Tuesday, April 14, 2009

James Harrison, Harry!!! and some other things.

First things FIRST. I am glad that the American captain is FREE. I am WELL INFORMED about the who did what in Somalia in the past, why the 'pirates' (I hate that that term in this case) are doing what they are doing and most importantly HOW MOST OF THE POMPOUS ASS WORLD feels about it on either end. It seems that very few people are capable of being sympathetic to BOTH sides of the situation and instead have to resort to just ACTING A COMPLETE ASS ABOUT THE SITUATION. Some of those people might even BE YOU. lol I am just saying. It is silly. The boat captured was TAKING AID TO THE SURROUNDING COUNTRIES. It (to the best of my OR YOUR KNOWLEDGE) WASN'T DUMPING NO FUCKING WASTE OFF SHORE. It SURELY WASN'T FISHING in the waters off Somalia. So hijacking it in the name of all of those heinous acts, IS BULLSHIT. I don't need the fucking BBC or whatever lil 'non bias' news source you are gonna name to see that. Got it Mr./Mrs Pompous Ass? Good. All of the news is biased in some shape form or fashion so I will throw your lil line back at you. 'Don't believe everything you read/hear' Best thing to do is to take it all in and come to your own opinion the best you can. Period. This is a no brainer. There is an international law. They broke it. They wanted to get paid. We don't pay. They agreed to get pulled out to sea. We took advantage (like they did when they attacked an unarmed ship) and got at 'em. The end. It isn't that hard to figure out. Stop spinning that shit.

Now as for those who are just acting a complete ass about 'why' they are doing what they gotta do. Look here, there is no real government over there. The shit is in shambles. While THAT PARTICULAR SHIP was doing no wrong, the waste isn't putting itself there now is it? No. The fish aren't jumping/swimming across to Europe now are they? No they are not. So 'something' has to be done. So they did it. No income so they moved on to doing what they are doing now. Anybody who knows anything about illegal activities knows that it probably will 'lose focus' in regards to the original intent. Hence the reason the money isn't going back to 'the people' or the country isn't back on its feet. Is it wrong? Yes. Can I get on my high horse about it when I am not in the situation? Not really. I tell you what though, like anything else that I have done that might not be 'within the rules', I know the 'consequences of my acts'- Hov. Meaning, when things happen like they did on Monday with the U.S, I wouldn't be crying that loud about it. It goes with the territory. Like 'hustling'. You do it, you KNOW YOU MIGHT GET CAUGHT AND GO TO JAIL or DIE. That is how it is. That is the risks involved. YOU ARE COMMITTING AN ILLEGAL ACT. Justified by some in the World or not, you are breaking code that is WORLD WIDE. You can't get but so mad. There is a reason you hadn't taken any American ships. You KNEW WHAT IT WAS. @ what we would do. Don't cry about it now. It is the reason why ya'll came at us when we had a presence in your country before, remember?

I do FAULT THOSE that are looting for going at the wrong ships/innocent ships. Not fresh. If a certain ship is disrespecting their water, COOL. Do what you gotta do. But there has been no video evidence of that or even a picture presented to us as of yet. I would like to see that. With the increase in night time attacks, RPGS and the like, you can't tell me they don't have the money/access to cameras and such. It sounds like 'their reasons' have 'morphed into greed'. Just say that you 'can't get money' and that is how you get it. Stop hiding behind those other reasons. You have some REALLY naive people over here believing that is the reason why you are going at ships in the area. It is clearly not at this point and time. I refuse to believe that. You show me otherwise and I will consider it tho.

Aight, enough SUPER SERIOUS stuff.

James Harrison got PAID!! The reigning Defensive Player of the Year and a member of MY STEELERS got that guap. Well deserved. The man went from being cut NUMEROUS times to being the best player on our D. Very happy they decided to pay him and retain his services.

Best of luck to Byron Leftwich. He is off to the Bucs in Tampa. Not mad at him. He showed in that game against the Redskins that he SHOULD BE A STARTER for someone. He should win that job. I hope he does. C'mon Dennis Dixon. It is YOUR TIME. Soak it up from Ben and Charlie so that you can get in there and at least be the next backup. I know that we will draft a QB every year but I want you as the backup. Hopefully, you can do the job.

R.I.P to Harry Kalas. I am not much of a baseball fan admittedly but I know the voice well. I am not sure if those like me realize that he is one of the men that does voice overs for NFL Films so you WILL MISS HIM TOO. Trust me. He is a fixture. Prayers go out to his family.

Isiah Thomas to coach college kids. lol This ought to be good.

Lock up your woman Miami! Here comes Isiah. Good news tho Mr. Thomas, getting pussy won't be an issue. Just don't get caught up in the lifestyle. I know it is not your first time there though. Living there is a lil different however. Stay strong young man. Stay strong. Stay outta the DORMS TOO FAM. lol


Wanted to comment on this, but was at work. That's a good move by the Steelers rewarding Harrison for a great two seasons. You don't wanna disrespect the reigning Defensive Player of the Year.

As for Isiah Thomas, FIU was looking for a name and they've got one. The university is probably hoping that name can snag them a recruit or two that they wouldn't otherwise get in the Sun Belt conference.

LOL at lock up your women! Better yet, hide the medications!

YES!! @ lock up the meds. Real talk, he should bring at least a top flight pg their way.

At all! @ disrespecting James. He has overcome a lot. Well deserved.