Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How hard was it to JUST SAY "Michael Vick....

will have his suspension fully lifted by Game 6 after completion of a probationary period."?

This is the shit that I am talking about. All this unnecessary garble. This is what is wrong with us now. Just SAY WHAT YOU MEAN. Damm. I still say at this point he should just be FULLY reinstated but okay, they let the man back in. I can deal with that. Maybe if the Commissioner would at least FAKE LIKE HE GIVES A DAMM ABOUT HIS PLAYERS as people (like he did yesterday when he actually called him 'Michael'), we would NOT be so HARD ON HIM. That is the FIRST time I have actually heard that man sound like he is overseeing HUMAN BEINGS instead of lil robots. @ the press conference he gave. 'BOUT DAMM TIME. At least this time he took the time to fake it. I dunno, maybe he does actually care (Yeah right..) and is just trying to hide it so they won't think he is 'soft'. We get the point Roger!

By the way though, I WOULD like to point this out. You let Matt Jones play and he got CAUGHT WITH CRACK. It took you forever to suspend that ass. This was AFTER he got outta that half way house. You still let him ball. Unconditionally. There was no 'waiting period'. No poorly worded 'probation' for him. He just went and played and THEN after the season was damm near over, you suspended him. Mike has BEEN to jail, gotten convicted, served HIS TIME and is out now. He was BANNED THE ENTIRE ORDEAL. Think about that. From the time it came out pretty much until NOW, he was banned. He hadn't even been to TRIAL and got suspended. I think he has suffered enough.

If it is done, let it be done.