Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cleveland vs.The Lakers and those that seem to

think the League REALLY cares to the extent that they do.

Now ideally, the League's two biggest stars playing in the championship game would BE A GREAT IDEA and I do not doubt that the League would like to see that. I really don't. It is a business..yada...yada...yada...At the same time though, people are getting a little outta hand with the comments of them being out right NERVOUS about a Denver/Orlando series. Why? You guys act like 'Melo isn't a hood star or that Dwight (he of McDonald's ads, pretty clean cut image baby outta wed lock withstanding, and the like) is the second coming of Ron Artest or something and that they wouldn't draw ratings. The 'buzz' about the nervousness is so loud on Twitter/Facebook/barbershop that I dare say if they are taking note, they have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. @ the comments being made about 'Bron and Mamba. So they have a lil commercial about the two cats with puppets..Oooh, they REALLY WENT ALL OUT ON THAT ONE!! That was a big budget commercial right there. Yeah right...It sounds like ya'll do not want to see it and that there are MORE THAN OF ENOUGH OF YA'LLS for David to turn a profit. The funny thing is, you would STILL WATCH A LEBRON/KOBE Final anyway. If no more than to hate on it. lol And you know it. I personally don't care too tough which one of the four teams get in 'cause at least it is not the Spurs or Detroit. I did not want either of them in it. Some of ya'll are really showing your slips though. Tuck your slip in mayne.

While we are at, lets address this increasingly homoerotic trend of calling your favorite hated player/rapper some quasi gayed up version of their name. You sound mad suspect if you have nicknamed another man based off of his looks or attire. Not saying you can't notice but you have officially taken it too far if you are picking out a matching nickname. It doesn't matter if I like the artist or not, I think it is pretty much stupid all the way around. I mean, if you don't like the person, why are you STILL paying attention them? I don't get it. lol You hate Hov but you up in every link to see what he is doing? Yeah..You don't like the young bol from ATL who is making your lil niece giggle through the phone to some young cat but yet you STAY WATCHING HIS VIDEOS and listening to his songs well beyond the time period it takes to ascertain whether you like it or not. Or my favorite, YOU HAVEN'T LISTENED TO/WATCHED SAID PERSON PLAY/ DON'T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM but you 'know' you don't like them. Hate them in fact. (Your words, not mine) lol But yet have taken the time to 'label' them with your own lil cool 'nickname' for 'em? Then you find out some of your favorite artists have worked with them and now they are 'tolerable'..Or you are a fan now and have been one. Okay

Skip was BALLING last night. I was not mad. At all. In case you just have no clue....

I don't even have to say anything else do I?? Didn't think so...


Good to see the old Skip clips, good times getting those on bootleg back in college lol...nice post.