Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dear Coach Tomlin: (Open Letter)

If we are going to go back and even have a SHOT at doing what you are doing in that picture below we need to do some things. I know it is only Week 3 so I am willing to cut you some slack. Still and all....

Find out what is up with Jeff Reed:

I don't know. Send him on a bar binge. Get him some more groupies. Let him get in a bar fight. DO SOMETHING THOUGH 'cause Jeff seems to have lost his mojo.

The Red Zone Offense:

I can't even begin to put my finger on what the REAL issue is. Last year, I thought it was the line. No. They are doing their job. I suspect it is play calls/and the lack of a TRUE shortage runner. We had one in training camp but it appears you won't be bringing him back. Fine. Find SOMEONE TO DO THE JOB. 'Cause right now, from the couch, I know the play call, the side, who is getting it and what gaps to fill to stop it. If I know then IMAGINE what opposing DC's know???

That blitzing in the middle of the field shit while playing a soft zone:

Cut that out. We are getting MURDERED on that shit. People know we blitz. We don't hide it. We don't try to confuse it very well. We just come. It might be time to cut that out. We are very predictable on third and long. Blitz up the gut, soft shell on the outside, MIDDLE WIDE OPEN. And it is costing us. A LOT.

Let Mike Wallace get more involved:

Not that I don't love Limas, 'cause I do. He is costing us 'opportunities'. Dropping balls and such on SURE TDS. Unacceptable. I know that you can't kill the man's confidence 'cause we might need him but Mike is BALLIN'.

Keep Troy over there with you 'till he is ready:

Again, it is Week 3. I don't want him hurt long term so I don't want you forcing him back out there if he is not ready. Regardless as to what I am typing here.

Big Ben:

I love his play. I know we are trying not to stifle him. I can dig it. We might need some wrinkles in the plays that allow him to 'adjust on the fly' so he doesn't hold on to the rock too long. Again, the line is playing great in my opinion. So it is not them. It is the playcalling and the holding of the ball. When he holds it and it works, IT IS GREAT. When it doesn't, it is usually the reason why we lose.

I heard you say that you know last season was last season. I respect that. You have to let that carry over in the playing calling though fam. We are getting beat by teams at our own game. The 'hang around and steal it at the end/wear that ass down' game. Lets get back to our type of football please. Thanks.

I am not going to stop being a fan or no shit like that so don't take this that way. I just want us to win like you do. That's all.