean LOVES it. She hangs out with me from time to time at that uber snobby spot that I reference here OFTEN.

I have seen people use that Maya 'saying' in their name (Phenomenal Woman) over the years, especially over the Internet. She is one of the five that I would actually say 'Yeah, you can call yourself that. You truly are.."

Follow her:

Get to know her and her stunning sense of style here. Lots of pretty pics and stuff.:



(Whispers) She rides a bike. A BAD BIKE..This it here. Don't tell her I told you tho!


Beans on Hov. Told ya that Power House diss

was going to be important didn't I?

As you WELL know, I am probably one of the biggest Hov fans around. Still and all, I love good music. Beans did the thing on this one. I won't get into why he did the song 'cause frankly, I DON'T CARE. I don't know the inner workings of either his or Jay's side of the situation and while I like Jay more, I DO LIKE BEANS. A lot. I look at this just like he said in the song. He had something to say. So he said it. It is akin to maybe a fist fight between two artists as opposed to the standard (and UNCALLED FOR) way of the gun battle. There is emotion in the track and he BELIEVES that he is saying the truth and it comes across in the track. You can't ask for more than that.

I will say this. I HOPE THAT HOV responds AND keeps it in the same vain as Beans did.

Should be interesting.

One more thing to note.

This line right here...It is telling.

"Oh oh..and don't get it f*cked up. This ain't the green light for everybody to start making a 'diss Jay-Z' record. I still got love...Beans"

Average Cat- Beans (Hov Diss)


Here is a link to the interview he did with 'The God' this morning too. For those of you wondering why, it might clear things up for you. Link

He says he is not 'dissing' Jay'. In his own words.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It took the owner not the 0-6 record Jeff? Vince Young starting.

I mean, it took long enough. You are 0-6. You got SMASHED by the Pats and DID NOT SCORE.

Oh and Kerry, I know you aren't happy but if Vince had voiced his opinion about sitting down like you did today it would be all over the news.


I got 5.0 to work on my Storm!

I decided to give it one more GOOD crack before waiting for an update on it. I had read too many success stories (as well as failures) to not try it one more time. Everyone having issues with the 'freezing' seemed to have a couple of things in common.

They all had 'wiped' their phones, meaning they erased ALL SETTINGS and they did the same to the desktop managers. Which means the phone is set back to OES settings.

Everyone's phones were made in different places and DESIGNED (spec'd out) for different networks by either the provider or the user. Depending on the locale of the person. (Think global people. It is a global phone.) Anyhow, I got to thinking about how I had NO clue what my phone's mobile settings were on 'default' out the box. One would think it would be configured for here in the US seeing as though it is sold to Verizon (my provider). WRONG!- Charlie Murphy. Mine went to the global settings EVERY TIME. I don't know about everyone else's phones or how they are working. Just telling you about mine. The setting is important. If it is set on global, it will SEARCH FOR THE BEST SIGNAL. This puts stress on the phone. The phone, while obviously a global phone, trying to search for towers that don't exist here in the US is at its max. It freezes. BIG TIME. All the time. Like every 5 mins at a time. Sound familiar? @ those who have had this issue. I am not saying THIS IS THE FIX for all freezing. I am just telling you that I did this to mine and it cut it back significantly. (Watch now that I said that, something else will come up..lol)

Ubertwitter also would not allow me to go into portrait mode prior to this fix btw. So for those of you having issues getting Ubertwitter and the new update, this might be a fix for you too. It wouldn't let me log in or anything, which if you read the last blog post about this topic, is what was stopping me from updating to the OS.

Anyway, just wanted to share. This is useless to many of you 'cause you either have:

Have an I-Phone.
Don't upgrade your operating systems.
Or just don't really get what I am saying.

It is okay. We will all live. Just ignore the post.

Blackberry Tour 2 (yes already!) and BB Storm 2 commercial


Blackberry Storm 2 commercial

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jay-Z ft. Young Jeezy As Real As It Gets BET Live


Melanie Fiona "Subway Series (NYC)"

The girl Melanie doing her thing...

Cyphers, Em, Thought, Budden, Mos Def and more

in TWO SEPARATE cyphers....

Thought, Buckshot, Joe (yes I said Joe,KRS- One and Em....(Drops the mic and walks away..)

Still? Joe Buddens on yes, you guessed it....Tahiry

I don't even have to say anything about it. Just watch it. Three sides to every story. (Despite what he says, her counts.) I can't say that I don't understand what he is saying. I really can't. I am more questioning why this WAY. @ him explaining it.

Then again, I have been watching him and her so and so are you. I just hope he learns from the situation. Whatever there is to learn. Same for her. (Shrugs shoulders)

I just don't want to hear from people that they don't care. They do. As they should seeing as though they been going through this for five years. I am hearing whispers of it being fake (like everything is to people) but I don't see faking this type stuff. I just don't...

LMAO @ she's a great girl after calling her everything but a child of God

Just watch it. Wait 'till you hear how he REALLY FEELS....

