Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(Looks around and SUDDENLY notices all the 'new'

PEOPLE) @ hits on the site.

Waves to those that had no clue this even EXISTED. Thank you for coming by. You caught me while I was straightening up the place but that is quite okay with me. I hope that whatever bought you here from now since lets say last Saturday, keeps you here. Even it was just the Picnic pictures. I know I have a couple of new friends from there alone. You will find that I am blunt. I curse a little bit. I usually have to add a MF here or there 'So you ignorant n####@ hear me- Lauryn Hill' so please don't let that taint the message that I am giving out. I am not apologizing for it.I can't because this is ME. My spot. Just letting you know why it is the way it is. If you go through the posts, you will see just how this all started and will have a better understanding as to how it came to be what it is today before you.

For those of you who have BEEN coming through, PLEASE give some feedback to any and all changes that you notice. I tried not to be TOO DRASTIC with the changes but yet smooth things out a bit to make it easier to wade through the information I give out. From beginning to end. Good. Bad. Does not matter. I need to hear it all. You may have noticed a post count 'drop' on the counter if you look at that sort of thing. Not to worry. I know all about it and did some things to make the 'unique' hits of the blog show. No worries and no funny business here. I just wanted a true measure as to who was coming here.

Whether you are new or old, I thank you humbly again for even reading what I have to write on a semi- daily basis.


Hey ya'll, it is OKAY to use the comment section. I know I moderate the comments but unless you just come outta your face on some complete nut type time, I will post the comment. At this point, I want to hear SOMETHING from the people who have taken the time to click on the blog.

Speaking of the Picnic, I have a couple of more people to give a 'Nice to meet you' to BUT I do not know all of your Twitter names and such. I know we will link up though.

One person that I do remember meeting is the one of the Co-Founders of that magazine that I mentioned. Very humble gentleman. He did not even MENTION that was the founder of the very magazine I was holding in my hand. He probably does not remember meeting me and that is okay. It is my job to make sure that I bring it back out of his mental Rolodex. I can accept that. :) However, that same humbleness he displayed in person, he extended over the Interwebs (Twitter) to me. Really nice dude.

Here is a interview that he did with another one of my Favorite MCs in the game (and actual 'computer friend' (Gotta find another phrase for that!). Phonte from Little Brother as well as a link to his magazine's site.

If you are looking for an example of how to get things done with your art, music, blogging, writing, etc, etc, FOLLOW HIM PEOPLE at his Twitter address. Just soak in whatever he puts out.

Oh, I talk about Twitter a lot on here. Not realizing that not everyone who comes here knows me from Twitter. Especially at this point. If you TRULY WANT TO HAVE MY TWITTER NAME, I will be more than happy to provide it for you. Just ask me and I will get it to you. You have to ask though. Sorry.


yay!!! I'm glad i found your blog... i'll be visiting regularly!
-Krissy aka minordetail from twitter

Lookin' good here, fam! Although as a Ravens fan, could do without the terrible towel...but hey, it's your spot. LOL

Again, looks good.

Ha ha..@ Towel. I can understand that! I appreciate the feedback. Truly.

Krissy!! Thank you for reading. I am glad you found it too. I look forward to hopefully keeping you entertained.

and you got to meet @titi_215 at the picnic, LOL. It would've be great had I gotten the opp to meet Tayyib too, but one day it will all work itself out...hopefully?! Great post, show Philly luv ;)