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Friday, July 31, 2009

I agree w/F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S on this one. Fake beef is terrible

He said it best. The focus should be on your talent. Not who the hell's ass you think you are gonna beat, your neighborhood beefs and just 'made up' beefs in general.

I have one question in regards to Fab? HOW DOES HE DO IT? I mean, with the exception of "Breathe" and "Can't Deny It", the majority of his catalog of hits consists of 'female' friendly cuts. (Which I liked btw so that is not a diss) I am just curious to know for those that INSIST that their 'hardcore' artists be hardcore all the time, how he manages to stay in ya'lls good graces? That's all.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

That's it Justin Barrett. Tell us how you REALLY FEEL.

I am sure he is just saying what thousands of people feel. It is not a shock to me that he feels this way. Just don't ask me to ignore it now that I have confirmation of it okay? 'Cause that is exactly what will happen when he 'releases' a statement about this expressing his 'remorse' and 'sorrow' for such 'hurtful' and 'disgusting' actions that he will be working hard to change.

Oh and Justin? The word is 'ask'. Not 'ax'. Mr. Former English teacher.

Karma's A Bitch.....

I think we have all heard this one. Unless you live under a rock. Most of the time, people act like it is their own personal bodyguard when they say it.

I can't say I do not agree with the statement itself. I know there are many people that don't believe in the Karmatic process but I do. I know that I have seen it happen. Time and time again. I think people are missing this part though when they speak on it:

The saying "You made your bed now lie in it" is an extension of that "Karma' statement to me. You see, Karma doesn't stop just 'cause you call 'no joy' (I give up or I have changed). You have to remember that. I think some of you keep forgetting that. There is no time limit. There is no 'breaking point'. Karma is a runaway train. Long after you done stopped fucking up yourself, it can come back. If you did something way way back, moved past it and all of that, IT DOES NOT MEAN KARMA WILL BACK OFF. Hence the saying "You made your bed...." It is THIS that people want to ignore. They don't want to acknowledge what they have done in the past to people. How they screwed the situation up too. The fact that life is not perfect. We all say we 'get it' but I find more and more that people are lying. They really think shit is supposed to be perfect. I think that is where everyone gets it messed up. These two statements go hand in hand.

Its 'Karma' when it happens to someone you are 'mad at'/don't like/etc but when it is you it is 'bad luck'/'a misfortune'/or some other mess. Nope. Sorry. FOH. (If you don't know what FOH means the first letter stands for a curse word....lol) That's not how it goes.

So remember the next time you say "Karma will catch up to.." when using that as 'your get back tool' for someone. 'Cause more than likely, whatever is happening to you is a DIRECT RESULT of Karma coming back TO YOU.

I am not exempt from that either so before you accuse me of being on 'my horse' I want you to notice that I am 'on the ground WITH YOU' when I say this. I am not mounted on my moral horse. I know ALL ABOUT IT. So save the venom for the person you are mad at. Not me. Thanks. I am a human. I can TAKE SHOTS AT MYSELF. I have done JUST THAT RIGHT HERE IN THIS VERY BLOG. Can you do that? So this isn't to ONE person. This is a general statement that could have applied last week, last year, today, next week and so and so forth. To any and everyone.

That Karma train that we ALL like to speak on doesn't 'skip stops' just cause we talk about it favorably. It is not human. It doesn't back off. Know that....I got PLENTY OF STORIES if you need references. Some might even involve YOU.

Again, I am just the messenger. Don't shoot me. I was moved to write it. It is up to you to take out of it what you want. You are here reading in ITS ENTIRETY for a reason. You could have stopped reading it after the first line. You didn't though now did you? Okay then. Don't ignore that reason.

(Looks shocked) We re-signed Heath Miller...

I just KNEW we were gonna let this kid go. Even though last year, we did not throw to him as much as I would have liked, I know that he was one of the reasons on offense we are dangerous. He can catch, block and does his job. He is only 26 so he is young. I just know my team's motto sometimes of 'We will build another one of you.' ESPECIALLY at that position. I am ecstatic.

Terms of the deal: Six-year, $35.3 million deal that includes a $12.5 million signing bonus.

This could potentially keep him with us through 2014 barring a trade of some sort. Good job front office!!

Link here:

I probably won't do a full on post on Favre for awhile but I do have this to say:

The Vikings won their division last year. Without him. Just saying. I know Jackson is not Favre but that should not be lost on people. Sage did not exactly stink it up when he filled in for Schaub down in Texas either. I think they will be fine. It is time to move on. Looks like their coach thinks so too. Good for them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Erin Andrews

I LOVE WOMAN. I don't think that this is a secret. I have women ALL OVER THIS BLOG. If you REALLY KNOW ME, I speak on them from 'time to time'. I happen to associate with SOME REALLY ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE. You get the point. So what I am about to embark on does not change that in any way. Sorry for you if you think that me speaking out on this does that. I can't help it if you are that narrow minded.

What I do not like though is when things happen to a women like they did the Erin Andrews. (Pauses and lets you get your 'cynical' thoughts together. Got 'em? Good! Lets continue shall we? Okay!) I think that is pretty fucking low to have to peek in the KEYHOLE of her hotel room on some "Revenge of the Nerds/Insert Your Sophomoric D List Movie Title Here" type time. Again, I have posted pics up of woman in various states of undress on here before and will continue to do so IF at some point, the woman gave some sort of consent to SOMEONE. Erin gave none of that to NO ONE. She had no clue that was happening to the best of my knowledge so you won't see YOURS truly posting up pictures. I enjoy looking at Erin but not that much. I will wait. Call it what you want.

Allow me to visit another side of this though if you will.

The role ESPN (and just about any other news/tv outlet that BASICALLY MAKES SURE SOMEONE WHO IS SMOKING HOT appears on your screen to 'report to you') plays in all of this. For years, whether you liked all of the women they have shown or not, ESPN sure has not had many ugly 'woman sportscasters'. Lets be clear. They did not 'invent' sex appeal but they DAMM SURE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.

Erin is a FINE sports reporter. She KNOWS HER SHIT. She could probably walk into my barbershop RIGHT NOW and give a history lesson to well over 85% of said shop (Shouts to Suite 302) on it. She is MORE THAN QUALIFIED to do her job however, I am guessing if a true to life Ugly Betty had the same qualifications, we would NOT SEE HER on our TV screens reporting. Matter of fact, I am SURE OF IT. Her beauty opened that door. Her SKILLS have kept her there.

Why are you pointing this out Carolina when YOU JUST SAID UP TOP, "I hate that this happened to her...'? Contradict yourself much sport?

No. What I am saying is that THIS SHOULD NOT BE A SHOCK that there is this much interest in this video. That's what I am saying. Not that she 'deserved it'. 'Cause she did not. I just covered that! I find it funny that while the 'network' is outraged, that WELL OVER HALF OF THE MALE STAFF probably PRAYED FOR A VIDEO OF HER TO COME OUT. I watch the shows. Hell, I have seen her camera man 'accidentally' stay panned in on her boobs too long. Or her 'co anchors' make comments that she didn't 'egg on'. So I know they aren't too 'broke up' about her video. I am sure they feel bad for her on one hand but BEST BELIEVE they are happier than a mug to see what is under them blazers and pants suits. I just hope that is not lost on her. I am SURE it is not but I hope that it isn't.

I wish her the best and am sorry that this happened to her. I feel bad for her. For real. There are some things to be discussed about this though. Things that in retrospect, I am sure even she will see and 'understand' if she does not already. I just wonder will the rest of the World?