His Mom kicked the truth to him to an extent about her and people. Only it is not that they change. It is who she is though. It is not her in her totality but it is her now. You see, people don't want to own up to other people being who they are. Whatever she showed him that he saw this time was shown to him before in some fashion I am sure. Maybe not DIRECTED at him (which is why he probably didn't see it.) but she showed him. He chose to ignore it/deal with it/whatever. Like everyone does. Like you are really supposed to as we all are human and flawed. (I will get into that here one day. Trust me. @ flawed. Hell, I AM FLAWED.) People like to wax philosophical about it being 'settling' and all that bullshit but the bottom line is this. No one is perfect. By perfect I don't mean lopsided shapes or maybe having a bad shoe habit. I mean that everyone is fucked up in some way. So I hope he took heed to that. I really do.

This is like a train wreck. I don't wanna watch but I can't help it at this point. Been watching this long.

You stay classy down there in Florida U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite

I can see my 'law student/grad/even lawyers' who don't 'like Obama RIGHT NOW. Let the 'interpretation' of the language of the words BEGIN! @ the 'loose interpretations' that will no doubt ensue do to this 'proclamation'. lol This will be GOOD!

I rarely get political here. Not due to lack of knowledge but rather due to lack of patience it takes to discuss politics. I am not really interested in changing anyone's mind like some people seem to be. @ the arguing down.

But this is SILLY. She wants it done as a 'formality'? Who the fuck does she think she is fooling with that shit? Fuck outta here. You don't want him to have it. Just say that shit and stop all the tomfoolery Ginny. Stop insulting our intelligence with this shit. Talk about wasting our time on shit that is not important..

She is citing an Article in the Constitution and the actions of a past President as her reasoning. And even that is bull. @ the last one..

What about what Teddy Roosevelt in 1906? What did he do? How did it come about? Lets find out shall we?

Here is what happened:

Roosevelt was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (not Noble) in 1906 for his work in the negotiations that led to the Treaty of Portsmouth ending the Russo-Japanese War in 1905. This made him the first American to win a Nobel Prize in any of the categories.

The Prize consisted of:

* a large gold medal,
* a diploma in a fancy case
* and a cash award.

He intended to give away the prize money explaining to his children that to accept it would be like taking money for saving a drowning man.

On January 8, 1907, he wrote to the Nobel Prize Committee:

"The medal and diploma will be prized by me throughout my life, and by my children after my death. I have turned over the money to a committee, including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and the Secretaries of Agriculture and Commerce and Labor, in trust, to be used as a foundation for promoting the cause of industrial peace in this country. In our modern civilization it is as essential to secure a righteous peace based upon sympathy and fair dealing between the different classes of society as it is to secure such a peace among the nations of the earth; and therefore I have felt that the use I have made of the amount of the Nobel Prize was one peculiarly in accordance with the spirit of the gift."

The Treaty of Portsmouth resolved the Russo-Japanese War and earned Theodore Roosevelt recognition by the Nobel Prize Committee.

Normally the Secretary of State would negotiate such delicate situations as this. But just prior to the negotiations Secretary of State, John Hay, the last cabinet holdover from McKinley's administration, died in July 1905. This single event creates a turning point in Theodore Roosevelt's presidency.
Hay was one of the two secretaries to Abraham Lincoln and a friend of TR's father. As a result Roosevelt couldn't, in good conscience, remove Hay as his Secretary of State. That prevented Roosevelt from pursuing his own diplomatic initiatives. However, when Hay died, Roosevelt took charge.

[Incidentally, John Hay would pay $100 for 6 strands of hair removed from Abraham Lincoln at the autopsy. The strands would be put in a ring and given to Roosevelt. He wore the ring at his inauguration.]

TR did not actually pick up the prize money (or the prize itself) until 1910, when he visited Europe after his African Safari. He did not feel right accepting the prize while he was in office. TR wore an old fashioned suit with a top hat when he went to get the award. He picked up the prize in Christiania, Norway, on May 5, 1910 and part of his speech to the Nobel Prize Committee is as follows:

"I think it eminently just and proper that in most cases the recipient of the prize should keep for his own use the prize in its entirety. But in this case, while I did not act officially as President of the United States, it was nevertheless only because I was President that I was enabled to act at all; and I felt that the money must be considered as having been given me in trust for the United States. I therefore used it as a nucleus for a foundation to forward the cause of industrial peace, as being well within the general purpose of your committee; for in our complex industrial civilization of today the peace of righteousness and justice, the only kind of peace worth having, is at least as necessary in the industrial world as it is among nations. There is at least as much need to curb the cruel greed and arrogance of part of the world of capital, to curb the cruel greed and violence of part of the world of labor, as to check a cruel and unhealthy militarism in international relationships."

TR's idea for an industrial peace foundation never came to be. By 1918 it was clear the the foundation would not go forward. Instead, during World War I, he donated the funds to war relief efforts.

In his book, "The Lion's Pride", Ed Renehan, Jr. writes,

"He made twenty-eight different donations of various amounts. A few of the gifts included $6,900 to the Red Cross; $5,000 to Eleanor for her Y.M.C.A. project; an additional $4,000 to the YMCA National War Work Council; and $1,000 to Edith's sister, Emily Carow, a volunteer with the Italian Red Cross at Porto Maurizo, Italy."


Now this US Rep. in Florida would have you believe that Congress asked him to do it and that he 'complied'. No. It is pretty clear what happened. THIS IS ONE OF THE EVENTS that she is citing as to why Barack should 'ask permission' to accept the award.

I hope that you are smart enough to figure out what is REALLY going on here..It is pretty clear what happened here...

