Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Ben 'situation' and ESPN copping pleas

Let me STRESS that I do not believe the boy Ben did anything. I don't KNOW for sure though but the specifics of the 'allegations' lead me to believe that this is some other shit. So I wanted to clear that up FIRST. This isn't about that though 'cause it is EARLY on and we don't know what happened. I am mad because this is not the stance for criminal cases are reported on by the news. ESPECIALLY ESPN and the people that have their lil 'shows'. Read on as to why they think it shouldn't be and maybe you will see why.

What this is about is the fact that ESPN didn't even 'blurb' it. Their first 'official' stance on it was that they don't 'report on civil cases'. In the last couple of hours, that has turned into 'We don't report on civil cases unless a criminal case precedes it.' 'Anyone can claim anything in a criminal case- Colin Herd'.

If it is a civil case, it is not believable and if it is a criminal case it is the 'gospel'? REALLY? If that is the case riddle me this? Why do people get acquitted then? I mean, it is the 'gospel' if the cops get involved right? I mean they know ALL. They NEVER FUCK UP? I am confused.

Now the TRUTH COMES OUT THEN. Charged = Guilty. I get it. My bad. I got it all twisted and shit. I thought it was innocent until proven guilty. Thanks for clearing up what WE ALL ALREADY KNEW ESPN. 'Preciate it.

Will I stop watching ESPN behind this? Probably not. They were flawed before this and will be after this. I just thought I would share my thoughts on this subject.

Now they are ALL OVER THOUGH. @ ESPN...smh. Make up ya'lls minds. Either you do or you don't report on just civil cases.


ESPN, the WWL of Sports, should have gone in right from the start. Any other athlete would and should have gotten the same treatment. If you call yourself a first class sports news organization, you gotta cover those types of stories, not just the stuff on the field.

ITA with mindpinball. ESPN is funny, yesterday Marvin Harrison is the front page of their page, and he hasn't been charged for anything... SMH