Monday, August 17, 2009

Our country and its gun laws: 'Open Carry'...

So as you probably have read by now, a protester showed up with an assault rifle to one of the President's town hall meetings. It happened in New Hampshire last week as well as this week in Phoenix....

Now there are laws on the books that require 'no permit' for you to do such things in many states. BUT these same states require you to have a permit to conceal said weapon. Interesting. I mean, I think I understand the spirit in allowing 'open carry' but it is the 'lack of a permit' that kinda disturbs me a tad. I admittedly don't know TOO much about the subject but I did find a place that lets you know a lot about what can and can't be done HERE: TRUST ME, I am over here learning stuff by the minute.

Now said person did no harm to the President and did not pose a threat in either case. It is still very interesting though.

Here's a map of where you can carry and how you can carry.

If you go HERE, you can actually click on that map and see what each state's laws in depth (to the best of the site's ability) and find out even more.

Even if you DON'T AGREE with the site or its intent, you MIGHT WANT TO FIND OUT what is going in your neck of the woods. You might even find out you have some rights that you did not know about yourself.


I support your right to publish this blog, but it is the 'lack of a permit' that kinda disturbs me a tad.

All bloggers should be licensed by the government and your first few posts approved by the govenment befire they go live on the internent just in case you might say somthing illegal.

Seriously, i'm just kidding. think of it this way - open carry is the right - most states require not license for it. Think of it like pubishing a newspaper or walking down the road - Su[preme court has said you cannot be required to have a license for these activities.

Also, please replace your map with my map at Only the green states require a license.

Thank you for the clever and informative response. (I am still laughing...OUT LOUD EVEN)

I checked out your map. It is what I was originally looking for information wise so BAM. There you go. Thank you for that AND THANK YOU FOR EVEN RESPONDING.

For those wonder 'who' the person is who made that comment up top, he is THE OWNER OF THE SITE I AM CITING @ maps and links.

That is why I published the comment (I have control over what can and cannot be published and honestly don't publish a lot of comments on the reg.) I took no offense to it so don't go off on him. lol. It is okay.