Here is the Article that she is citing as the reason why he should have to ask...

Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution clearly states: 'no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince or foreign state.

It is the 'foreign state' part.

Here's the article:

Republican Reps. Ron Paul, Ginny Brown-Waite and Cliff Stearns have sent President Barack Obama a letter asking him to consult with Congress before accepting the Nobel Peace Prize he won last month.

Their press release states: "Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution clearly states: 'no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince or foreign state. I urge President Obama to affirm his devotion to our Constitution and seek the consent of Congress before accepting the award in Oslo, Norway, on Dec. 10.”

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Ron Paul is behind this one. I see you Ron. Keep that good ole disdain up and running! Ole sucker ass mofo...Now your ass wants to 'uphold' the Constitution. Cute.

Blackberry Storm update two days later....

After using the updated version for two days, I was able to get a better sense of it. Here is what I found out from my own personal experience with the system.

Let me first start off by saying that I tried to go to Verizon to have them do this for me. Up until this point, I had never installed an operating system before on a Blackberry so I did not want to jeopardize my Storm just 'cause 'I thought I knew everything." ya know? You know what I got? A piece of paper with a link to the site and 'You can do it!' from the sales rep. He did say that if I messed the Storm up, they would help me. (They better, I am still within my 90 days dammit..) So much for that sh#t. So I headed back home. Back to square one but at LEAST WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT IF I MESSED IT UP, they would fix it. So just getting the desktop manager on was going to be my first order of business. Took a lil while but I got that up and going.

Went to Verizon's site with the official like a ref's whistle link and got to cracking. It actually wasn't too bad of a process installing the software to the phone. It could be set up a little 'clearer' but all in all, it went okay.

Enough of that, I know you want to know about the actual operating system. Here is the good and the bad.

The Good:

It is FAST! Super fast. Browsing is the best I have seen yet. Scrolls like a dream. Not that mine didn't scroll better than most users I know because I have an update of the 4.7 version but I could I tell the difference.

As I stated in the initial post, the load up screen is different.

Different little icons here and there.

Threaded SMS (text messaging). I liked that.

The spell check feature has been enhanced. There is a line of words that come ON THE SCREEN in ticker like fashion as options to the word you want to type. Annoying at first BUT once you get used to it, it works lovely.

More responsive keying. Again, the parts that work do so EXTREMELY WELL.

The Bad

Now I know that most of these issues are with the apps themselves. Ultimately, it is on them to fix the bugs and stuff. HOWEVER, if RIM knows that people are using these phones to do certain things, you would THINK THAT THEY WOULD MAKE THEIR OPERATING SYSTEMS in a compromising way so that some of the apps would work. It is fairly obvious that people are using more than just RIM apps to use their BBs. Catering to that might BE A GOOD IDEA. Just saying..

Now the bad. It is bad too. Sorry. I am not a SUPER DUPER GEEK with time to just 'deal with' things like the following:

Having to do a battery pull every 15 mins or when I try a 'new' function on my phone. I should NOT HAVE TO DO THIS. This is not normal. I liken it to people who like jail and think it is strange that others 'can't adapt'. If you think for one minute that PULLING THE BATTERY outta your phone is normal, you are an idiot. Maybe once or twice a day I can see. It might freeze up if you are doing too much. Too much memory for the day. Whatever. Okay cool. But every time I try out one of my old Apps to try and 'get it right'? Are you serious? No way. I will wait for them to fix all of that. It is a PHONE FIRST. I can't have it freezing while I am calling people. Freezing when I am entering text. Which is something it RARELY DID ON THE 4.7.148 I was running prior to that. Sure I got the lil 'hour glass' thing every once in awhile. Sure I didn't like that. I like that A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN IT FREEZING UP PERIOD THOUGH. Let me tell you that.

Apps keep disappearing. Yes, there is a way for you do it so that it won't happen. Or fix it. Here is my issue though. WHY THE F#$# DO I HAVE TO DO IT LIKE THAT? You gave me a Desktop manager, told me to plug it in and it would download what I need. Now you are telling me about procedure and stuff? Really? So why is that not in the Desktop's laundry list of instructions on what to do? Why does the downloader take off Apps that are compatible with the operating system to begin with? Why are you rolling on a product that is not finished?

I can't Twitter with it yet. Ubertwitter will probably come out with an update soon but in the meantime, I have to use the web? Yeah, I am doing that from my smartphone. Picture that sh#@. It won't validate the account and the portrait mode for it and any other Twitter app I tried REFUSES to work. At all. If I wanted to hold my device vertically, I would have bought a Tour. Period. I mean it was sitting right there waiting for me. lol

Facebook/ BB Messenger disappears. Again, there is a 'remedy' but why I am having to deal with the cat and mouse games of putting these Apps back on. (No, it isn't as simple as just going back to download them again, trust me on this...)

I guess this is why I never really bothered with all of this update nonsense. I will have to start treating this like I do everything else. Let the new stuff come out, watch everyone else go through the mess, let them fix it and THEN get it. @ the updates on operating systems. I kinda forgot that. That is the reason I am so late getting this phone to begin with AND it was working pretty well for me before the update.