A VERY good article on this subject: Fellas brace yourselves. Ladies too. This dude kept it BEYOND REAL. Which is a good thing to me. He didn't LIE AT ALL. He even USED HIS OWN LIFE EXPERIENCE in it to tie it all in...

Full article here:

I'll begin by answering this question: Can a very attractive woman ever be so good at what she does for a living that her attractiveness is ignored by men? I think the answer is no. No matter how equal the sexes ever become. And I get why that totally sucks for professional women.

Let's get this out of the way, if any perpetrator is found, he should be penalized to the fullest extent of the law for secretly filming Andrews inside her hotel room.


That could be under federal or state law for initial or subsequent distribution. The legal complexities of this situation make my head spin.

But I don't think we'll find this person. Why? Because the most brilliant computer minds in the country can't track down those who upload viruses on the Internet. Why do we believe we'll be able to find one pervert who uploaded the Erin Andrews peephole video in a country filled with millions of perverts?

And are the millions of perverts to blame? Did the sexual undercurrent of sports culture make something like this, frankly, unsurprising?

Let's begin with a thesis that I think most men will agree with: "If women truly knew how much time we spend thinking about sleeping with them, they'd never sleep with us."

Probably for the betterment of our society most women have no clue how sex-obsessed we men are in our ordinary lives. I know many women claim to understand, but they don't actually get it. It's like men claiming to understand the pain of giving birth. In theory, we get the concept, but we can't really grasp it. Men help hide this obsession because deep down we're all a little embarrassed by how much sex or the pursuit of sex motivates our actions. At least those of us who are smart enough to realize it. Marketers, television executives, movie producers, and others who make a living off society at large are not surprised by these obsessions. It's why every time I see one of those CSI-type shows, it involves a sex-crime gone awry. Often with a hot, young victim.

Remember back when Cinemax's softcore porn got you through high school? Well, now we live in a softcore porn universe. Everyone toes the line as best they can because sex moves products. Unless, God forbid, Janet Jackson's nipple gets revealed. And then, my God? What of the children?

We've drawn a weird line here that allows some companies in America to make money off sex while claiming that they aren't actually selling sex. Meet sports leagues. They support the troops. They would never sell sex. Except when they do.

Which ties right in with Andrews. Let's be clear, she's smart. She's good at what she does on the sideline; she's well-prepared, hard-working, professional, and always ready when the camera cuts to her. But, and this is the kicker, how many people in America could do Andrews' job for ESPN every bit as well as she does? I'll tell you, tens of thousands. Maybe even a million. Put plainly, Andrews wouldn't have her job if she looked like YouTube signing sensation Susan Boyle. No matter how good she was. She just wouldn't. Her looks open doors for her that no one else gets to walk through.

Now, once she's through that door she can demonstrate that she deserves the opportunity, that she's actually good at her craft. But it's her looks that open that door. And ESPN put her on television for one reason, because viewers, mostly male, are sexually attracted to her. Put it this way, if Andrews comes on the screen and the television is muted while I'm doing work, am I more likely to turn on the television to hear what she says than if it's an unattractive woman or Chris Berman?


Does that make me stupid?


Does that make me like just about every other male watching television?

I think so.

And Google proves it. While we all may be wagging our heads and tut-tutting about the immorality of the video in question, Google search knows all of our private obsessions. And Google search confirms that come Monday morning, "Erin Andrews" and derivatives were the two most popular search terms in Google; the search graph looks like a bull market. Even by Tuesday afternoon as I write this, she was still sixth, seventh and eighth.

Why is this?

Because ESPN has been selling us softcore sex via Andrews for several years, building up demand for a moment just like this. If you counted how many times men have mentally undressed Andrews while she's giving sideline reports, it would be in the billions. So it's no surprise that tens of millions have viewed the videos. Men from all walks of life, from neurosurgeons to janitors, ESPN executives to the local fan. Erin Andrews working in a 2007 college football game at Texas A&M

But I bet it is a surprise to Andrews. And that really sucks for her. And for women everywhere. It also illustrates how much difference there is between the sexes. Is there any man on earth who women would flock to see ironing clothes naked? I mean for another reason besides confirming that some men do iron clothes for themselves. President Obama? Clooney? Denzel? Mangino?

Nope, nope, nope and yikes. So, right now most women are either offended or befuddled by men's interest. Our minds aren't meeting. And it ain't the first time. The Erin Andrews video is just the latest fault line in sexual politics. Only this time, sports are intimately involved.

I'll put this in a personal context. My wife was a Tennessee Titans cheerleader. I didn't really enjoy it very much to be honest. I was happy when we moved away and she couldn't try out again. Why? Because every time the cheerleaders danced on the field and everyone stood up in the crowd, I knew most men were picking out the girl they'd most like to have sex with. I'd done it for years. Chances are if you're male and you're reading this, you've done it too. There's no other real reason for the football cheerleaders to exist from a male perspective. They're sexual fantasies brought to life.

My wife disagreed that their cheer leading role was entirely based on selling softcore sex. She enjoyed the performance aspect, learning the dance routines, the friendships with the other girls, meeting young children across the community. And that's all a part of it. But more than anything else the leagues are selling sex to their male fans. And most women have no idea how deep that river of desire actually runs.

Then one day a little girl came up to her. "When I grow up, I want to be a Titans cheerleader," the girl said, holding her dad's hand.

"Well, you can do this, but you should want to be a doctor or a lawyer," my wife said.

"Naw, cheerleader'd be good," her dad said, leering.

Later my wife pulled me aside, "Clay, I think most Titans fans would rather their daughter grow up and be a cheerleader than a lawyer."

"I think you're right," I said.

Still do.

Because I think the message we're sending, fair or foul, is that no matter how good any woman is at her job, to a large majority of the men watching her at home, she's just the hot chick that they want to see naked. And you can't tell me that ESPN executives didn't know that too. That, even as they commiserate with Andrews via e-mail, phone calls or whatnot, a large percentage of her co-workers have probably sought out the Erin Andrews video somewhere on the Internet. Because they've probably been picturing her naked, too.

Men all say we all want a son to carry on the family name. But I think in this day and age that's not true anymore. I think we all just fear having a really hot daughter.


My man church'd it. He is right. We use sex to sell everything. Even when we say we don't. Don't believe me? Go back and peep Mary Mary's performance on the BET Awards. Pay attention to your next couple of commercials.

As far as the man and the sex thing, did he lie fellas? Don't answer that, your woman might hear you and I don't care how 'open' minded you 'thank' she is, she isn't..Trust me. I KNOW. Women, stop snickering 'cause that EASILY could have been about YOU TOO. Ya'll do it too. Ya'll not watching Dhani Jones 'cause he is an 'expert' travel guide. Lets just say that...

Take note too to what he said about his wife. He was honest with her and himself. That type of honesty with yourself and who you deal with can go a LONG WAY. Go back and read it. I think it was refreshing. No game playing there. No "Naw honey, it is okay if you do that, I don't think anyone thinks nasty thoughts of you..." there...I love it. He kept it ONE HUNDRED. So much for that line in A Few Good Men "You want the truth? You can't handle the TRUTH!" That shoots that theory outta the window..

The daughter thing means something to me of course but I have always felt this way. Even before I had kids. Used to get teased about it by the 'cool dudes' in school who used to do things to women that they would shoot cats over now if it happened to their daughter. Just saying..

Lastly, like I said, ESPN is partly responsible for this as is the rest of TV. This is the environment that they feed DAILY. I mean, if I want news, I don't care WHO BRINGS IT TO ME. Most people aren't like that though and they know it.

