Thursday, May 14, 2009

The pictures!! Someone is getting corporate. Jon & Kate..

and a couple of other things..

By now, unless you live under a rock, you know that Cassie V. and Rihanna both have pictures of them nude. To say it isn't a 'big deal' is probably an understatement at this point. I am talking about it here aren't I? We KEPT TALKING ABOUT ON TWITTER didn't we? On Face book? In the barbershop? Radio? You get the picture. So yeah, it is a pretty big deal. Should it be though? Maybe and maybe not. The part of the situation that I want to talk about right now though is the whoever leaked it part/they leaked it for publicity part.

Now I know that the lot of you reading this blog are okay with a computer. You have been around the block with this thing. You probably have a blog spot of your own. Some social networking sites. Work on one at work. The whole nine. So to those people, I know that it is unimaginable that someone would 'hack' into any one's personal anything to steal things. To those of you who think that, I would like to share with you that it happens to NORMAL PEOPLE TOO. Not sure what social networks you roam on, but even the 'music' forums, the 'let's just get together and bullshit' forums, this type of behavior is PRETTY NORMAL. If you have given a nude picture (or taken one)to someone, chances are, someone else has seen it. If it is on your computer, there is a good chance someone will get it. Such is life. Heaven forbid, you are popular on the site and they fall into the wrong hands. Someone will make a thread and there you are. In a link on imagebeaver or some shit playing with your cookie or stick/naked/or whatever. It HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. So now, take that mentality that is pretty much standard operating PROCEDURE ON THE NET, a lonely nerdy kid with HACKING CAPABILITIES, and someone with a pretty fat Pay Pal account and PRESTO. People's shit get hacked. This is how it happens folks. YOU MIGHT NOT THINK/HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO HACK INTO some one's computer/Sidekick/etc and that is great. But like most shit, it isn't ABOUT YOU dammit. Get off your horse for a second. Everyone isn't you. lol IT HAPPENS. A lot more than you know. People steal regular people's credit via the Net all the time. You think that nudes aren't different? Porn is big business whether you frown upon it or not. Do I believe that some people have done this in the past as a 'publicity stunt'? Sure. It got them nowhere though. I think that has BEEN PROVEN. It does not work. Those people are no more popular now then they were when they released their sex work. You gonna cite Paris or Kim? They already had shit in the works before their scandals happened. Matter of fact, the latter of them got put on BECAUSE OF PICS W/THE FORMER. That is how she got put on.

Oh and another thing, while I am sure that there are a couple of grandmas, people who don't listen to popular music and people who live under said rock up top that had no clue who these people were, THAT NUMBER IS NOT HIGH. In English, the same mofos who were scouring the Net trying to get pics of said starlets, ALREADY KNEW ABOUT THEM. Maybe you like to think that your boyfriend was telling the truth when he said "Cassie? Whose that? Never heard of her" but NEWSFLASH. He has. If he likes woman he has. I don't care if he listened to nothing but MOP all day. He knew who the fuck she was. Your co-worker would like you to think she hadn't heard of them and only knew of them via the Tom Joyner Show. Wrong. She might not have listened to their music knowingly but she knew who she was. Same with Chris Breezy's 'former' lady. YOU DEFINITELY knew who she was. You been telling the world since "Me and You" came out that she has no talent. So let's stop that facade too. It wasn't about publicity. You can look at the photos and tell that they were never meant to be put out there for us to see. If these people are as 'smart' as you say they are to 'leak' nudes of themselves they coulda pulled an Aubrey Day and posed for Hef. Both have enough pull and obviously enough male (and female) following to do so. That is clear. Knowing Hef, he probably already asked them on them low long time ago. As far as press is concerned, RIHANNA NEEDS MORE PRESS NOW? For real? That is her reasoning for 'leaking' the photos? You sure about that dumb ass statement? Positive? So sending out pics probably meant for the nigga who beat her ass was what she did? Yeah..Okay. C'mon people. Wake the fuck up. She needs more press like she needs another hole in her damm head. She is getting PLENTY OF THAT. It sounded good..RIGHT UP UNTIL YOU SAID OUT LOUD. @ that notion.

Twitter. Stop lying about why you are doing things. Tell the truth. You 40 something dudes gonna fuck around lose your base. Last time I checked, what you are doing isn't really copyrighted to the point that it can't be duplicated. Easily. They say Facebook jacked your steez anyway. Be easy. I think you guys slowed us down last night for one of two reasons. To either 'teach us your power' or because of Lost. Hopefully, I am WRONG ON BOTH COUNTS. Both reasons are CORPORATE AMERICA like a motherfucker and are bullshit. Teaching us a lesson will lose ya'll users QUICK FAST AND IN A HURRY. At this point, those of us who deal with each other on the regular have other means to contact each other outside of Twitter. We will just go to those. Shutting it down because of Lost means that ABC musta got in your pocket. Again, if it is that easy, OH BOY. Hopefully I am wrong. I REALLY MEANT that.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is one of my favorite shows. I see now that they are considering a split due to the 'I' word on Jon's part. Seems he got caught taking some photos on a night out with some people he knew. One was a 22 year old 'not ugly' teacher. I don't know the specifics. I am not sure I want to at this point. The story is out there. That's all I know. Then there is 'speculation' that Kate is seeing her bodyguard. I hear people 'clapping'/co-signing this. Okay people, now I KNOW WE ALL LOVE DRAMA. I get it. It makes things interesting, blah, blah blah...But this INCREDIBLY insensitive piece of writing right here takes the cake.