So am I saying don't get the update? No. I am not actually. I am saying that it is not for me 'cause I like using my device AS IS right now. If I can't have it like that when I 'upgrade', what am I really upgrading? Now some snobby lil user is going to see this and hit me with a line like "So what you can't use your camera, it is the sacrifice you make when you want a faster system" or some sh#t like that. You only get half a bar.- Hov

I will be waiting for the next update to see if THESE issues get resolved. I am confident one will come out too 'cause they are going to have to keep present Storm owners who are locked in happy until they can get a Storm 2. There will be no Storm 2 customers (not that many anyway) if they screw the Storm owners over 'cause they will get loud about it. So yeah, more updates will come. I firmly believe that.

So needless to say, I have spent the past two days REALLY looking into the whole history/etc/etc of the operating systems and which is the best for me. For now. I have learned a lot. Since I am not too afraid to mess with the phone, I found out some things about memory and stuff. I even 'bricked' the phone and found out how to bring it back. So I guess all is not lost in this experience. It made me love my Storm even more (with its OG operating system that it came with when I bought it. Still don't know all but I am learning...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We have forgiven people for more..Chris Brown- I Can Transform You

ft. Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz (video)

Some highlights of Week 7..NFL

We won the game but DAMM IF WILLIAM GAY didn't pay for it...Granted, he is a DB and Adrian is only doing what he is supposed to do. He runs over James Farrior/James Harrison or someone like that? Give me a call. @ those taking the shit TOO FAR. Oh did I mention WE WON THE FUCKING GAME? We did. Special shout out to those in my barbershop who said he would 'run all over us'. One of ya'll has him on your fantasy team right? I am SURE I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU HIS NUMBERS, now do I? I'mma do it anyway just in case you start doing that 'fuzzy math' and try to combine his TOTAL yards. You said rushing. Over a buck. WELL OVER A BUCK at that. Here are his stats for the game:

18 carries for 69 yards. That's not a buck. Certainly not a buck fifty. And now I HAVE IT ARCHIVED. On the Net. So the next time you mention our D and him, remember this. But he had ONE HELLUVA RUN HERE. I will give him that. He caught a body and we caught a whole team. @ his run and us winning. Next!!!!!!

The rest of the highlights from the game..Defense.

Dear Jeff Reed:
I am sure you hit that paper towel dispenser harder than you tried to hit Percy on that return. Wow. Percy is translating well to the League. I like it. He got introduced to it right about...

Oh by the way, if Chester had caught that pass, he was going get toe tagged anyway. @ those whining about him not catching it. He missed it so....Yeah..Coulda...woulda..shoulda...

When are we going to NY, I heard one of you say? Okay. Against the Raiders. (side eye) Aren't the Raiders YOUR TEAM THOUGH? Anyway, here ya go...

Prayers out to Leon too. (He is on my fantasy team to boot..)

Saints/Dolphins...If my team had not been playing the Vikings, this would have been my game of the week. Helluva game. I caught it on a replay.

There was a Reggie Bush sighting in this game as well as a RICKY WILLIAMS OF OLD. @ the runs. This was a fun game and as you can see the Saints aren't playing. They were down in this game.

I won't be doing all the games. Sorry. lol

Monday, October 26, 2009

So I installed that update on my Storm @ 5.0

NOW THIS IS THE WAY THEY INTENDED THE PHONE TO COME OUT. It is WAY WAY WAY FASTER. Maybe I was so jaded by all the 'complaints' about the 4.7 that I just lowered my expectations but this is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT. You can run multiple apps with no problem. Download speed is improved. All the things that I put on that list in the 'other post' (HERE) are there. As promised. I am sure that the those new Storm 2 users should be very happy. I know I am happier with my device right now and I wasn't really 'unhappy' with it before.

They even replaced the 'blank screen' with the blue bar on it with a black screen with 'Blackberry' across it in white with a white bar for the 'boot' up screen. Which looks WAY MORE professional.

Hopefully, if you JUST bought the phone, the store installed it for you.


My boy Redz is in trouble AGAIN. Dang Redz

This is time it is the lady in his life. Oh boy...


The wife of Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West, Kimmie, filed a domestic violence report over the weekend, according to WOIO 19 News.

West and his wife reportedly got into an argument Saturday at their apartment. From the Channel 19 report:

The two reportedly fought at their apartment when Delonte tried to take her wedding ring off. [Kimmie] West left their home and headed to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport [after] she filed a domestic violence report.

Good News for Blackberry Storm/Storm 2 owners/purchasers

First thing. The Storm 2 is due out Weds. So all the talk will cease as you will be able to buy the new Storm NOW.

Second news is for existing Storm users. The operating system that is on the new Storm is available for the old one. What the big deal? Click the link below. Here are some tidbits from the article.


Enhancements in BlackBerry OS 5.0 include tabbed web browsing, flagged emails, and a greatly improved Maps application.

With this upgrade, the original Storm runs the same operating system version as the BlackBerry Storm2, which will be released on Wednesday.

Get it Now
Users of this Blackberry can update their smartphones to the new OS 5.0 software directly off RIM's website, through the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, or from Verizon Wireless' download site.

There is no charge.

