Tuesday, June 16, 2009

After all of that, Donte' Stallworth will be out in time

to report to camp.


Wow. Just wow. I mean, I know it is a vehicular charge and he didn't 'mean' to/maliciously kill that man but wow. I guess on one hand, if I was in his shoes I would be THANKFUL as hell. I know his L's were suspended forever and he has 10 years probation but damm. I also see he is going to pay the family too. Won't bring homeboy back but that will help ease whatever burden financial burden his loss caused. They agreed to the agreement too so that probably helps.

Somewhere, #7 is like "Oh, I shoulda killed a person? Is that what you are saying?"

This just in... White Jesus on Earth has just weighed in...Indefinite Suspension. Which we all know means anything from a 'slap on the wrist' to telling him he can play when he is 45' or some shit. I hate that word or rather the way it is used. It is as if we don't know that the Commissioner ALREADY doesn't have several scenarios as to how this will play out and what his plan of action is. That's even if he takes anymore action than suspending him. smh. Come on man. Lay it out. If Stallworth does "XYZ", he gets back in in "XYZ" years or "He ain't getting back in on my watch..." One or the other. Quit playing God wit it.


Sang, Luda.

./'./'If I take one mo Drank, im gon end up killin you... ./'./'

$ talks...bullshit runs the marathon. Sad but true.