Friday, May 1, 2009

The 'Flu' and other things..Cancelled Drake/Jeezy concert....

Okay, so as you probably know by now we have a bit of a problem with a flu virus. It is quickly spreading. People use your brains and what your Momma taught you (hopefully). @ hygiene.

Drake/Jeezy show canceled due to that flu outbreak on UD campus. I was going to use today's space to write mainly about that. I am still not happy.

That Celtics/Bulls series is A BARN BURNER!! Ray Ray is shooting the heck outta the ball. Him and Gordon are going AT IT. I love it. That is playoff basketball.

How do you get BLOWN OUT in a series when the reigning Defensive Player of The Year is suspended Philly? Yeah...The other AI is pissed but I can tell you what, THE ORIGINAL AI would not have went out like that. That is all I am saying...

Dear Josh Smith: I love your talent. You are a bad mofo. With that said, you are winning the game in your building. You know you are going to Miami, possibly to close the series out. YOU CANNOT MAKE THAT DUNK ATTEMPT at the end of the game even if it is in your building. @ the missed dunk. I am sure that you Pros really want us to believe that 'locker room' fodder is a myth. It is not. I have played in rec Leagues where dudes don't forget shit like that. @ showing up your opponent. Number 3 for the other team is ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN THAT LEAGUE. You woke him up. Good job Josh! @ the blowout in Miami the next night. Ya'll might win the series and all but take the lesson son. Lay that shit up next time. Respect your opponent and the game. You do that shit when you are IN THE CLOSE OUT GAME if at all. Not the game before. Got it? Good.

I want to touch on something that only someone who has lived with another person could REALLY UNDERSTAND.


We all need them. We all should have them. What we SHOULDN'T DO is depend on someone else to make them 'fun' for us, others to just re arrange their schedules and wait on us, and/or waste them. It is YOUR DAY OFF. Do what you do! If you lay around all day, guess what? That is what you CHOOSE TO DO. Just don't expect others to either slack off 'cause you got the day off if they are home doing what they do everyday. Be respectful of others on YOUR DAY OFF people. THAT IS ALL.

Mike Vick is on his way to Hampton probably as we speak. I hope that the time he has spent away sobered him to who was who and what was what. I have my own opinion about the crime he did vs. the penalty he received but that has passed now. I wonder if society is going to let him back in. We embraced all types of fucked up individuals in the past so I am not sure if I will be happy if he is not at least given a chance to redeem himself. We will see though. Let the 'outrage' begin again. Smh

It also looks like my favorite boxer will be back in the ring after his 'retirement'. Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather is set to return. Not like we all didn't know he was taking a 'vacation' and all. Even his fans like myself, knew that. It will be good to see him in the ring. I am sure that while he has not been in the ring on TV, he still has the skills to get it done.

Dear Brett Favre: Stay retired. I know you want to play with Childress. I don't even doubt that you CAN PLAY. That isn't it. I just think it is time. That is all. You are going to do what you want to do anyway though. The Vikings should have been your first choice to begin with when you pulled this last year. Respect to the Packers be dammed as they made the choice to go with Aaron. You see where 'respecting them' got you last year right? lol You cannot undue last year though. So do not try to.

Kerry Rhodes I hope you like your new quarterback situation by the way. You too Thomas Jones. Ya'll better not cry about it this year. That is all I know.

(Waves to all of the new people reading the blog) I am still finding my way with it. Bare with me.

One more rant. Extended warranties. I have one on this very laptop I am typing on. The screen is 'black' and I am currently using the two external monitors that I always use ANYWAY to see what I am typing. The screen flickers on when you open it half way so I know that whatever it is IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS. I just do not own a solder kit to fix the lil cable running up the back of the screen. The back light works perfectly yadda yadda yadda. So I know it is minor. So I take it down to where I bought it from to get the screen looked at. They pull my name up. After a little bit of delay, they find the account and pull it up. They cannot fix it there so they have to send it out. Okay. I can probably deal with that. No biggie right? What are talking? A week. Heck two weeks? I could probably live with that. NO. The motherfucker behind the counter (I realize it isn't his policy but the nonchalant way he said it is the issue) said NINE TO TEN WEEKS MINIMUM but it would be more like 13- 16 weeks. I just looked at him like "Are you serious? What is this 'weeks' shit anyway? What is my laptop pregnant? Oh it just 'sounds' better supposedly when you say it in weeks huh?" What the hell are you going to do? MAKE ME ANOTHER DAMM LAPTOP? I have had cars that have been smashed up in the back come back SOONER THAN THAT! So yeah, fuck an extended warranty. This is what I get with one? You will have to excuse me as I have always done things a certain way. Warranty was not a part of that. You don't get those from the Jerome at the Barbershop when you purchase things so yeah. I was PISSED.Hell, even Jerome would try and cop you another one if that happened if you KNEW him like that. Shit. I mean, I actually USE MY SHIT. So I found a store that would at least 'look at it' for a more reasonable time period. I still have other computers so I will be online. Maybe that will force me to blog 'when I can' instead of when I want to.@ not having my laptop. lol Who knows. In any event, I will update ya'll on Monday to see what the 'other place' is talking about. I am almost positive THAT THERE WILL BE SOME MORE BS TO REPORT. I can feel it. lol


re: THE DAY OFF-my feelings exactly. Everyone needs a day off from time to time, and we even discussed my recent "mental health" day on Twitter awhile back. And it should be a day to do what you want to do, and not to depend on someone else to make it a good day. Heck, every day should be yours to choose how to make it a good day for you.

Good luck with the laptop. If I didn't have mine for 13-16 weeks, man, I would be frustrated also. Thankfully, I can use the wife's if necessary. She doesn't use hers anywhere near as much as I do.

Blogging when you can vs. when you want, with a full-time job, that's almost my schedule anyways...and I like what you write, so I can bear with the schedule. I'm lucky if I can get three posts up on mine in a week.

Thank you! @ laptop. I am just mad 'cause I know there is nothing majorly wrong with it. @ laptop.

That day off stuff is a pet peeve of mine. lol That was a real life post for me.

Then there are days like today where I have three entries in one day. It is like rain. @ blogging. It is either bone dry and a monsoon. lol I feel you @ 3 posts a week. Thank you for even reading and responding. For real!