How hard was it to JUST SAY "Michael Vick....

will have his suspension fully lifted by Game 6 after completion of a probationary period."?

This is the shit that I am talking about. All this unnecessary garble. This is what is wrong with us now. Just SAY WHAT YOU MEAN. Damm. I still say at this point he should just be FULLY reinstated but okay, they let the man back in. I can deal with that. Maybe if the Commissioner would at least FAKE LIKE HE GIVES A DAMM ABOUT HIS PLAYERS as people (like he did yesterday when he actually called him 'Michael'), we would NOT be so HARD ON HIM. That is the FIRST time I have actually heard that man sound like he is overseeing HUMAN BEINGS instead of lil robots. @ the press conference he gave. 'BOUT DAMM TIME. At least this time he took the time to fake it. I dunno, maybe he does actually care (Yeah right..) and is just trying to hide it so they won't think he is 'soft'. We get the point Roger!

By the way though, I WOULD like to point this out. You let Matt Jones play and he got CAUGHT WITH CRACK. It took you forever to suspend that ass. This was AFTER he got outta that half way house. You still let him ball. Unconditionally. There was no 'waiting period'. No poorly worded 'probation' for him. He just went and played and THEN after the season was damm near over, you suspended him. Mike has BEEN to jail, gotten convicted, served HIS TIME and is out now. He was BANNED THE ENTIRE ORDEAL. Think about that. From the time it came out pretty much until NOW, he was banned. He hadn't even been to TRIAL and got suspended. I think he has suffered enough.

If it is done, let it be done.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Okay even IF you feel that way Mr. DA,...

should you REALLY be saying this about Plaxico? I mean that kinda sounds like the case is already tried and that you certainly couldn't be 'impartial' at this point. I thought you were supposed to be? This isn't FUCKING LAW & ORDER.....You are supposed to be 'unbiased'. HELLO!! I thought the celebs were bad?? @ what people say with a camera and a microphone in front of them.

Look, I understand that Plax was an idiot. He was. But he shot himself. You can get all hypothetical with it but the bottom line is HE SHOT HIMSELF. Period. I can see all types of 'extra' punishment coming outta this one based on the DA's comments. smh

Scroll through the videos to see it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

T.O speaking on Mr. Vick.

We all know Terrell Owens can be well 'a bit much' at times. The Philly thing. The other stuff.

This time THOUGH, he is ALL THE WAY RIGHT.

Commissioner GODdell, while DEFINITELY within his rights to run the League sternly, is a lil OUTTA CONTROL.

Ike Taylor of the Steelers runs 26 mph...

Like I said before, I want to know if the rookie (Mike Wallace) can even beat Ike and I would LOVE TO HAVE Willie Parker train with Tim Shaw.

He ran a 4.26 without really being in shape. Yikes! I wonder what his time is in pads?? Anyhow, the boy is fast and getting better. Watch Madden have his speed and something stupid like a 90 or some ish...

Update: His speed is a 87...I know they are using a new rating system but T.O. is faster than him. You can go back to our game against them and watch Terrell try to leave Ike. He couldn't. Matter of fact, Ike BEAT him to the ball on that high ball that Romo threw to him.

8/24/09 UPDATE: Go here to see what his speed changed to on Madden AFTER THE UPDATE I actually Twitter'd one of EA'S people this video and one more of Chris Johnson both got changed.

Hov's Interview with Tim Westwood

Jay-Z Interview w/ Tim Westwood 7/25/09 (NO COMMERCIALS) (COMPLETE INTERVIEW) from HipHopStan.com on Vimeo.

The Game doesn't seem to know whether to hug Hov or diss him..

R.I.P. Vernon Forrest.

Great character guy. Seemed to be very genuine and caring. Gave Sugar Shane all he wanted and more. Sad story.


Pro boxer Vernon Forrest fatally shot in Atlanta


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Atlanta police say former professional boxer Vernon “The Viper” Forrest was killed Saturday night when a robbery turned into a gunfire exchange.

Former WBC welterweight champion Vernon Forrest.
Reuters Former WBC welterweight champion Vernon Forrest.

The incident began at 11 p.m. at the Chevron on Whitehall Street in Southwest Atlanta when Forrest, 38, stopped to put air in the tires of his Jaguar, said Atlanta Police Detective Lt. Keith Meadows.

A male suspect approached Forrest and robbed him of a few items at gunpoint, he said. Forrest, who was also armed, then chased the suspect to an area near McDaniel and Fulton Streets.

Forrest was shot seven to eight times in the back, Meadows said. Meadows said there is evidence Forrest used his weapon but did not know if the suspect was shot.

An 11-year-old boy, described as a godson by Forrest’s manager Charles Watson, was in the Chevron at the time of the robbery. The boy is the son of Forrest’s girlfriend, Meadows said, and was able to provide police with a description of the suspect. Police are looking for that man and a second suspect who left in a red Monte Carlo, Meadows said.

The boy did not see the shooting, he added.

The APD is interviewing several witnesses Sunday.

Al Mitchell, who first trained Forrest when he was an amateur and then as a pro since 2000, said Forrest was “a guy who did everything right.”

“He didn’t take drugs. He wasn’t involved with gangs. He lived his life the right way. He was a gentleman,” said Mitchell, who learned of the news through Forrest’s manager, Charles Watson.

“I trained a lot of kids ... and most of them are now teachers or doing something else. They’re all good role models. They understand what life is about. They take care of their family. Vernon was like that. He took care of his mother, his sister, his son. He took care of his friends. How can something like this happen? Just in the wrong place at the wrong time – that’s all it was.”

Forrest, a longtime Atlanta resident, started boxing at age 9 and won his first major title in 2001, when he defeated Raul Frank for the IBF welterweight title. He is a recent WBC middleweight champ and 1992 Olympian who had a 41-3 career record with 29 knockouts.

He achieved long-sought recognition with two wins over “Sugar” Shane Mosley in 2002 that earned him the title of Ring Magazine’s Fighter of the Year.

“My goal, once I’m done, is to be considered one of the best boxers in my era,” Forrest told the AJC in 2007.

Forrest beat Ricardo Mayorga in 2003 for the WBC welterweight title and WBA super welterweight title. In 2007, he won the WBC light middleweight title against Carlos Baldomir.

In his last major match-up, in 2008, he reclaimed his WBC 154-pound title at age 37 after battering his rival, 27-year-old Sergio Mora in a unanimous decision.

Forrest was also involved in charity work. He started Destiny’s Child Inc., which provided housing and assistance to mentally challenged adults.

Mitchell says “The Viper” was training to fight again.

“He told me his plan was to fight again in September and then fight for the title in December,” Mitchell said. “He was supposed to call me this week with details.

Footage from the second Mosely fight AND A GREAT LOOK AT WHAT HE WAS ALL ABOUT WITH HIS WORK IN THE COMMUNITY with his Destiny's Child Foundation:

Against Ricardo...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The 49ers.....No NOT THE FOOTBALL TEAM...

Big ups to John Taylor though speaking of the 49ers. I am talking about a musical group that some people may know but surely not ENOUGH people know.

Another local group that should get some shine but has not. Yes I happen to know one of the members but just like he has not used his older brother to further his career, he is not using me to either. Matter of fact, I dare say he probably doesn't even know that I listen to his music like that.