Swipe=Not my article. I didn't write it. Nor am I claiming to have written it. (Obviously if I am not condoning

Now it is not that I do not understand what the writer is saying. I actually 'get it'. They have a tribe to feed. They need to get that money. Yada, yada, yada. I get that. I have 3/8ths of what they are facing at home myself and THEY AREN'T CHEAP. Okay. I dare think however, that the writer is not thinking about the 'message' that sends to the World though. Not only about Kate or Jon, but about whatever it is they are supposed to have. Now, I have heard MANY A YOUNG PERSON SAY, "Staying together for the kids is stupid". These are also people without a kid to raise. It would be akin to me listening to a person talk war strategy who has never even been in a fistfight. They just don't KNOW ANYTHING. I don't care how many FIGHTS THEY HAVE SEEN, HOW MUCH CALL OF DUTY THEY PLAYED, they don't 'know'. They have never done it. Credibility is zero. Money be dammed they have 8 KIDS TO RAISE. If the bodyguard rumor is true, we have to go back to the old saying that everyone wants to sweep under the rug when it doesn't support their theory. Two wrongs don't make a right. They are both wrong now. How can she stand on ANY HIGHER OF A MORAL GROUND? Miss me with that 'well he disrespected it first'. If that is the case, get out of it the MINUTE YOU STOP CARING ABOUT IT. 'Cause at that point, you don't respect it either. Regardless of feelings. If it can be worked out, they need to work it out though. Now of course, they are gonna do what they are going to do. As they should as neither you or I are in the situation. Lol This is just my two cents.

If you follow me on Twitter, you KNOW that I love music. You probably like 85% or more of what I play. Having said that, go to this man's blog. He is a member of the group called Tanya Morgan. They are dope. No they are not mainstream but YES THEY CAN SPIT AND ARE NOT JUST 'RHYMING TO BE RHYMING' as I like to call it. THE END.


Where to begin...Cassie/Ri-Ri pics. Live and learn girls, live and learn. When you are a celeb, or even regular folks, if you don't want your stuff seen by everyone, keep it off your computers. And definitely keep from sharing unless you really want it out there at some point. That kind of stuff rarely stays hidden for long.

Twitter-well, I'm not sure what they are doing. That business with replies was way wrong. If you're gonna make changes, you gotta let folks know way in advance.

Jon & Kate-I don't watch and my wife was a fan until she felt that Kate was way too much of a control freak. You're right though about them needing $$$ for all those kids. Good thing they have a show...

re: Tanya Morgan-U already know!

Good post.

Very true!! @ stays hidden and pics. I mean, you took so you KNOW that they are gonna get shared. You just gotta hope that who they share 'em with doesn't do that with them.

Twitter fumbled that one. For real. The delivery was all wrong. Ole boy who does the blog needs to get someone else to read it before he posts info on changes. Period.

I feel bad for both of them. @ Jon and Kate. Kids too.

TM really did the thing.

Thank you so much for even reading it fam. For real.

I watch J & K + 8 too...jst b/c of the kids. Kate is a naggin', mean, bossy itch-bay. I don't blame Jon if he was trying to get some peace and have some fun, but like you sd, they have a "tribe". They need to work this out and get on the same page...which means OFF TV. Thus our show would be no more, but Jon has repeatedly said he wants OFF and to be DONE w/ the show...a marriage if TWO ppl, not jst one. Kate can't do it all - wear the pants, shot call, not work, be a mom...she needs him as much as he needs her. She needs to stop being so selfish and put her family first. Ef the fame and the $$$...ppl get greedy and this is where the trouble brews. Be thankful for what you did, saw, experienced, caked off of the show...and walk away. RUN! Before it's too late.

No comment on the Cassie/Ri-Ri BS...we'd be here ALL day. All I will say is this - in my ENTIRE cell phone and internet having life I have NEVER sent a nude pic, web cammed, sexted, cyber smutted w/ ANYBODY! I don't care if my man was in Iraq and sd babe send me a nipple shot...HELL NO. I am a woman first. I have a family who is very computer literate. I work w/ kids and volunteer in the community. I hope to have children one day! You would NEVER catch me up in some scandalous BS like this b/c I wouldn't put myself in a position for this to happen in the 1st place! They have to accept some responsibility for doing it. And PAUSE @ the fags who released the pics, jst cause they MAD, lol. But UNPAUSE b/c all the fellas loved it... word to @fall4ronluv "I feel like I had sex w/ Cassie and never met her" - jst frm viewing the pics! LMAO. Ppl need to be more private and secure their what you want at home and behind closed doors, but damn have some discretion...