Sunday, May 17, 2009

(Waves to my new followers) Welcome..

If you know me offline, I am sure that NONE of what I am saying is shocking to you. Hell, you could probably vouch for my views and help reassure the people that what I am saying is not fake. I finally decided to get the nerve to put up my blog address in other places that I KNOW OTHERS WILL SEE IT. So I guess that means I will get tamer with the posts huh?

I'll take HELL NO FOR A THOUSAND, ALEX!- Jeopardy. This is my spot. My therapy. My place to vent to those that 'really don't know' the people in my life, the things that I have seen, my point of view on things now. So I will not be biting my tongue. Nor should you expect me to if you know me in real life. You gotta know that I don't do that by I have tact but after a while, I let it out. So yeah, we will see how this goes. This ought to be fun actually. At least for me. My Life your entertainment...Speaking of which...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out my peoples in the Chi. They make funny lil shorts about their life as a married couple/parents.

Here is the first episode:

Also, I have some more friends that do a web show and they are pretty damm funny. Babs and Koku..

Feel free to answer their question here about Red Lobster.....And peep the rest of their page. Very talented and from the looks of it they just might be getting ready to be 'put on' too so hurry up and get on board. Read more about them HERE..


Red Lobster is NOT fine dining! Good food yes. Fine dining, nahhhh.

I meant to comment on this. AGREED!!