Sunday, July 12, 2009

I know you have seen the Towel in the picture....


'Well is he REALLY a fan?"
"He doesn't speak on them much...."

Lets clear the air shall we? I have other posts on them but it HAS BEEN A MINUTE so lets have a refresher..

My boys SPEAKING ON IT! The Steeler's defensive unit. I can't wait for football. Just so you know.

Ryan being Ryan...

The boy Troy

The boy James H.

Yeah...I AM READY! Everyone pictured is not with us any more but I do not think that will matter. As a unit, we are one of the best. We groom defensive players so people will step in and up. I am not worried.

Lets go Steelers!!


I almost it September yet??
I freaking LOVE that Clark makes me want to hit someone too...
Feelin' a little Sunday Sunday!!!

Ya know?? @ September. I want to wack someone RIGHT NOW!!