Monday, April 20, 2009

Here we go again!!- DMX

So now we have Oprah, Larry King, and other media outlets OVER SATURATING yet another social network.


As you all have probably heard by now, Ashton Kutcher 'took on' CNN to see who could get to a million 'followers' first. (Shout out to the few people who are viewing my blog NOT VIA THE LINK ON MY TWITTER PAGE.) He and Ptwitty (Puffy/Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs). But before that monumental event, GOOD OLE HARPO (Oprah) graced us in the Twitter World with her presence, along with Gayle. They went through the whole 'ceremonial' first 'tweet' and basically carried on like the cure for Cancer was being unveiled.

Did we not just do this with Facebook? To paraphrase Gayle King, "I just got started on Facebook and now I have to master THIS??" No, actually you don't Gayle, in case you are reading my lil lonely blog. You really don't. Twitter is NOT for everyone. At the risk of sounding like some of the blowhard elitist that I detest with every fiber in my being I say that. It is not because it 'just for special people' either. It is LITERALLY BECAUSE EVERYONE IS NOT THAT SOCIAL. At this point, I feel like the media has made SUCH A BIG DEAL about the every social network that comes along that it is like the third grade all over again. Like if you are not on it, you are a nobody. That is not true. Most of the people who were watching the shows this weekend on Twitter are going to come on, expect this MIRACULOUS time and leave HELLA DISAPPOINTED. For the most part, neither of the aforementioned sites are something that you can just jump on and 'get'. Yes, you can navigate them with ease but the 'buzz' that the TV shows are trying to 'recreate' via the stories you heard for those couple of hours may NEVER materialize for you. (Not just Gayle but YOU. And you. AND YES EVEN YOU.)

These networks are wonderful places. Hell, I frequent BOTH OF THEM. I will be the first to tell you though. They are not for everyone. The old man that likes his privacy? Not for him. (That is my Dad btw. To the letter.) The young lady/man who is prone to slit her throat when the cool chicks don't invite her to the party. Not for her. Kids. DEFINITELY NOT FOR THEM. There are no censors. No safe guards really. Everything goes on Twitter for now so...Yeah. Not a good place for them.

Some of you will follow the celebs/sports figures/actors/rappers you like and you will discover that they are A LOT more corny than you thought. I had to stop following several because they were stupid and corny. Same with some athletes. Yes, I know corniness isn't exclusive to the regular people but DO YOU? lol 'Cause when it is your favorite (insert occupation here), you might not be able to take their art seriously anymore. Especially in the case of the athletes/rapper. Cats are ruining their careers over these social networks on that 'any pub is good pub' mantra. They might was well pocket their money that they spend on publicists and the like cause they are DESTROYING the image that was put together for them. They are literally throwing money out of the window now. They are also giving TOO MUCH BEHIND THE SCENES ACCESS. We all know that the majority of the 'beefs' are on that WWE time. Twitter/Facebook confirms as much at least between the artists themselves. (While the foot soldiers are out there getting shot up and whatnot. Another post one day perhaps).

Some of you will enjoy the experience and enlighten us with some things. For those people, I hope to see you in the Twitter world. But for the 'bitter faces' who will be disappointed by it and undoubtedly proceed to trash it like it is Satan itself, MISS ME WITH THAT. Nobody told you to follow Oprah, Larry King and Diddy here. You did so at your own peril.

NBA playoffs!!

Man, that Rose kid is special. I wanted to wait 'till the season ended BEFORE I STARTED SPEAKING ON any of the rookies. Really good class. Rose is the ROY to me but Mayo showed he belonged in that League. So did Beasley in spurts. Westbrook and Chalmers did really well too.

Iggy! I would start cheering for ya'll but they might trade you and Thad. Silently though, I am happy for ya'll. I just HATE YOUR FRONT OFFICE.

I love the physicality of the Denver/Hornets series. I want to see if Chris Paul is going to 'kirk out' on someone or channel the energy to will them to win.

Wade. Put on your cape son. You are gonna have to carry them. Or you will be playing that 'one on one' game they are advertising on TV during the Eastern Conference Finals in someone else's town. Not Miami.

One week 'till the NFL DRAFT. My team should get some good pieces. We always do.

More coming today...Hopefully.


When I heard that Oprah was going to discuss Twitter on her show, I tried to avoid any mention of the show at all costs. We all know what happens when Oprah recommends something to her vast audience-the sheep flock to get in line, wanting to be the "cool kids" you write about. Not everyone has to be on every boat that sails, or on every train that leaves the station.

Great games this weekend in the NBA playoffs. This is the real NBA season, the regular season is prologue just for this.

Yes, your team and my team seem to do very well at the NFL draft. We shall see what happens this weekend as to whether both teams get help where they need it (though your team may need less help than mine, lol).