Their bio per their Myspace:

The 49ers, comprising of Jas Mace and Marchitect and hailing out of Newark, Delaware, are not two wanna-be football stars from San Francisco. These two Hip-Hop entrepreneurs have been blowing up clubs and venues across the country since 1995 when they where the focal members of the Hip-Hop conglomerate The Outfit. The Outfits first release, The Soundtrack to Life, had national distribution and received positive reviews from radio D.J.s and critics across the country. Their first 12 release was titled Beauty of the Week and remained on the college rap radio charts for over 12 weeks. Due to a string of unfortunate events, The Outfit has since dismantled but The 49ers have continued recording throughout the years working on various solo and group projects. They have been featured at the 2006 Allhiphop.com’s Breeding Ground showcase and won Delaware’s best Hip-Hop artist of 2007 in Out-and-About Magazine. The 49ers have also starred in, and produced the soundtrack to, the award-winning documentary called Guilty or Innocent: Use of the N Word.

The 49ers debut album, Equilibrium, was released in 2007 and has been well received by critics and fans alike. Philadelphia’s popular Hip-Hop website, 215HipHop.com , took notice to Equilibrium as one that was completely produced and written by The 49ers with no guest appearances and claims, “The 100% we do it all our self method produces nothing but high quality music, which these guys do extremely well.” Equilibrium is full of live instruments, with a blend of unique sampling, and clever lyrics well beyond your nursery rhyme rappers that saturate the radio airwaves today. HipHopLinguistics.com also appreciated the versatility of the album saying “This album seems to hold a great balance of lyrics, rhymes, production, deejay cuts, mixes and samples. All wrapped together in one, as if the purpose of the album was to take a little bit of everything and successfully mix it into sixteen tracks of hip-hop.” While promoting the album, The 49ers have shared the stage and networked with many of Hip-Hop's superstars such as Common, Life Savas, Puff Daddy, Mary J. Blige, Camp-lo, Jin, The Bootcamp Clique, and The Hieroglyphics. Grouchy Greg, CEO and founder of the popular website ALLHIPHOP.com, referred to The 49ers as “a group that is definitely pioneering a new sound and bringing a much needed change to a genre of music that has been flooded with copy cats and imitations.”

Go to their page and check them out. Dope music.

Or hit these links up for a sample:



Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Ben 'situation' and ESPN copping pleas

Let me STRESS that I do not believe the boy Ben did anything. I don't KNOW for sure though but the specifics of the 'allegations' lead me to believe that this is some other shit. So I wanted to clear that up FIRST. This isn't about that though 'cause it is EARLY on and we don't know what happened. I am mad because this is not the stance for criminal cases are reported on by the news. ESPECIALLY ESPN and the people that have their lil 'shows'. Read on as to why they think it shouldn't be and maybe you will see why.

What this is about is the fact that ESPN didn't even 'blurb' it. Their first 'official' stance on it was that they don't 'report on civil cases'. In the last couple of hours, that has turned into 'We don't report on civil cases unless a criminal case precedes it.' 'Anyone can claim anything in a criminal case- Colin Herd'.

If it is a civil case, it is not believable and if it is a criminal case it is the 'gospel'? REALLY? If that is the case riddle me this? Why do people get acquitted then? I mean, it is the 'gospel' if the cops get involved right? I mean they know ALL. They NEVER FUCK UP? I am confused.

Now the TRUTH COMES OUT THEN. Charged = Guilty. I get it. My bad. I got it all twisted and shit. I thought it was innocent until proven guilty. Thanks for clearing up what WE ALL ALREADY KNEW ESPN. 'Preciate it.

Will I stop watching ESPN behind this? Probably not. They were flawed before this and will be after this. I just thought I would share my thoughts on this subject.

Now they are ALL OVER THOUGH. @ ESPN...smh. Make up ya'lls minds. Either you do or you don't report on just civil cases.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All that hoopla over this Nike? The DUNK over Lebron.

I mean it wasn't even that bad. He got him but I was expecting my man to be coming off the wing a la Michael Cooper and Dr. J. Not this. That was pretty lackluster to me. Definitely got banged on but not nothing to be ashamed or hide.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Apology...Chris Brown

Either you love it or you hate it. Think it is wack 'cause he 'spoke so well that you could tell it was written' or love it 'cause he spoke on it 'finally' and gave an apology.

My opinion? Rehearsed or not. Written statement. Practiced for hours or done on the fly. He manned up. He ,by himself, spoke on it. He said everything he was supposed to say and more actually.

Like I said, some of you will hate it. Probably 'cause you did some shit and nobody forgave your ass like they should have. Fine. Take it out on Chris. Have it. I don't care. You are miserable anyway in all likely hood.

Some of you will LOVE IT to the point that you can brush off the events that happened. Cool. Act like he did 'nothing' wrong.

I will be in the middle. Accepting the apology for what it was and knowing that he should be able to be forgiven but that he should also work on himself to better himself and reactions to a situation like that. That he understands who to choose. When to walk away and when TO RUN. Hope he learned all of that through this and I wish the man success. Just like it should be. I hope that some of those same 'men' that were dissing him, also reached out and showed him how to be a man. Complaining loudly and clowning a person does not make them better. I thought we figured that out already?

We all fuck up. He is no different. The man who 'allegedly' prevented him from performing at the Awards fucks up and I RIDE WITH HIM AS AN ARTIST/PERSON surely isn't perfect. I mess up. You mess up. We all mess up. It is time to for people to stop taking their personal feelings/situations and mixing it into a situation that we STILL don't have the entire factuals to. He apologized. It is done with. Can we let it rest now? Yes, I know I did a blog on it too. Only because it is all over the place. But I am not here dragging the dude down or rehashing the events or showing pics of her face either. Big difference.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This clip isn't exactly 'new' but is one of the best examples of Malice's Blog.

Malice Video Blog 1 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

This was done right around the time a person in their camp was charged with trafficking cocaine, which makes it even FUNNIER. Check out Malice's blog HERE.

I can't wait for the Clipse's new album.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My boy Chuk Mak

Check him out. Good riding music for the whip. Chuk Mak style...This is for some of my people out there who don't get the chance to even see who is next until it happens on the radio. Lot of 'unknown' artist' to be found here. Great music unmixed made better by my boy....Get at him.

1. Chromeo - Call Me Up (Chuck's Remix) - 2:48
2. Common Feat. Kanye West - Go (Chuck's Remix) - 3:32
3. Bobby Valentino - Hands On Me (Chuck's Remix) - 3:50
4. Chris Brown - Yo! (Excuse Me Miss - Chuck's Remix) - 3.29
5. Ciara Feat. Justin Timberlake - Love, Sex, & Magic (Chuck's Remix) - 4:28
6. Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty (Chuck's Remix) - 3:40
7. Lloyd Feat. Lil' Wayne - Girls All Around the World (Chuck's Remix) - 4:01
8. Jay-Z Feat. Pharrell - I Know (Chuck's Remix) - 3:14
9. Olivia Feat. 50 Cent - Best Friend (Chuck's Remix) - 2:56
10. Ilyas of Tanya Morgan - Losin' Faith (Interlude) - 1:25
11. John Record - Don't Go To New York (Chuck's Remix) - 3:17
12. Nonameko - Goddess (Demo Version) - 4:46
13. Raheem DeVaughn - Text Messages (Chuck's Remix) - 3:41
14. Keri Hilson - Energy (Chuck's Remix) 3:19
15. Omarion - Ice Box (Chuck's Remix) - 3:50
16. John Record - Smoke Signals (Chuck's Outro Remix) - 2:11

Chuk Mak

A Drake/Young Jeezy/and the boy Shizz of OT Records post revised...From May 20th, 2009

Revised. Whatever you want to call it. Some of you will probably be reading this for the first time though. OH AND SHOUTOUT TO THE PERSON WHOSE NIECE LOVES DRAKE. You need to link her here..lol She can find out all about him. As you can see, I like the young boy. He is not perfect but I dig him.