Here are some more things it will do for you if you decide to upgrade the OES

-Significant improvements in rotation detection and screen painting have been introduced in this software.
-Device displayed a white bar at the bottom of the screen after a rotation event.
-When setting a custom SMS tone for a single contact, this tone may playback unexpectedly for SMS’ received from other contacts.
-When swiping down the virtual keyboard in an MMS message the send and save draft icons did not appear as expected.
-When viewing an SMS there was no simple way to call the current user. Now the user can select the number from the Callback Number field or from the message body and call that number from the pop up menu.
-The delete prior function has the unwanted side-effect of triggering the compose email screen.
-The user cannot configure their profile settings to increase the number of alerts when being notified of an event such as incoming SMS or email.
-Previous software versions did not allow the user to increase the count of notifications (i.e. Beep 5 times when when I get an email and beep 3 times when I get an sms). In this software, this is now allowed with counts from 1-10.
-When trying to set a home screen background of a certain resolution (more specifically a resolution matching either the width or the height of the native resolution of the LCD) it may have appeared as a black screen.
-When trying to edit/create a folder, the virtual keyboard did not render to allow the user to enter the names of said folders.
-Intermittently, when streaming a video while doing a handover to 2G on a 3G network the video would stop playing.
-If you paused a video recording and then resumed, the icon state may not have reflected the current recording state.
-After recoding a video of a certain size (7M) the saved video may be corrupted and unplayable.
-During manual network selection, the radio buttons associated with the networks did not render as expected.
-When moving out of coverage your device display for no coverage may have been inconsistent.
-During voice calls, your device may have reset on a rare occasion.
-After viewing and accepting the End User Licensing Agreement of the App World application the application doesn’t startup (fixes introduced in the latest version of App World).
-On some rare occasions, the device may reset on its own during a voice call or while idle.
-During an MTP side load of 16GB of music, the device would leak memory and stop the transfer at ~75%.
-During device full boot-up, the progress bar skips from 0% complete to ~66% complete instead of showing a gradual progression (Note: from 66% to 100% it does show a gradual progression).

I never seen a man cry 'till I seen a.....-Scarface

Now I know PLENTY OF PEOPLE who love this song. If you don't know the song, go find it. Actually, it is IN THE PLAYLIST UP TOP. Go find it there and play it.


He HAD A MESSAGE. It is about time to revisit said message.

As you were.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shizz Nitty- Del State Homecoming...

The boys over at OT doing their thing!! A little behind the scenes footage and then some live footage.

Performing Rep Your Set, Man Down, and some of his other hits...They bought the boy Sap The Beat Man out to do 'Ten Freaky Girls' as well, his hit with Freeway.

You will probably see more footage from this concert during the week as it 'pops up'..Stay tuned. There may be some more surprises...

It is Sunday...You might not wanna click on this 'till Monday

For those of you who are in the club Saturday and back at church on Sunday. The rest of you? Enjoy it. (I won't get too religious on you but I will say this. The God I know of ALWAYS KNOWS YOUR THOUGHTS so refraining from doing something for one day that you are gonna do tomorrow is..well...you get the picture. Just saying...)

Per her Twitter:

Omg!!!! Go to mutha fucken www.worldstarhiphop.com n check out our new video!!

As you were tho...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A 'different' MasterCard commercial. Oldie but goodie

I know most of my friends who stay on the computer have seen this joint but some of you have not..

Saudi journalist sentenced to 60 lashes..

I don't even wanna make jokes about this 'cause her situation is all types of beat up. I will say this though. If the law did shit like this HERE when someone truly messed up, mofos might think twice about doing things. Just saying...


(CNN) -- A Saudi court sentenced a female journalist Saturday to 60 lashes for her work on a controversial Arabic-language TV show that aired an episode in which a man bragged about his sex life, two sources told CNN.

The court in Jeddah also imposed a two-year travel ban on Rosanna Al-Yami, according to a Saudi Information Ministry official, who could not be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media. The ban prevents her from traveling outside Saudi Arabia.

This official identified Al-Yami as a fixer, who helps journalists obtain stories, and a coordinator for Lebanese Broadcasting Corp., the network that aired "A Thick Red Line," a popular show on social taboos.

On one episode, a Saudi man, Mazen Abdul Jawad, bragged about sex and got into trouble with Saudi authorities for his boasts. Abdul Jawad was put on trial and sentenced to five years in prison and 1,000 lashes.

Suleiman Al-Jumeii, the attorney who represents Abdul Jawad, also confirmed the sentence against Al-Yami, saying he believes she is the first Saudi journalist ever to be sentenced to lashes.

While the charges include involvement in preparing the program, she was not involved in setting up the episode in which Abdul Jawad appeared, the lawyer said.

Al-Jumeii doesn't represent Al-Yami, but he said he is keeping tabs on all aspects of cases dealing with "A Thick Red Line." The lawyer is attempting to pursue an appeal for his client and get his case heard in a special court that deals only with media matters.

CNN has attempted to get comments from Al-Yami and her attorney.

Abdul Jawad, a 32-year-old airline employee and divorced father of four, spoke openly about his sexual escapades, his love of sex and losing his virginity at age 14 on "A Thick Red Line."

That episode caused an uproar in deeply conservative Saudi Arabia, where Shariah, or Islamic law, is practiced. Premarital sex is illegal, and unrelated men and women are not permitted to mingle.

Saudi authorities shut down the Lebanese network's offices in Jeddah and Riyadh after the interview aired a few months ago. Abdul Jawad was arrested shortly after the program aired and charged with violating Saudi Arabia's crime of publicizing vice.

