Monday, June 29, 2009


Need I remind some of you that Michael Joseph Jackson passed LAST THURSDAY. In the middle of the day. We here in the United States did not 'wake up' to the news. We watched the day unfold to his passing. So that left two days for the channel that most of you said sucks anyway in which to 'chef a miracle' and pay some homage to the GREATEST ENTERTAINER that we have probably ever seen. Two days. Friday. Saturday. That's it. Some people STILL HAD OTHER GIGS TO ATTEND. Beyonce was JUST HERE (Philadelphia) on Thursday night. When was she supposed to 'come up with a performance' to REALLY pay homage to Mike? On the plane? I know that wasn't her only date prior to the Awards. Same with a lot of the artists. The Awards were on Sunday. I think it was INCREDIBLY silly to expect this grandiose tribute to Mike. You know good and damm well if they had done some 'middle of the show' tribute to him, you STILL would be complaining. Talking about they could have done more than that! Just like you are doing now.

Some of you seemed to be under the impression that they were going to do a 'whole' show about him. Did they not tell you at the beginning that 'all throughout' the show, there would be tributes to the man? I think they did that. It opened up with one. They TOOK AT LEAST TWO months to finalize all plans, coordinate schedules and the like for the show THEY HAD PLANNED. You want dance tributes, songs sang and all of that outta two days prep time? Seriously? I don't care if YOUR FAVORITE underground singer/rapper could do it or not, the results would have been the same. It was a pretty damm good show considering all the ADDED EXTRA ACTS. A good twelve or so of those people WERE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE ATTENDING THE SHOW, never mind performing in it.

There will be TONS of Tribute shows for Michael that will have the proper time and preparation for you guys to tear into. Let's face it, if Jesus himself came down and sang for Mike some you would find fault in it. This awards show was not that HORRIBLE.

New Edition, Tyrese, Trey Songz, the host Jamie Foxx, Neyo and others did the best they could for such SHORT SHORT SHORT notice. I will say that the timing of Young Money's performance (with a surprising subdued Drake opening up) was weird. I am going to assume that they had been originally slated to 'close' the show. Not sure who told Wayne that it was a great idea to have 'lil girls' on the stage while performing either song that they did. That was in poor taste. Again, I am going to chalk that up to last minute changes to the show that just got overlooked.

For a network that I admittedly don't mess with too tough these days, they did a pretty good job of turning a show that had 'little to do with MJ' into one that had his presence in it the whole show. Anybody expecting them to have some 'great' show though was delusional from jump. You shoulda known better.

My boy (@Jose3030 on Twitter) has pretty much the whole performances, including Hov's new video HERE at his beautiful site:

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Oh and while I am talking about the Awards the O'Jays would outdo 85% of the acts out now. That dude Pleasure P is probably a beast when he is in Florida. He was TERRIBLE last night. Weezing on the stage, struggling through his performance and with the okay vocals. You got to see why Diddy makes his artists jump through hoops 'cause Mike and them (Day 26) didn't sound like that. Tyrese, Trey Songz and Johnny Gill did not sound like that. Take notes Pleasure P. You too @ ole boy who sings that 'Birthday Sex' song. My boy Drake performed and it was not good either. I know he tore his ACL so he has to 'chill out' on stage but I was not too happy with his performance or the timing of it.

The Aaron Hall/R.Kelly debate that used to happen should have a CLEAR WINNER NOW. @ Aaron's voice. He pulled a broke down Eddie Kane out there last night. I was hot about that.

Joe Jackson out there promoting his record label?? smh He was probably sliding business cards to homegirl from True Jackson that got up there and sang.

I love Keisha Cole but she got murdered on her own song. Period.

Thou protest too much @ the "I'm Not Gay." showcases.

Mary Mary sounded great but that is not my type of gospel music. Sorry. The outfits? I don't have to say much. I am sure you have already said enough in your own mind about them. The song itself? Again, they sounded GREAT. Queen coming out with them was good too but I like my gospel music to SOUND like gospel music. I am not really with the incorporating of secular sounds in music. I understand that it 'draws' the younger folks in. I really do. They did not conjure up images of anything Holy to me with that performance though.

Maxwell came out and gave a great performance. The album is banging too. PETA WILL BE CALLING THOUGH. @ the feathers.

More coming..As I feel like it..@ the Awards.


I thought the show was decent, what could they really do? A lot of people are saying "wait for the Grammys" I hope people realize the Grammys will not be until the Spring of 2010. Anyway, I think Drake *looked* lazy as shit, and at the very least, he should have went on stage with his cane. The little girls dancing around made me feel uncomfortable BUT the OJay's killed it. Neyo did his thing! It was a decent for what time they had to put it together.