Young Jeezy and Drake. May 20th, 2009 aka THE SWINE FLU CONCERT.

Blurry pics are a sign of two things..

A pretty shoddy camera (at filming moving objects) and A REALLY GOOD TIME BEING HAD BY SAID PERSON TAKING THE PICTURE.

Chalk that picture up top to both.

Drake and Young Jeezy at the University of Delaware.

I have been bumping this kid's music for awhile but was not ready to say "I like him like that' until I had seen him in person. So when I heard he was coming here, I HAD to check for him. He was coming with my boy Jeezy too? Sheit. So off I went.

Funny story:
When I went to purchase these tickets, a nice young lady was at the booth. She began to ask me about the 'special guest' (It as not revealed Drake was coming until the WEEK before the concert on the radio) on the Young Jeezy show I was buying tickets for. Said that her friends were a lil excited but she had no CLUE who the kid was. I said these words..

"Jimmy from Degrassi..."

She lost it. Stopped my TRANSACTION. GOT ON THE HORN TO HER GIRLS AND THEY PROCEEDED to ask me questions about him for the next five minutes. Hence the great seats..Being a music snob pays sometimes ya know..Anyhow...

The 'Swine Flu' cancelled concert at U of Delaware, featuring Young Jeezy and Drake was pretty damm good. There were no four hour delays, like Drake's last stop in the Chi. No Lupe holding him back 'from the hood'. Just Drake with a slight limp due to an ACL injury, a energetic Jeezy and a surprise for yours truly at the opening act.

The show was opened up by a local act here in Delaware. The boy Shizz with his fast spreading (Played on ALL OF THE PHILLY AREA radio stations) hit "Socks in The Air" produced by Sap. You can find out more about Shizz, Sap and OT Records HERE. If you live in the Tri State area, you have probably heard the song on the local radio stations in the area. As for Sap, if you are a fan of Meek Millz then you have heard Sap's work so he really needs NO INTRODUCTION. The young phenom is the person behind the boards on the song "In My Bag". Shizz has been grinding for a long time and it is really good to see him get recognized along with his crew. They even have a video for the song.

They got things ROCKING period.

Drake came out next. Went through pretty much 75% of his catalog since no one was there to due their 'spots' on his songs with features. He did my favorite joints, "Uptown", "Say You Will" and a couple of the joints from Comeback Season. I would say that a majority of the college kids were there to see Drake and that the rest of the cats were there to see Jeezy. Now at this point, Drake does have a song on the radio HERE so even regular people (read: people who don't scour the Net to get their music FIRST before the radio tells them what is hot like me..) know who Drake the 'artist' is now. So they got a chance to hear more than just that one song and were asking those of us that did know his music all about him. I personally was there to see both dudes perform.

Here is a taste of the energy in the building. (I don't know how long they are gonna let me keep it up so let me know if it dies. I will re-up it.)


Jeezy bought his usual energy. Since you are sitting there asking, I will tell you now, YES DRAKE IS BETTER THAN WAYNE at this stage. Sorry if it hurts your feelings. It is clear that Drake influences his mentor, not the other way around. Oh and yes I like both artists that were on the bill the same. How? 'Cause it is ME FAMILY. That's why. I like my music in different flavors. Go kick rocks with an open sore bare foot if you don't. I like Drake's versatility as an artist and I can see his growth. I do not mind the singing as much as I did at first because now he 'embraces' it. He has learned where to use it and when not to. Not to mention, he is GOOD AT BOTH OF THEM. That is a plus. I could see if he COULD not sing. I also appreciated the way he conveyed how overwhelmed that he was that we knew the words to his songs and how far he had come. Feels like we are part of a movement. Can't go anywhere right now without people asking about this kid. I wonder when the back lash is gonna start? Soon I bet. Wait 'till those that have had him from the beginning do their usual. Expecting him to do the songs that they like solely. Like the bangers with Tanya Morgan or Little Brother. I hope they understand that he is gonna have a whole LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE that are going to want other things out of him and that he is on track to be a star. He ...well just keep reading and watching. I have more footage down below. You can see for yourself about him.

Young Jeezy's set was the SHIT. HE had the hood cats in the audience throwing up sets, bouncing to the song and the whole nine. Which was impressive to me as I know some of these dudes. Crowd participation is not their strong suite. He didn't go back too far but he did visit Thug 101 for us. I appreciated that. I would love to catch him in ATL, where I am sure I could hear him perform songs from "Come Shop Wit Me.". His new DJ Folk mixtape is BANGIN' by the way. Use your Google skills and type "Trappin' Ain't Dead' and see what you come up with. If you are a fan, you will not be disappointed. I was REALLY hoping to hear a diss for Gucci too but it is okay. Next time he comes, hopefully CTE will be 'free' and they can all come out together.

Line of the night:

F#ck the Swine Flu, I got some TheraFlu for that sh#t....-Young Jeezy

Here is some more footage of Drake from past AND very present..Courtesy of the good folks at Vlad.TV

This interview explains his 'Down South' influence and why he speaks on certain things and his 'issue' with another Canadian rapper. (Who I happen to like)

ABC Interview

A VERY informative write up by MR. JAYSON RODRIGUEZ

Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh really now? My boy in L.A? @ Allen Iverson

As you know, or SHOULD KNOW, I am a HUGE AI fan. I don't want him in Memphis but if that happens so be it. I would prefer him in Miami but THEN AGAIN, that I have been around AI in Miami. I don't know if I want him THERE either. lol I don't want nothing happening that could cause him to miss time on the court. Now I hear L.A (The Clippers) are in the mix. HEAVY. Oh boy, this is getting good. Him and Baron? With Blake and Thorton? Interfuckinesting....


Updated: July 13, 2009, 8:44 PM ET

The makeover of the Los Angeles Clippers may include a former scoring champion.

The team is in "very serious" talks with Allen Iverson on a contract, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday. ESPN.com's Marc Stein reported on Sunday that the Memphis Grizzlies have been pursuing Iverson, but owner Michael Heisley thought the Miami Heat had the inside track. The Charlotte Bobcats were also reported to have interest.

Iverson is a 10-time All-Star who has led the league in scoring four times. He has averaged 23.5 points and 5.4 assists per game over his 13 seasons but posted a career low 17.4 ppg average last season.

A bad back limited Iverson to 57 games last season between the Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons. He was also embroiled in controversy when he bristled at coming off the bench for Detroit.

The Clippers may be prepared to offer their full mid-level exception of $5.8 million on a one-year contract. The Grizzlies are reportedly willing to offer something in the same neighborhood, but the Heat are thought to be interested in paying him less than half of that figure.

The Clippers drafted Blake Griffin with the first overall pick in this year's NBA draft. They also traded forward Zach Randolph to the Grizzlies for swingman Quentin Richardson.

Chopsteak: Artist/Twitter of the Week

Yes, I know. This was SUPPOSED TO BEEN CAME ABOUT. It is the summer time though so people get busy. We will be revisiting this young man's progress but for now here is a sample. Shout out to the boy @Lauderdale for the Twitter of the Week part of this. He does it WAY better on his blog but he inspired me to at least semi steal it. Imitation is the best form of flattery right?