Blackberry Smart Watch???

Oh wow. This looks good!

Some of the things it does..

# It's designed by a new BlackBerry-dedicated accessory company.
# It features an OLED screen for clearly visible text and solid battery life.
# It shows notifications and message previews

Peep the article here:


Powerhouse: Bean's set. You are gonna wanna look

'cause you are going to hear about what he said ALL WEEKEND..And what Hov said too..

Blogger's Note: I see some editing is going on. @ original video. I put that up around 7 am or so THE DAY AFTER (Saturday) the event and it was up in its entirety. So I have put up another vid from that source of sources as a back up. They seem to have the whole vid. Not that I blame the original poster if he was told to edit. I don't. At all. I am just not sure how long he will have it up at all. Also, he made the Hov response private so....

Shoutout to @ITSBIZKIT for the footage.

Delaware State Homecoming 10/24/09-Shizz Nitty

For those of you in the Tri-State area who have been living under a rock, Shizz is performing 10/24 at Del State's homecoming.

Time: 8 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Event: Student Concert - Featuring Trey Songz, Fabolous, Nicki Minaj, Shizz Nitty & TCB
Student After Party – “DSU After Dark”
Location: Gymnasium, Memorial Hall
Ticket Price: General Admission: $50

Note: Tickets for the Student Concert must be purchased at the Ticket Office. They are not available online.

Pretty Boy Floyd...video with the real Rick Ross.


Friday, October 23, 2009

The Denver Pistons...I mean Nuggets trying to get

'physical' with the defending champs..

Courtesy of Jose3030

The boy Dave Chappelle on Depression

Just listen to him..

The links have been dying left and right so catch it now...

App Error 200..A fix...I think...

Full article here:


Here is a piece of the article..

BlackBerry handsets are great for emailing and messaging, but as with anything electrical, they can sometimes go wrong. One of the more common error messages that seems to come up is “App Error 200″. It still puzzles me why the manufacturers can’t make these error messages a little bit more helpful and actually explain what’s gone wrong – at least then it would be a bit easier to work out how to fix it. Fortunately though, “App Error 200″ is usually fixed with a straight forward firmware update/reinstall.

The error is caused by an installed application failing and damaging the BlackBerry Operating system in the process. The fix is to simply erase and reinstall the operating system to your phone. This sounds difficult but isn’t too hard in practice. It’s something you can do yourself on your home PC using BlackBerry Desktop Manager. If you don’t feel confident in doing this yourself then you can take it to a BlackBerry repair centre and they’ll carry the repair out for you, but you might have to wait a couple of weeks for them to do it and if you’re out of warranty you’ll probably have to pay for it.

In most cases, the 12 steps listed below should get your handset working again & the process is exactly the same if you want to upgrade your firmware to a newer version.

Before you start though I’d recommend that you check the following:

* The battery in your BlackBerry handset is fully charged.
* You have downloaded and installed the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager – Download now from the BlackBerry Website.
* You have downloaded the latest version of the BlackBerry firmware – Download now from the BlackBerry Website*.
* If you’re working off a laptop, make sure your laptop is connected to a power supply.
* You have the correct data cable for your phone.

*Internet Explorer is needed to download latest version of BlackBerry Firmware. BlackBerry Desktop Manager isn’t an essential part of the process, but it will make managing your device a lot easier.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the latest versions, it’s time to start updating your phone. You’ll need to be patient though, as this isn’t the fastest process in the world and it will take some time to erase everything and then reinstall the software. When I ran through it for this post it took around 45 minutes on a BlackBerry Curve 8310 upgrading to on a PC running Windows XP SP3...

More at the link above..

Rape Victims denied insurance??? Say what?

Oh this just...I mean....Man GTFOH with this mess.

So a woman in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Oh I have your attention now huh?)was basically drugged and taken advantage of by two men. She reported it and was given anti AIDS meds. Insurance took care of it and all of that. So she is cool right? WRONG- Charlie Murphy. Months later, after seeking new health insurance (and subsequently dropping the old coverage or losing it), she faced a whole new set of challenges. They denied her insurance because she had been issued the anti AIDS medicine.

I guess it 'makes sense' but it is REALLY FOUL. I mean, here she was doing her civic duty to report the assault, 'cause that is what you are supposed to do. She is medically cleared (yes, I know that it take up to year or longer to show up. I get that) and WAS INSURED at the time of that she was given medicine for the very disease that had her taking the medicine to begin with. Here's the article. It is a lot more clear and concise than I am being right now. Please excuse me as I am BAFFLED as to how this allowed to happen and just how do the people in charge thinks THIS HELPS.


A piece from the article:

Christina Turner feared that she might have been sexually assaulted after two men slipped her a knockout drug. She thought she was taking proper precautions when her doctor prescribed a month's worth of anti-AIDS medicine.

Only later did she learn that she had made herself all but uninsurable.

Turner had let the men buy her drinks at a bar in Fort Lauderdale. The next thing she knew, she said, she was lying on a roadside with cuts and bruises that indicated she had been raped. She never developed an HIV infection. But months later, when she lost her health insurance and sought new coverage, she ran into a problem.

Turner, 45, who used to be a health insurance underwriter herself, said the insurance companies examined her health records. Even after she explained the assault, the insurers would not sell her a policy because the HIV medication raised too many health questions. They told her they might reconsider in three or more years if she could prove that she was still AIDS-free.

