Sunday, July 12, 2009

Arturo Gatti R.I.P.

The boxing world lost a great one this weekend. While he could not see my boy PBF, he AT LEAST HAD THE HEART to get in the ring with him and compete. He was a legend. Tough guy. Took punishment but DEFINITELY gave it back out. I do not know the details of his death at this juncture but just like all the other recent 'known' deaths, I do not care. I am going to focus on what he bought to us. The legendary Micky Ward trilogy. The hits. The heart. Lets take a walk back and look at Mr. Gatti's hits....


I always liked an Arturo Gatti fight because most of the time, you never felt cheated. He was either gonna beat the hell out of his opponent or he was gonna go down swinging. He was a warrior in the ring.


Now THAT was a perfect way to sum Arturo's career up! Always bought it to the ring.