This is my boy outta Austin, Texas who is a musical wiz on the boards, does podcasts and even has a pretty dope blog that he NEVER talks to yours truly about.

You can hear some of his dope mixes of course on his myspace.

Check out some of videos on VARIOUS topics HERE:

Watch him 'virtual' dj HERE

Or watch him and I (along with MANY MANY MANY OTHERS) go back and forth over life, hip hop, or brunch combinations HERE

If you love music, he is a DOPE person to know..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I know you have seen the Towel in the picture....


'Well is he REALLY a fan?"
"He doesn't speak on them much...."

Lets clear the air shall we? I have other posts on them but it HAS BEEN A MINUTE so lets have a refresher..

My boys SPEAKING ON IT! The Steeler's defensive unit. I can't wait for football. Just so you know.

Ryan being Ryan...

The boy Troy

The boy James H.

Yeah...I AM READY! Everyone pictured is not with us any more but I do not think that will matter. As a unit, we are one of the best. We groom defensive players so people will step in and up. I am not worried.

Lets go Steelers!!

Simply put. We have to start CELEBRATING

people while they are HERE. I know that people are not above criticism. I am okay with that. However, in light of the latest cycle of deaths that have hit us on the 'high profile' front, I would be remiss in saying that it is time to start celebrating those legends that are walking AMONG US. The Jerry Rices. The Denzel Washingtons, The Colin Powells. The Maya Angelous. The Condi Rices..The Dick Butkus, The Dan Marinos, Smokey Robinsons. The list goes ON AND ON AND ON AND ON. I am going to attempt to do that more myself. I feel like I do a good job but more could be done.

My good people in Foreign Exchange (Go down in the media player if you are unfamiliar they are there.) have done just that with some help as you can see below.

Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson- Drums, Samples
Nicolay- Fender Rhodes, acoustic piano
Zo!- Korg synth, additional rhodes
Phonte and Carlitta Durand- Vocals



Arturo Gatti R.I.P.

The boxing world lost a great one this weekend. While he could not see my boy PBF, he AT LEAST HAD THE HEART to get in the ring with him and compete. He was a legend. Tough guy. Took punishment but DEFINITELY gave it back out. I do not know the details of his death at this juncture but just like all the other recent 'known' deaths, I do not care. I am going to focus on what he bought to us. The legendary Micky Ward trilogy. The hits. The heart. Lets take a walk back and look at Mr. Gatti's hits....

Steve McNair....Lets Talk Strictly Football

As a Steeler fan, I grew to form a sort of dislike for him on Sundays/Thurs/whenever we happened to play them 'cause simply put, his teams won against mine more often than they lost. Steve had a 11-5 record against my club so you probably can understand why. When he wasn't playing us though, I ROOTED loudly for the boy from Alcorn St. Let's take a look back at some of the damage on the football field he did to some college teams, my team and just around the League period shall we?

Alcorn St. footage:

Random NFL Highlights

The play most people know him for...

Top 10..#10 is of course against 'us' (the Steelers)

Friday, July 10, 2009

See what you have done Nike???? @ Jordan Crawford


It is only going to get worse. You see, I know that you guys up there at Corporate have guided the career of MANY A SUPERSTAR. Including my favorite player of all time, one Michael Jeffery Jordan. So I know that the attitude up there is probably one of 'We know what we are doing pal.."

Thing is though, we are in a different time. You are not doing Lebron any favors. You could have quelled something like this even FOUR YEARS AGO. Yes the Net was up and running but EVERYBODY was not on it and it surely wasn't the 'gospel' that it is now. Now people like me, who follow sports religiously have spots like this one here. Even the casual sports fan is on the Net. A lot. The news of a star getting dunked on in the summer time, while not uncommon to a 'Pro Am' fan like myself is gonna be BIG NEWS to those casual fans. They don't see the players unless they are in the Olympics or something UNLESS someone YOUTUBES it. They are going to want to see this footage! You see the outrage. They want the tape. Even fans of his, want the tape out! This is what happens now. Basketball footage during the off season is EVERYWHERE. You see footage of Kevin Durrant down in Berry Farms. Hell, I just watched James Harden's first Summer League on a live stream. Basketball fans like their players as human as possible on the court. We like to know that they get dunked on and can come back with a vengeance. That even the King gets crowned. It isn't like he has not gotten crowned before. LIVE. On TV. By a ANOTHER FORMER CAMP worker in Courtney Lee. Something HE DID AT THE CAMP a few years back.

It is okay. It is basketball. He got banged on. It happens. Matter of fact, I would go as far as to say that if has not happened to you on the court, you either are playing weak cats or you aren't playing hard enough anyway. You block some. You get dunked on sometimes. It happens. No shame.

You guys are not helping him out by hiding that tape! Release it. He already looks like a crybaby 'cause of the Conference Finals thing. I don't think it is him either. I know many disagree. They think he pulled the tape. No. I think that was Corporate.

Lebron is a ball player. He KNOWS WHAT IT IS when he steps out on the court. He might get dunked on. He might dunk on somebody. He wants to make those kids better. Give them the shot someone gave him. Even at his own expense. If that were the case, he would not have even stepped on the floor. @ the notion that he thinks he can't get dunked on or not having it shown. It is you guys at Nike that are behind this one. Stop that shit! Release the tape. Have some fun with it.

Understood that you had rules about taping too but in this case, you are making your client look bad. REAL BAD.

It is only fair after all of these types of things he has done to people:

Showing him getting dunked on does not change his body of work. C'mon you guys. Get with the program. It will not ruin him. This 'hiding' of footage that everyone knows happened will hurt him though. Hope you guys have something up your sleeves with the tape at least. Please, shut me up. I would rather that then have you guys keep it hidden.

As for Jordan Crawford, hats off to you. I am interested in how the REST OF THE GAME WENT THOUGH. For you in particular. I know of someone personally who gave Michael Jordan 30 and got in the paper and crowed about it. Big mistake. Take the memory, cherish and keep working on your game young man.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I don't even want to call it a poem...

It rhymes and whatnot but I am not sure what 'form' of poetry it even falls under. If it does at all.

Since life is short and at times hard to bear, I make it a point to try and put my feelings in the air.
Simply put, one has no real clue of just how long we will be there.
Some think 'Well Mark, some things need not be said or that sounds almost suicidal.'
To that I say 'Over the years many things I have heard in passing that seemed unimportant turned out to be vital'.
It was like God has been speaking to me even through people I whom I don't even deal with too tough.
It may not make sense at the time but those thoughts, those experiences ALWAYS SEEM TO COME BACK WHEN THINGS GET ROUGH.
I am just putting back into this thing called Life the only way I know how to get it done.
I may not go to church, the Hall, or have become Ordained like the boy Rev Run.
But I KNOW THAT I WAS PUT HERE TO HELP THOSE in their struggle and their fight.
I know it 'cause even in times that I have been wrong, when I have shared it, I have helped others make their situation right.
Does that make me praiseworthy? Make me some one to look up to? Special? Someone to revere?
Not all. It just makes me the person around you who through good, bad and indifferent, whose opinions you will hear.
You too may brush it off. The sayings, the stories, the opinions, the experiences and such.
Dismiss them as just 'What he/she went through..I am me...What he/she has done does not matter much'
I am here to tell you that I thought that too. I said myself "I am different...That won't be me..."Oh yes it is true.
I can hear me saying it clear as day. Probably with the same face. Same dismissive attitude. Just like you.
The thing I learned though was that while the slangs changed. The names did as well. The situations all stayed even keel.
I learned that while I was younger, thought I was fresher than the ones before, I wasn't reinventing the wheel.
The things that I was going through or 'thought I was doing' had been done hundreds of times over.
From Lenoir NC. From that lil 'hollar' in West Virginia. Down in DC. And yes, even at DSU down in Dover.
People had BEEN ran from the law. Been having babies. Been busting shots.
Lied, cheated, had it all, fell from grace. Got BACK UP. Went and saw the world. Parked their cars in the finest lots.
The only differences between them and I was that THEY MADE IT and I wasn't taking advantage of the gems being dropped.
Oh yeah I heard them. Repeated them to others. Maybe halfway listened. But that is where it stopped.
I look back and laugh now at those times. Those situations that some of you HERE have shared.
I remember even being asked to speak to 'you' by the ones who loved you and took the time to care.
I chuckle at that memory that your 'people' sought me to speak to you & instilled a trust..
That look from you of "I don't know what the (beep) they thought? He is foul just like us..." (Hov)
Yeah, I was once the person that I am trying to reach now but still not done growing and learning.
Now responsible for three whom I can't leave wondering. Still yearning.
So I put it all in the air. Maybe one day they can come back and read what they old man thought.
Maybe one day this too will help them. Just like all those people did for me. Just look at all the wisdom that bought.
It is not just for them though. Since I take information as well I do it for you too.
I do it subtly. Some of ya'll are too sensitive so I try to do it so that even you 'have no clue'.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Steve Mcnair R.I.P.

