Monday, May 25, 2009

The Charles Hamiliton sh#t....

I am sure you saw it. Charles and his girlfriend had an 'intimate' argument on camera. I will play both here in case you been living under a rock.

The Punch...

The Apology...

First 'The Punch'. All I have to say is that she kinda opened the door. Yes, he crossed the line but she opened the door by reading off her 'freestyle'. Hats off to the nigga for not punching her back. It coulda got ugly really quick. He probably needs to guard his grill a lil better when he is popping shit while she CLEARLY needs to work on her anger shit. She probably won't end up with him and the next man might not be as composed. Everyone should keep their hands to themselves. That is my take on that. Things happen when you don't. Period.

The 'Apology' I actually think that is a lil too real for people to handle. That is HOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HANDLE SHIT. I don't even LIKE THIS DUDE but I will give him and her all the credit in the World FOR ACTUALLY OWNING UP TO THEIR MISDEEDS in the situation. 'Cause they both fucked up. Majorly. Her for even bring that freestyle out and him for not so much crossing the line in his freestyle but more for EVEN FEEDING INTO THE SHIT. He shoulda shut her down on camera and said "Look here, you know what this is and you know if I respond how it going to get..Chill out." Coulda handled it all behind the scenes. He knew who she was and how she gets. No need to let the rest of the world know. Know WHO YOU ARE FUCKING CHARLES!!

In the spirit of the 'adult content' tag my blog has..Ole school Vida G. pic..


They both wack as hell.

Good for them for apologizing to each other, but like you say, that should have been handled behind the scenes. The older heads like to use the phrase about "putting one's business in the street," well, that's what they did to each other. If you have some issues that you need to discuss privately, you don't put that stuff out on front street for everybody to see. You handle it between the two of you and keep it moving.

Though ole girl had a wicked right hand, reminded me of the Pacquiao-Hatton fight LOL