Saturday, April 4, 2009

If you have a kid,girl or boy you BETTER EDUCATE 'EM on cellphone rules and principles.

Now we (the adults) can all keep it one hundred for a second and admit that if we own a cell with a camera, we have 'used it for adult activities'. Making a nice lil video, some teasing photos and for some just some straight forward nudes. So if you have some kids, that CAME FROM YOU, you have GOT TO KNOW THAT AT SOME POINT THE CHILD IS PROBABLY AT LEAST GOING TO THINK ABOUT DOING THE SAME. Now I know some of you are opposed to teens having cells and all so I am not talking to you. I am talking to those of you whose child has a cell. Yes, even the ones with the 'nerdy' kids. I am talking to you. I am in that number too as my oldest has one. Shit is getting real now. Not because 'kids nowadays are sending pics'. No. Shit like that BEEN HAPPENING. Maybe not on 'phones' like that but as Polaroids, videos, and the like. So the actually 'nude' part ain't new. It is just now it is 'instant' and able to be sent world wide in seconds. That's it. So for those of you who weren't 'in the crowd', this isn't new. So don't blame the kids per say or say they are getting worse. They are not. The technology is what the issue is. Which is why we have to educate them. Show them what could happen. Use news like what happened in Northeastern PA as an example.

They are threatening to not only go after this girl's parents but her too. They are going start charging our kids and putting those labels that THE LOT OF YOU LOVE TO CLOWN AND GIVE OUT L'S TO ADULTS. That sex offender tag. Shit won't be funny then now will it? When it is your kid hemmed the fuck up over some childish antics you gonna give yourself the"L"? Clown yourself? Shoot yourself? The kid? Yeah, that's what the fuck I thought. You ain't gonna do that. You will see the shit is real. So having said that, teach your kids. Don't give your kids some shit that YOU KNOW can be harmful without guidance, some ground rules and some tough love. Limit that shit. Monitor the hours it can be used. Who it is being used to contact. If you can, get online and CHECK THEIR TEXTS. Pic messages. Know who your kids are talking to. Make it clear what can happen to them if they break the law like this little girl did and gets caught. Everyone parents are not going to keep it between them. They are gonna go to the cops and then no doubt be on that Jay Cutler (I didn't mean it to go this far...) after they start charging people. But by then, it will be TOO LATE. The authorities will be involved and someone will probably get charged.

Just passing it along. That goes for the girls and the boys. Talk to all of 'em. I would also implore you to remember that they are kids. If you do 'catch them' doing some shit, REMEMBER THAT. The cops and the law won't. They don't give a shit about your kid personally. Maybe about kids as a whole to some extent but NOT YOUR KID. All you are gonna get is a 'we are sorry but..." from them. Just like they do when you are an adult. Do you want that for you kids? I don't for mine.

Obviously though, it isn't just the kids now is it?

This one baffles me though. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW SHE DID IT so that is not why I am baffled. I am baffled 'cause she is a woman and ya'll do the choosing. So you mean to tell me she couldn't find a willing adult to exchange pics with? I mean, I know people like the scraggly, skinny jeans wearing look and all but damm. @ picking a lil kid as your target. She couldn't find a man to give it to? I mean, even the 'UGLIEST' GIRLS I KNOW CAN GET DICK so yeah, I am baffled. Same with the blonde in Florida. I don't really 'get it'. Might not be for me to get I guess. I REALLY want her to say what got into her. She is 23. So that means she is 'college age'. Plenty of dick running around for her to trap...I mean get. Why the student? She wanted to be 'his first'? Manipulation? Is the student/teacher fantasy not as one sided as we thought? @ only males thinking that. What is it? I know many of you will give a dismissive wave and just say she is 'fucked up' end of story but if she was that fucked up, wouldn't she have done this before? Hell, that brings up another question. HAS SHE DONE IT BEFORE? Are they gonna look into if she has like they would a dude if he did this shit? Questions, questions, questions. I have 'em. Too bad her lawyer will never let her answer 'em unless it involves a book deal and a seven figure check. Sad though. Can't even send the young teacher who is a female into the school without them succumbing to temptation too. Yikes. Again, BLESS THOSE THAT TEACH and have good sense not to be engaging with their students.


RE: "I mean, even the 'UGLIEST' GIRLS I KNOW CAN GET DICK so yeah, I am baffled." says @carolinaware

LMWAO - Always keepin' it real, huh?

But u right smoov, u right lol

You KNOW IT IS TRUE. Sometimes they even get something 'worth having'. I know you have seen it. lol

Yeah, gots to keep it trill.