You all know by now that Steve McNair is gone. Sure Hall of Famer. Black quarterback from the former Division I-AA. Paved the way for the next generation of Black quarterbacks like McNabb, Vick and the like. Tough dude. Played hurt and was hurt often but when he was out there, his teams were better. A HUGE COMMUNITY GUY. Did more work in the community then you probably will ever know. But right now, we are not gonna be talking about all of that. Nope. We are now going to all get in our glass houses and hurl rocks out of them. Glass breaking be dammed because after all they ARE our opinions, right? Allow me to pick up my rock too then and get to hurling.

First off, as SOON as I saw the scenario, I knew what it was. I really held off on writing this though so the 'facts' could come out. But I already knew. As did most of you. I have been trying to avoid dealing with 'this' side of the issue and deal with WHY I knew the man. Football. But I can't. Ya'll won't let me. So here we go...

All the great things that Steve did do not get to be negated 'cause all of the things that are going to come out about surrounding his death. At least not for me. I did not 'know' Steve. I was not looking to Steve or ANY PRO ATHLETE as my guide on how to conduct my life outside of football/competition. Period. Not one time did I think, "Steve McNair must not cheat on his wife 'cause he gave money for Katrina." or "He was the NFL Man of The Year so he must be perfect...". No. I scratch my head at those who may have. Somewhere along the line, some of you must have thought this though. You had to have. 'Cause all of the sudden, he (nor the men of the World) ain't shit. Ya'll are OUTRAGED. Really? Say it with me:

WE DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE. Why are we holding them to a higher standard? We should not. Period.

He is a man. A human. He played football. That's it. Playing football does not qualify you to be the 'litmus paper' for all good things in life. Neither does singing. Acting. Governing. Ministering. None of that does. We should REALLY cut that out. @ acting like it does and holding people to a higher standard. It isn't like THIS IS THE FIRST TIME SOMEONE IN POWER CHEATED is it? No. It has BEEN HAPPENING but we have the same outrage. I don't get it.

Look, I know MOST OF YOU who are reading this blog and I KNOW GOOD AND FUCKING WELL YOU AREN'T PERFECT. Some of you KNOW ME and know good and FUCKING WELL I am not perfect. So why all of the sudden, because we 'found' this out about him, do we ALL feel like we can bring the 'judgment' hammer out? Why is it that now everything good that he did 'does not count'? Why are we OUTRAGED? I don't get it. He messed up for sure but OUTRAGED?

Listen, the facts are the facts. He got shot while fucking around. You can't change them or twist them. Cool. I would not argue that. He IS DEAD THOUGH. Plenty of people cheat and DON'T DIE. Have you comprehended the fact that he DIED? He got shot because the 'other woman' didn't want him to leave. Are you serious? You are clapping to that? For real? I know most of you think he got 'whatever' most was coming to him. To me, he got way MORE. Too much actually. But it is not my call. Nor is it yours.

I do not hear one word about what females should be doing to avoid these situations and unless it is a 'gay' tryst, THERE ARE WOMEN INVOLVED in each and every one of these type cases. All I hear when the woman's burden is bought up are excuses.

She is not married he is.

She should get all the money she can get from him 'cause he is stupid anyway.

She is just using what she's got to get what she wants. What?

It is the men that cheat. Not the women. (Really?)

So now for the next week, all I get to hear about are all the 'no good men' in the World? Great. Just remember these things ladies.

There isn't just one Fairy Godslut who runs around fucking married/taken men at night/during the day.

Some of these women are 'taken' themselves.

Some of these women want to 'operate' like a man does and seek out taken people so that they get a 'clean' break. (Rarely ever works 'cause feelings by people get in the way.)

Some of these women, if not most of these women, are NOT IN THE DARK about their 'man's status'. Either that 'intuition' that most of you 'claim to have on lock' lets them know or they are told STRAIGHT UP. Very few times is it done where a woman has no clue so stop leaning on that scenario as to 'why men get away with it.' It is just not true. Ya'll know. In this case, this chick OBVIOUSLY knew. She wanted him to leave apparently. It is not just on the men. It never has been. Never will be. Stop it.

I marvel at what some of you must feel is 'not perfect'. The air of arrogance that permeates your language as you speak on something that is not above or beyond reaching you and yours. (If it hasn't already.) I'mma keep 100. I do not KNOW OF A COUPLE yet that has 'years in' (I am talking 30..40 years in) that has not at least had to 'deal' with the scenario. Just think about that. I know someone is going to come running up on me with 'my parents never did'. Like they would TELL YOU ABOUT IT? Really? Or better yet, LIKE THEY HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT. lol I mean, if it happened to with mine, I surely wouldn't be expecting them to come running up and to 'tell me' about it. This ain't Little House on the Prairie. Or the movies or some shit.

In a perfect World, we would all do perfect things. If you live in one, let me know how it is there. 'Cause I do not know anything about that.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

2009 NBA Draft continued...

We left off with Steph Curry...I will not be going through ALL THE PLAYERS. Just the ones of note to me.

8. Knicks Jordan Hill PF- Actually not a bad pick for them. They need all the front court help they can get after signing those duds and trading away the likes of Channing Frye. Maybe some of David Lee can rub off on the kid.

9. Raptors DeMar DeRozan SG- He is one of those freaks of nature that you just don't 'know' how they are going to turn out. Has a NBA pull up right now. Athletic. Just needs to 'learn control' and to use his head. Will he ever do it? Dunno. If they sign Hedo and Bosh continues to be himself, that will take pressure off of him to do big things RIGHT AWAY.

10. Bucks Brandon Jennings PG- The brash young boy from Cali who claims to be better than Rubio (I happen to agree btw) will have to fix that jumper if he hopes to be among the elite guards soon. He has the attitude and can DEFINITELY play tho so I wish him the best. I think his biggest adjustment will still be the night in and night out challenge of facing top flight comp. He did get some VERY competitive basketball in last year in that Italian League but the rules are different and there are no Derek Roses, Chris Pauls, and the like in that League.

