Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kimmy Kakes!!!

First pic is a preview of who might be coming next!!

I don't care what you think about her. She is hot to me. Fuck it. I ain't trying to marry the gal, I just think she is hot to death. She is not the only one I feel that way about but she get to be the first I put up like that in this space.


yeah...she is hot.I'm saying that because I am a woman and I can recognize other women hotness. Should I say "pause" or "no homo" or "no ellen" or something here...either way, yeah..she is.

I still think she and her other gal pals are quite ridiculous.

But then again, maybe if I made a boatload of money just for showing up at some club and partying I wouldn't care if I was ridiculous.

OK, now back to regularly scheduled programmimg.

She and her sisters, particularly Kourtney are HOT TO DEATH. (There's a hint in there somewhere...) Some of her other pals are too. I concur, I would be acting a complete ass if I had access to all of that. Not towards people per say but doing it up like they do.

No 'no homo' required here. We are QUITE GROWN AROUND THESE PARTS. Sidenote: You are a brunette. I would HOPE YOU WOULD SIDE WITH/LIKE HER. She is a bad bad bad gal. I don't blame REGGIE A BIT.