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/21/insurance-companies-rape-_n_328708.html

Thought I would never live to see this day. Presidential Portrait

I need not say anymore other than I wish my Nan Mama was here to see this.

Dear Celebrities:

Did you get the memo? No guns on you. That is what that big ole entourage that you have is for. Yes, I know back in the 'hood', you could carry with impunity. You are not there anymore. PEOPLE KNOW YOU. You can't 'talk' your way outta those charges. Or buy your way outta them either. I would say this applies to regular citizens too but I don't have any examples right in front of me. All I know is that three young men have gotten hemmed up in NY over gun charges by a prosecutor DEAD SET ON MAKING AN EXAMPLE OUT OF ALL THEM. One just got outta jail and was DEPORTED pretty much before even touching the ground good. (He is on his way out as we speak. All that needs to be done is for the paperwork.) One SHOT HIMSELF and got a charge ANYWAY. As if he had not done ENOUGH damage physically. The most recent one just got sentenced to a do at least eight months to a year for a gun that it looks like he only 'touched'. (My boy says he was framed. Which is possible...)

Moral of the story? Don't get caught with a gun in NY. I am guessing that other state's DAs will be following suit. Especially when the target is 'us'.

You can't say nobody told you. Those three cases should have told you and now so have I.

Hire a person who is allowed to carry state to state. It is SO MUCH EASIER. Forget some dude is screaming over the Internet, at some club you may NEVER COME BACK TO, or some social event about you need to keep it 'real'. 'Cause right now you are keeping it real aight. Real dumb locked the fuck up. I know ALL OF YOU ARE WISHING YOU HAVE A REDO ON THOSE SITUATIONS, aren't you? So do I. The reality is, you cannot. Hopefully someone else will learn from your mistakes.

Why am I not getting on T.I.? Is it because I like his music? No. His situation, while DEFINITELY NOT THE CORRECT WAY TO HANDLE IT, was a little different. Shyne WAS involved in a shootout that did not have to happen AND other people were already busting. He could have left. Wayne was on a Tour bus and from the looks of it, appears to have only 'handled' the gun since there was 'minimal' DNA found on the weapon. Plax Cheddar Bob'd himself. T.I. was on a a legit hit list and people on that list were already dead. I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing. Up until that point, he kept his burners in the house after catching his other charges (or at least he didn't get caught) I don't have a 15 million dollar lawyer though so I can't say I would have only gotten a year but hey. Even in his case though, at this point in his career, hiring someone with a permit to carry all over might be best. I truly believe that.

Part 1: Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week- Honeybabii

Hails from: The North East. (A couple of those pics where taken in Philly so...)

Tweeting style: Fun loving mixed with some real life ish..

Friendly factor: High

This is a person that I follow on Twitter who tweets on a pretty regular basis. She cuts a fool when she is on and isn't afraid to tell you about yourself. So BEWARE. Doesn't have a ton of followers but I am thinking that is by CHOICE. Scroll down and I think you might get a better understanding as to why I would say that. Recently became a mother (which I think RIGHTFULLY cuts into her tweeting time) but still finds time to drop us a line or three.

Follow her HERE:

Twitter Person of the Week- HumanityCritic

This is a person whose work that you have seen in Vibe and in other publications. I won't say his 'writing' name though. Just follow him on Twitter. If you have ANYTHING meaningful/worthwhile to say, he will respond. Just give him a minute as he is a pretty popular person. Very engaging. He is VERY WELL VERSED in the subjects of politics, sports, music and life in general. Will provide the occasional comedic relief through the lost art of satire, which I like a lot. He is my friend on Twitter so follow him.

Oh, I almost forgot. He has an AWARD WINNING BLOG dating back to 2004. The Nappy Diatribe aka The Daily Throatchop.

Follow him on Twitter HERE:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In case you thought I was bsing about the Storm 2..

Lookie what the good folks at Crackberry.com have unearthed up on their site. (My screenshot skills suck. Sorry. I woulda done it myself last night when I was on the site myself.) Now if that isn't confirmation enough for you that SOMETHING is about to happen then I don't know what to tell ya.


You will see this in your local barbershop SOON. Rosa Acosta

XXL EYE CANDY OF THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER. I expect to see this on Chan's side of the shop by the time I get back up in that piece.


What you are missing on Twitter..Glo Velez..

In case you aren't on Twitter and don't follow "Glo Worm" as I like to call her.


One of the writers of the "MTV List" speaking on it..

I mean it was an opinionated list that used fan voting and such. I didn't agree with the list totally so you see what I did. No need to diss them about it though.

Know Your Audience OJ..Booed in NYC

I almost feel bad for the boy. I mean anybody can get booed so...You KNOW THIS WILL END UP IN A JEEZY SONG don't you???

I hope this doesn't start to become a trend. I think it was pretty known that he was on the bill so if you didn't want to see him perform this might have been the time to hit the bar or some shit.

Now I am NO OJ DA JUICEMAN fan but damm..

Like Hov and Keys said though..."in Neeeewwwww Yoooorrrk...."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

C'mon Amy. The game needs you. Keep it up.

Amy Winehouse...

Click here for the pics and stuff..