11. Nets Terrence Williams SG- I like this young man.- Biggie. He plays D. He is a true 2 guard size. He can score. He has heart and charisma. All the things you need in the NBA. With Vince no longer there and Skip coming to the team, he should have a pretty interesting rookie season. I wonder if he can play the 3 tho or if they are gonna go 3 guard offense with him, Devin and Skip at anytime.

12. Bobcats Gerald Henderson SG- Interesting pick. For more than just the fact that the head coach and GM are both UNC alums and he is a Duke player. My first question is, are you saying you are trading J-Rich(Jason Richardson)? I mean, obviously, Gerald is a rook so he would have to earn some time but just looking down their roster at the position he plays, I don't see much time for him to take. Unless you are gonna put Wallace at the 4 (yikes!) or just simply bring the young boy off the knot. I mean, Gerald is solid though. Athletic. Showed some signs of going to the hole with authority.

13. Pacers Tyler Hansbrough PF- You know after watching some of the Pre-Draft camp footage, the one thing that stood out about this man was his intensity. I am a UNC fan so I have been watching him play. I saw it there. Did not think it would 'translate' on during the workouts the way it did though. I mean, he just LOOKED HUNGRIER than the rest of the dudes. He has a chip on his shoulder. One that even I may have helped put there @ the knocks on his game. He can hit a jumper out to about 20 feet. You know he is going to hustle and he is not scared. He is not fast but seems to get places on the court. Kinda familiar huh? May not make him a star but if Larry Legend picked him (with the same mindset that he feels like he did coming outta Indiana State) then I can be but so down on the kid. Great pick for them. Him and Jeff Foster are probably gonna have a nickname before all is said and done. It won't be because they aren't producing either. Let me tell ya.

17. 76ers Jrue Holiday PG- Interesting pick for the Sixers. They will probably lose Andre Miller at some point (Plus he is old) This kid here is long. Okay handle but another athlete. Could use some time to watch and learn. Probably won't get it. Lou Williams needs to ask for a trade. 'Cause undeservedly or not, this kid is going to eat into his minutes.

18. Denver Ty Lawson PG- One of the three guards drafted by Minny. Traded to Denver. Will get some time with Anthony Carter running the 2 on the second Offense hopefully. Not sure if he can apply what he will learn from Chauncy Billups as they are two different types of guards but he could learn from worse. His coach is also an alum of his school and that should help his playing time. (See Shammond Williams when he played for Karl in Seattle. He got PLENTY OF TIME)

19. Hawks Jeff Teague PG- I can't lie. I am not 'sold' on Mr. Teague. I know he can score though. That I do know. I just don't think his handle is NBA ready. That step back of his is VERY NBA READY. He will have his work cut out for him. Didn't the Hawks already try this 'short scoring guard in a point's body' thing with Acie Law? Speedy Claxton? I don't see him taking any one's minutes. I could be dead wrong though.

20. Jazz Eric Maynor PG- Now THIS GUY CAN PLAY. He reminds me pretty much of every guard that you see in your local rec league that has SERIOUS game but never got a shot. Only he will get one. Can defend. Can run a team. Is TOUGH AS HELL! His conference was a lil weak at times but did boast a team that went to far in the Tourney. (George Mason) In addition, their non conference schedule was pretty good. Besides, we ALL SAW WHAT HE DID TO DUKE. Good pick up by a hard nosed coach. If he catches on quick, I could see him and Deron running together on the floor like they did with him and Paul on the National team. This kid is that good.

There were people who did not get picked up who I will talk about later...

I see once again, my generation (and the ones we influenced)....

Have forgotten what the hell we used to watch on videos. @ the Drake uproar. I hear a whole lotta complaining. Seems some of you have forgotten the songs we used to sing along too. The videos we used to watch. Janet in black jeans TIGHT JEANS, with the ass in full view. Gyrating on the floor. Let's compare the videos shall we? I went extreme for the first one it seems but let's keep it trill. THAT IS WHAT THEY PLAYED and that is what we listened to. Period.

New School.

Old school.

More old school. I'mma pick on some favorites too. Hell, it is a favorite NOW! 'Cause these dudes were DEFINITELY TARGETING US. I was 17 at the time. They just didn't come out. They had been out. It is an old school favorite. Look at the dancers people. They aren't 'older'. That is something that was targeted to kids. Now I guess some of you know why your Momma and Daddy used to hit you with the side eye when this came on. @ all the Drake hoopla..


For you Madonna fans...The whole song felt uncomfortable to sing in front of your parents. Don't front. Ya'll were watching this on them HBO specials. Don't front.

E.U Doin' the Butt. Come on. The TITLE ALONE says it all. Ain't no 'moral' in that. Everybody did that damm dance though! I know that. This VIDEO HERE HAS A LIL GIRL IN THE VIDEO. I didn't see ya'll calling for their head...

I guess my point is this. There was a underlying 'theme' to the video. It was done with a purpose. Was it gratuitous? Yes. But in the end, the scantily clad team lost. There was a reason for that. He took the same analogy that we 'all pretty much use' about having a 'team' of girls and everyone playing their position. He told 'em all they were the 'best'. We all know that you can't do that forever or you will lose. Just like Drake's team did in the video. Was it 'excessive' at times? Yep. Just like the vids I just showed up top. Is it the best video ever? Not even. But ya'll making it out to be like they have re invented the wheel here. 'Ye and Drake are not the first dudes to use T&A and will not be the last.

Dear older people/prudes:

The song/video was not really made for us in mind. Sorry. He has some other stuff that we might enjoy. This is not one of those though. He is 22. What ya'll want him to sing/rap about? 401ks? The Recession? Yeah right...lol. We wasn't studying that shit then at that age so why should he? He is still a kid technically to me ESPECIALLY SINCE HE ACTED. He is may have seen the WORLD and had to grow up fast in some sense but in other ways, he has not. Cut him (and the other young boys) some slack. Yeesh.

Well you say, what about YOUR DAUGHTERS? How do you feel about them watching the video? Would you let them watch it? I don't 'allow' them to watch videos period. I have long gotten past the phase that I watch them on the regular (unless they are on the Net) so there is no need for me to have to worry about them 'staying in the room' to watch them (on my tv..Computer? Maybe? Constantly on TV? No.). Or shooing them out. 'Cause I don't watch 'em. Thus, they are not in the habit of watching them. The TVs that they can watch them on HERE, in this house, are all in a place where people would know that they are watching. So no, they cannot watch it until I am READY FOR THEM TO WATCH IT. One of them actually is old enough for me to let her watch and EXPLAIN THE CONCEPT of the video to her. I would use it, like I do all things, as a learning tool. Can't shelter 'em forever. Best to teach them yourself before one of their 'misguided' cool friends do. Ya dig? Again, him, Wayne, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and the whole lil 'younger generation' are not the first to influence those EVEN YOUNGER than they are. Nor will they be the last. Stop tripping.

On the flip side though, like I said in the other blog post, Drake has finally shown some chinks in his armor and the vultures are out. This is where having a strong label actually involved in more than 'distribution' would help. I am gonna assume that even though their role is just that, Universal will be 'strongly advising' Young Drake on correcting those missteps he has taken. He has already started to do that.

Okay enough of the preachy stuff for now...Speaking of the video, 'cause I do LOVE WOMEN, ole girl who does the stretching in said video...Rosa Acosta. Was going to do a feature on her soon but she popped up in the video. Again, as a full blooded male, I am NOT MAD AT HER. Trust me. Something for my boys that may come through from time to time.

Here's a link to the rest of the gals

I probably should just leave you alone with your thoughts..