Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Joseph Jackson.....

You know that moment when you realize that people around you that YOU MIGHT CARE ABOUT do indeed die? You remember it don't you? From that day forward, a piece of you is changed. Usually though, you still are reserved about showing remorse for people that you have never met when they pass. Even if you liked their music. Liked the way they played sports, etc, etc. That is until one of THOSE DIE. (There are usually several) THOSE SPECIAL PEOPLE who WERE CHILDHOOD icons for you dies. Those special people that have been present throughout most of if not ALL OF YOUR CHILDHOOD AND ADULTHOOD or was one of the persons that you could relate to a special time in your lifetime.

It happened for me when Biggie died so I thought. I was torn up. I mean, the greatest rapper of that time (and some say of all time) had passed. I was growing from a teen to a man and he spoke on things that I knew all about too well. Some that I never admitted to people and some that we all readily admitted to each other on the reg. It was a sad time. However, Biggie was not around my whole childhood. I was already VERY fond of his 'rival' and fellow Brooklynite. One S. Carter. To me, they were neck and neck and his 'career' takeoff allowed the loss of B.I.G to be absorbed. I got over it. I don't think that is gonna happen this time though....

.....cause today I lost a part of my childhood. Someone who was there from the beginning until RIGHT NOW. Someone that I loved as child. Someone who I could feel was suffering. The person I stayed up late and watched moonwalk on TV. Did extra chores for to get that Victory Jacket in '84. Someone I watched people throw rocks at 'cause it was easy. Stupid allegations that did not make any sense after awhile. I watched him make mistakes. He was not perfect. I watched him leave us, come back again only to leave us again for what ended up being for good musically. Someone that EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE LIL R&B dudes now has taken a piece of. (And would readily admit it too.)

All over the World tonight though, people will be talking about him. Some people will hurl their usual vile that they throw at anyone who has not 'done anything for them'. Or take the time to make stupid jokes at his expense. Those that have listened to things that just don't make sense. Those that will judge him for things that he either did not do, had no control over or happened to him because he is (gasps) human. All because the same media that is 'loving on him tonight' put these things out there like they were the gospel.

Only thing you will hear over this way is this:

THANK YOU MJ. I hope that you find that peace and happiness that you were searching for. I got the message in your music. I know you were unhappy here and tried your best to make anyone else who could use your help happy. Especially the kids. As a child, you succeeded because I was happy! I know you did it because you were unhappy as a kid yourself. It was that simple. Thank you for that.

R.I.P to you and to Farah Fawcett.

I salute you and thank you for the memories. Both of you.


Well said. Feel the same way, as you already know.

couldn't have said it better. Michael is one of those legends.. they never TRULY die. their memory ALWAYS lives on. it's just sad that he had to leave us for a lot of people to realize his impact on the world and be able to look past his eccentricity into the man behind the "mask"

Thank ya'll. It still is a shock.

I know how you feel man. I am in so much shock.