Mya is doing her thing on Dancing With The Stars

She is killing 'em but the one judge is being EXTRA hard.

The Clipse 'Freestyle'

This clip is gonna cause all types of controversy but the lyrics are OLD(er). It is from the 'Till The Casket Drops Mixtape when they went over The Game's "Big Dreams" (More like made it their own song 'cause they killed it.) Nonetheless, we will NOW be making a big deal about it..lol (Sense the sarcasm?) Before you trip, I love The Clipse. So I could care less if they diss him. I know he will come back and hell they will have fun with it. I mean they pretty much 'said' who they are talking about.

"And I could care less if Jay say it. Its too political when Jay say it. He play the game. Just instant replay it...The best duo ever...."

Shyne being deported/Rick Ross and more

It is looking Shyne will be deported after all. I know we are not surprised right? I mean they took him into custody IMMEDIATELY and we all knew the guidelines for those with his standing as far as being a 'citizen'. I won't post links. I am sure you will be hearing about it soon enough 'officially'.

Rick Ross's interview.

Baby's take on Jay-Z being #1...

TropicalTV: with Birdman from TropicalTV on Vimeo.

And THE MAN himself, performing...Hov

10.17.09 Jay-Z @ KeyArena from TAC VID on Vimeo.

You will know I hit the lottery when you see me in...

this beast. 'Cause I would RUN to the dealership and get it. And pay to skip up on the list.

Porsche Panamera

Coupled with this and I would be GOOD..

Motorola Droid Phone Review: Google Android 2.0

Link to article below:

Looking to buy this phone here? Here is a mini review for you. I wish everyone would stop saying 'I-Phone' killer every time a phone comes out or that they would let go of their 'hate' for the I-Phone. It is a phone PEOPLE! Shit..You either buy it or you don't. It is that simple. That said...

"The Motorola Droid Phone that will be available on the Verizon network by the end of the month will come with the much talked about Google Android 2.0 OS. BGR has already spent a little time with the phone and thought they would offer a mini review; the in-depth review will come later.

The Droid phone has a slim design, although slightly thicker than the iPhone 3GS. However, we have to remember that the Droid does have a QWERTY-slider, making it the thickest handset of its kind. BGR believe that this is the fastest Android smartphone they have used; this surely has something to do with running on Android 2.0 and its TI OMAP3430 processor.

The capacitive display is a dream to use, BGR admit that it is the best screen that they have seen or used on an Android phone. The unit that they have is not final, so its QWERTY keyboard with soft-touch rubberized keys could change in the final production model.

This is the most impressive Google Android phone to-date; Verizon and Motorola have done a great job. The phone will not hurt iPhone 3GS sales, but Apple will now be looking over its shoulder, wondering what the second generation of this phone will be like."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trap Or Die 2- Young Jeezy/Young Dro R.I.P Mixtape

After you listen to it a couple of times, let me know what you think...


The Clipse- I'm Good (Remix) ft. Rick Ross


Young Dro (Don Cannon)


Hits, runs, catches and returns.

Dante Wesley hit on Clifton Smith

His ass is lucky he only got one game even though he says 'No fair catch was called'.

More on it HERE:

Eddie Royal

More Broncos highlights

Pats highlights. (Dear Lendale White: Less Towel stomping and shit talking, more playing. Tell Keith the same thing...Ya'll got YOUR ASS KICKED)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pigeon stays in his lane on kickoff coverage...

He could teach a player or two about how to cover a kick. Philly looked past these dudes.

Alecia Moore A.K.A Pink. FHM pics

I mean its Pink. I don't give a damm what she said about Kayne. Its Pink. How can you not like Pink?

(Video) Eww @BlakeGriffin...@ Dunk

Dunk vs. the Lakers

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cormega on 'things'...

I don't agree with most of what he said actually but I do like him as a rapper. Then again, I don't like what A LOT OF MY FAVORITE MCs say when they aren't rapping and since peer pressure went out in the third fucking grade with me, what he is saying or how he feels won't move me one way or the other. I DO KNOW SOME PEOPLE that will say is 100 percent correct though. So this is for you. Here you go. He had some points. Maybe I have an issue with how he said it. I don't know. I am sure he could clarify if given the opportunity. (Hint hint..nudge...push if he is out there)

Listen to the video and see if you CAN GET PAST HIM BEING A LEGENDARY MC and actually HEAR THE CONTRADICTION. 'Cause it is there in a major way...I'll wait..

Twitter Person of the Week: WPDDigital

One of my boys from Philly, he KEEPS me in stitches on Twitter. He is a great follow and we have some of the same 'fam' on Twitter.

As you can see he is a fun dude.

Get at him ya'll.


Part 2: Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week: Trish

AKA...Ms.PrettyLilRed From the home of The Jacksons (Gary Indiana) but now lives in Arkansas. Does tweet back but just not to bullshit.

She has a great sense of humor. Go see if she lives up to her myspace name. (It is on her Twitter profile.)


Twitter her here:

See the update of Part 1 here. Her Twitter HAS BEEN ADDED.

I mean I could save my followers/people I am following but I almost have a 1000. Trust me, I have no shortage of people to put here. Believe me! It won't hurt if I put two at a time up. lol Thanks for your concern tho!

1 of 8 girls pregnant at Chi-town school...

The title speaks for itself. Just watch.