Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is a repost for a 'few' but for the vast majority this is new...The raw truth..

 was going to write on this subject anyway but this just puts it in such a good perspective that I will post it anyway..

The raw reality of the truth is disgusting. I, more often than not, will lie about reality to keep myself from appearing badly to you. ("Oh, God, I wouldn't want to think x.y.z about me because that would be a.b.c.") The self is a very fragile, delicate being no matter what package it is wrapped in. It has a very sensitive nature that only wants to be appreciated, not questioned or discarded. And, because of all of this, the self will do anything to protect itself in the eyes of those it would like to, ultimately, please. Even lie. -bittersweet

I am starting off this blog with this salvo from another VERY GOOD blog I read this morning. Take from it what you want. In theme with it, here's what I have to say today....

I am looking around and things aren't looking so swift around me. I see some of you are looking pretty over there though while others are trying to make it work. Working hard and giving each other the attention that each other deserves. While we all would like to say that what goes on around doesn't matter for shit, it really does. It might not be the end all be all but it holds some sort of weight. Otherwise, we wouldn't keep these people around us. At least I would hope that is the case with most of you. You are supposed to surround yourself with those that are on the same page as you in some way. So seeing others do good is important to me to an extent. Don't get me wrong, if you are going in the other direction, I will continue to do me and what I need to do but I take great comfort in knowing it isn't just me "fighting this war". For those of you falling that 'other' way, I still love you btw. I am still here. You don't have to fall back from me. Been where you are at. It doesn't make you a horrible person and I can't throw rocks at your throne. Nor would I. This is about as "preachy" as I am going to get unless you invite me into your business. As you can see, I ain't said no names here. And for those of you who are like "What the hot hell is he talking about?" don't worry. If you don't really get what I am saying, it wasn't for you anyway..Just tuck it away in the archives. You might not need it now but if you are ever going to be in relationship, you might need it later. Ya neva know- Chris Rock

It is summer time damm near again and as we all know that good ole "itch" is coming through. Act like you got some sense dammit. Don't neglect your responsibilities and whatnot. Offers will be tendered. Smile and politely decline. It ain't worth it. The grass may look greener but some of you don't even cut the grass you have now. Fucks you taking on other properties for? Take care of that property and you might re-discover the things you liked about it when you bought it. IF YOU ARE GONNA TAKE ON MULTIPLE PROPERTIES, please remember the code of the game. Act like you been in the game before. Keep things in perspective. I don't wanna hear no war stories about you treating your jumpoffs like GFs and then wondering why you are in the 'situation' that you are in at the end of the day. Or about the dude that you 'fell for' while your intent was just to knocking him off for the summer. You know how the game is played. Quit picking people that YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY LIKE. I usually don't touch on this stuff too much but I thought I would show ya'll that I DO KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS. I am married. Not an idiot. Far from it. Oh yeah, I love T.I.'s music and all but please understand, IT IS TRICKING IF YOU GOT IT. Period. No if, ands or buts about it. Now, if that is how you get it, hey. But understand that it is tricking. Period.

Also for those of you with kids, take your kids out somewhere this spring/summer. You have been to Vegas already. Been to Myrtle Beach. You have been to the Goodshot Bar, Chrome (or whatever they are calling it these days). You have been to Love in DC. Down to B.E.D. in Mia. Ain't it about time you and your kids did something? Ain't it about time for you kids to see more of DC than your cousin's house that you drop them off to on your way down to party? Florida is hot as hell but it doesn't stop you from going with your boys/girls. Why not take your kids? Yeah, I am talking to you if you think I am talking to you. Someone needs to. We are GROWN dammit. Let's act like. Play time is over ladies and gentleman. Or at least it isn't THE TOP PRIORITY ANYMORE. I know some of you just got your money, your looks, your whole aura right but NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO SLACK UP ON YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. It is time to actually start acting like a real parent. I promise you that the hole in the walls that ya'll are going to will still be standing when we get They ain't going nowhere. They might change the name on it though. I can't promise it will be named the same thing. But them mofos ain't changing. No one is saying don't go out either. No. Just pick and choose and spend some time with your kids man. That's all I am saying. For some of you though, you are about to hit that age with them that they will DICTATE what you do themselves. What? You thought they were gonna stay portable forever? They grow up ya know! lol Hang in there though, this too shall be short lived and the next thing you know, we will be sending off into the real world.

If you are single and unhappy, you already know what you need to do. I don't have to get specific. Cut the dead weight, get off your rump and get it done. If you know me like that, you know you can always come through here and catch a getaway but pouting down there ain't going to change shit. Only you can. Put that pint of ice cream down, go the gym, follow that lil list you keep making up and tacking up on the wall and get to getting. Times a wasting..Some of you don't know how good you got btw. It is really REAL IN THE FIELD and a lot of you are sheltered from it. You should be stacking right now. I know many of you are planning a big move. It ain't never going to be perfect so if you are waiting on that, you better get comfy. You will be where ever it is you are at for a good long minute. You gotta just do it man and guess what? You won't be the first person to STRUGGLE and you won't be the last. Stop watching these videos, falling into the trap that life is REALLY LIKE THAT. There is more to life than "We doing it like a baller' theme nights at the club. (And way more than half of those in attendance to those functions are faking it.)

Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.....And yes I do it too. You don't think I liked my life before? Sheeit..You are delusional if you think I didn't enjoy some aspects of it. ..But this one I am making now is rounding into shape nicely thank you. You ain't think I would touch that did you? I know....I keep hearing lil things so I thought I would touch it a lil bit...Not too much though. Just a lil bit. This adventure isn't hassle free but I don't miss all the hassles and worries that I had before. Yes, there are new hassles and worries but these can be handled and I wouldn't want the hassles from the past for nothing. I see ya'll out there stressing about this and that. I am GLAD I don't have to that shit. For real.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Learn HOW TO COMMUNICATE with your spouse. Stop arguing with your man or woman like they are a stranger in the streets. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. It all sounds simple but I promise you people ARE NOT DOING THESE THINGS and this is a HUGE part of the problem we have as people. Be accepting of the truth as it is given to you. Often times, you don't have to listen to the Steve Harvey's, the Oprah's or HELL EVEN ME, if you just look at what is in front of you in it's totality. (That means look at the WHOLE PICTURE. Not just the drama inducing parts of the situation) Your answer is usually right there and 9-10 times outta ten you are either part of the problem AND PART OF THE SOLUTION to it.

Yeah, I am ranting. But I can do that. I ain't spitting about shit I "think" I know. I know it. So pay attention dammit.


Amen Brother. Preach On. I hear you and totally listen. If there's one person who's perspective I respect and listen to, it's smoov B.