Thursday, May 21, 2009

James Harrison, The NBA PLAYOFFS, Drake and Jeezy in DE?? and more

Seems my man James Harrison (reigning Defensive Player of the Year for YOUR WORLD CHAMPION PITTSBURGH STEELERS) does not want to join the team today at the White House.

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Pittsburgh Sports Examiner
James Harrison sticks to principles in skipping White House trip
May 20, 2:17 AM · 4 comments

AP FILE PHOTO/JAMES HARRISON A lot has been said recently of James Harrison not wanting to make Thursday's trip to the White House.

For most, a visit to the Rose Garden to pose with the President of the United States, especially one who made history, would be a dream come true.

Not so for Harrison.

Personally, I don't see the big deal about Harrison's refusal to attend the ceremony. If anything, one should love the guy for sticking to his principles. In 2006 when the team went to visit George W. Bush after winning Super Bowl XL, he didn't attend.

Then it was no big issue. Harrison was a backup to the outspoken Joey Porter. Now, because he had a huge part in the Steelers win in Super Bowl XLIII and the fact he is the reigning NFL Defensive MVP, media outlets are having a field day with it.

Take this story from Chris Chase of Yahoo Sports. In his blog he says this.

When Harrison won the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award, he didn't decline and say, "As far as I'm was concerned, they would've given this award to someone else if they had had a better defensive season than me." And when he scored that touchdown in the Super Bowl after returning an interception 100 yards, I'm pretty sure Harrison didn't tell the ref to take the points off the board because, as far as he was concerned, if Larry Fitzgerald(notes) had caught him, Harrison wouldn't have scored. As far as I'm concerned, James Harrison is sort of a fool.

A fool? C'mon, be real. Harrison may not attend the White House ceremony, but who cares. I like the fact he would rather be training as he told reporters when he came off the field during Tuesday's practice.

My good friend Mike Bires of the Beaver County Times also has a good piece on this. In it, Harrison had this to say about not making the trip.

“I decided not to go because I don't want to go,” Harrison said. “No personal feelings.(toward Obama) No nothing. I just don't want to go. That’s all there is to it.”

And you know what? You have to love Harrison's other reaction to the plethra of media at the South Side facility when posed the question.

"I'm surprised the media is making a big deal about it," he said. " 'Oh my James Harrison must be a devil worshipper!, he ain't going to the White House!"

People have to remember this about Harrison. He'd prefer to be out of the media spotlight. He's said it on numerous occasions.

"There’s not too much they don’t know about me anymore,' Harrison said recently. "They (media) have asked me so many questions that I’ve told everything to somebody somewhere.”

But Harrison is a true success story and epitomizes the Steel City. A man with a strong blue collar work ethic, who worked his way into the player he is today, teammate James Farrior's comments say it all.

“He epitomizes what the Steelers organization is all about throughout the history of the team. He’s a hard, tough-nosed guy. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. He always plays aggressive, and I definitely think he’s the most intimidating player when he’s out there on the field. He doesn’t have to talk, he just goes out there and plays.”

It's not like he is making a political statement either. Bush was a Republican, Obama is a Democrat. Also, Harrison has the utmost respect for team owner Dan Rooney, who was recently named Ambassador to Ireland by Obama and an ardent supporter during the election along with former Steeler greats Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis.

If a political stance was the case, it would be newsworthy. Him not wanting to go is just fodder on a slow news day. The dean of Pittsburgh beat writers Ed Bouchette had a different spin to the Harrison story then most writers which was worth noting.

According to one of Bouchette's sources, the All-Pro linebacker, who fears nothing on the field, has a fear of flying and his agent Bill Parise confirmed this. But like Bires says, he has never missed a team flight or a trip to Hawaii.

So give Harrison credit instead of calling him a fool. Parading out for a media outing with the President isn't a priority to him. Football is his focus, and that is what he will be training for while the rest of the team is in Washington on Thursday.

Now I don't know about calling Mr. Harrison a fool. I will say that it is a non story to me at this point. He didn't go the last time we won either. Thing is, he wasn't a star at that time so nobody gave a damm. His ORIGINAL statement as to why and the way he played that was wrong to me though. The stance that he is taking now of "I just wanna work on football' is the correct one and one who should have just stuck with! lol He doesn't want to go? Cool. No problem. I am sure BHO isn't too worried.

That Lakers/Nuggets game was all you could ask for in a playoff game. Anyone who has 'doubted' Melo should be convinced now. (Like the Olympics weren't enough or something! Or the NCAA title) He went head up with Kobe and was a A. Carter inbound pass from winning. Same with Dwight Howard. His team showed that they are not just gonna lay down @ last night's victory. Lebron's teammates couldn't hit a shot to save their lives last night in the second half. It certainly wasn't Lebron's fault they lost. He made the right play on that last possession prior to the jump ball. Dude just missed. Good series from both sides. I love it. I am going to miss basketball when it finally does end. I swear I am.

I see #43 will be gracing the cover of Madden. You can see the vid here..

Congratulations Troy! Before you ask, no I am not worried about that curse. That man gets hurt and plays hurt damm near every down. Hell, it might IMPROVE his chances of not getting hurt. lol

It is him and Larry Fitzgerald.

Finally I'mma leave you with this reminder. It won't be the first time you hear me say it and DEFINITELY NOT THE LAST.

If you are not doing your job and YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB, you can only get but so mad when someone finds a way to get said job done. Yes, there is a way for that person to go about doing and YES, you still have some right to get mad depending on the agreement/arrangement. But there comes a time when yo, YES YOU, have to take some blame. I don't care what your lil friends are telling you or what those that are 'feeling you' have to say. You know deep down what you did/your part of the problem is. Own up to it. Please. We are grown. It is time to start acting like it. No more bullshit excuses.


That's a whole lotta stuff wrapped in one blog post. Agreed on the Harrison stuff...let the man play football. He is not a communist. Sheesh.

I just get to rolling and...@ lotta stuff. lol

I mean, in the grand scheme of things, I don't care about that man not going to see the Prez. I wanna win. Period.