Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shizz Nitty & OT Records Presents: The Monroe Monster

The boy Shizz and his crew OT Records are working hard on their craft I see. I have been waiting to see if they could do it again. Of course I WANT them to succeed so that is not it. I was waiting with GOOD anticipation. Don't get it twisted. They did not disappoint me with this new offering called the Monroe Monster. The name is an ode to notorious "Nickel"(5th St.and Monroe St)on the WestSide of Wilmington, Delaware (for those of you not familiar with the area) Hence the name, the Monroe Monster. Don't you worry though, the Monroe Monster (A.K.A. Shizz Nitty) is linked up all over the city as is the rest of his crew, as they all hail from different parts of Wilmington. So this is not a 'set' tape. This is for everyone in the city. Lets be clear on that early as to not get it misconstrued. Wilmington and the WHOLE STATE for that matter, is TOGETHER in this and full out supports the boy and his crew.

I did my usual thing I do with tapes when I get 'em. Took some separate listens. Mixed it in with the other joints on my regular rotation. Banged it in the whip. Got a good feel for it. It fit right in. Which for me is HOW I JUDGE WHETHER OR NOT I can get with music. The tape was made by the boy wonder DJBran. Crisp and seamless blends which I LOVE. I can't stand a 'dj' that can't blend. No USE FOR 'EM. You are just playing records to me if you are making mixtapes and you can't do that. Everything is of good quality and you can see the progression of everyone involved in this project. Which is important to me. Growth. You should always grow. OT is doing that.

My favorite track on this whole joint is 'STAND UP MAN ft. Shizz Nitty. Period. That 'reflective' ish is my lane and Shizz does it well! There is also a couple of area classic records on here that will give you a lil backdrop as how the OT has been putting it down. These are records that you will hear in EVERY club in this area with the patrons reciting the lyrics word for word. Witty word play, some thuggin, and some common sense is the order of the day as far as lyrics go. They are not preaching to you but they are not on their Charles Manson either. The tape's content supplies a good mix of joints on it. Nobody dies every record but Chuck50, Shawn Bone and the crew make sure they get their point across which I don't have any issue with. At all. That's life. Hence the reason why I like 'Stand Up Man' so much. So is partying which the OT crew seems to have down really well (I know. I have partied with 'em and that is how it goes down. Ya dig?) and the party joints show that. Something here for everyone I believe on this tape. I dare you to not listen to this tape without repeating SOMETHING FROM IT. Whether it be "Man down...Code 10....." or "I'mma stand up man....". They make some bangers for sure.

This is a must have mixtape and should be available REAL soon HERE: Meanwhile, feel free to check out the rest of their offerings at that link. You will find out quick that they have been putting it down for a minute.

Track listing:

Front Cover:

In the meantime and between time though....Here is some footage from the release party for The Monroe Monster. Check the boy Chuck50 speaking in his new shit. Reality Rap. Coming soon. Another MAJOR player in the game is in this video too just to show you it is not a game.

One more MINOR/MAJOR detail. The boy Sap has a MAJOR MAJOR partner that I keep not mentioning. My bad Jahlil of Jahlil Beats. I know you are a MAJOR part of what is going on and that you and Sap are blood. Apologies on that my man.


Hey, good looking out for the music. I'm not a myspace person, but my wife and I listened to Sox In Da Air from the twiturm link/site. I'd like to hear some more, particularly the jam you referenced, Stand Up Man.

I will always form my own opinion, but I have to say, I like how you listen to music and I respect your knowledge and opinion on these tracks.

I guess, what I'm sayin' is, How Can I Be Down? LOL I'll be checking for more from OT Records. Tell them I hope they do big things. It's nice to see someone outside the usual spots coming up and doing good works.