Monday, July 20, 2009

The Apology...Chris Brown

Either you love it or you hate it. Think it is wack 'cause he 'spoke so well that you could tell it was written' or love it 'cause he spoke on it 'finally' and gave an apology.

My opinion? Rehearsed or not. Written statement. Practiced for hours or done on the fly. He manned up. He ,by himself, spoke on it. He said everything he was supposed to say and more actually.

Like I said, some of you will hate it. Probably 'cause you did some shit and nobody forgave your ass like they should have. Fine. Take it out on Chris. Have it. I don't care. You are miserable anyway in all likely hood.

Some of you will LOVE IT to the point that you can brush off the events that happened. Cool. Act like he did 'nothing' wrong.

I will be in the middle. Accepting the apology for what it was and knowing that he should be able to be forgiven but that he should also work on himself to better himself and reactions to a situation like that. That he understands who to choose. When to walk away and when TO RUN. Hope he learned all of that through this and I wish the man success. Just like it should be. I hope that some of those same 'men' that were dissing him, also reached out and showed him how to be a man. Complaining loudly and clowning a person does not make them better. I thought we figured that out already?

We all fuck up. He is no different. The man who 'allegedly' prevented him from performing at the Awards fucks up and I RIDE WITH HIM AS AN ARTIST/PERSON surely isn't perfect. I mess up. You mess up. We all mess up. It is time to for people to stop taking their personal feelings/situations and mixing it into a situation that we STILL don't have the entire factuals to. He apologized. It is done with. Can we let it rest now? Yes, I know I did a blog on it too. Only because it is all over the place. But I am not here dragging the dude down or rehashing the events or showing pics of her face either. Big difference.


There are those who will say he only did it because people were on him to do so...but nevertheless he did it. Good for him. Hopefully he apologized to Rihanna as well. We supposedly are taught to forgive, but we often don't. No one out here, as you say, is mistake-free. He should be forgiven and allowed to get on with his life.

There is no love lost for Chris Brown. The situation is sad all around. People make mistakes, and I just hope this was a "mistake" and not who he is. We shall see in the future. I still jam to his songs tho.

I agree with both of ya'll. Thank you for putting it more tactfully than I did T. @ 'mistake free'.

I do too Steph!