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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A week with a Curry feel to it, the playoffs, NFL draft and insecurity..

The boy Steph Curry has decided to enter the draft. What a perfect time too! With Rubio definitely in play, the young boy from LA who plays in Italy likely to join the fray and a couple of more 'point guards' in like Ty Lawson, Stephon can go to a REALLY ideal situation for a fringe playoff team. Having him land in a place like Memphis wouldn't be as good but somewhere like OKC with shooters already in place or somewhere with a young big man would be great. Having him land in Philly would be HUGE for them giving them the 'shooter' to go along with Thad, Iggy, and the slashing Lou Williams. CP3 could use him like they used to use Pargo as well as an assassin off the bench. As long as he doesn't have to save the franchise, he should be good.

Speaking of the NBA, these playoffs have been good. The Unv. of Connecticut is showing out pretty well in that Bulls/Celts series. It is the Ben Gordon/Ray Allen show with a special guest named Derrick Rose. The champs are fighting valiantly but they miss the boy from Mauldin, SC named Kevin Garnett as well as that Oakland boy Leon Powe (who plays SO MUCH BIGGER THAN HE REALLY IS.) Noah and them wouldn't be doing shit if they didn't have to play against the likes of Big Baby Davis ALL GAME as Davis couldn't jump over a credit card. (Very soft hands though and tries REALLY HARD.) Someone forgot to tell the Magic that the Sixers are not a bad team. They have let them build confidence and even though they won on Sunday, they are in a SERIES with them. Thad is PLAYING GREAT and Iggy has shaken off last year's playoff performance and played well too. The Sixers are also hitting threes. Watch out Orlando!!

We won't even speak too much on what the King is doing. Or did to the Pistons. Lets just say, I hope you enjoyed seeing Rip, Tay, Antonio and Rasheed play this year 'cause at least two of 'em won't be playing there next year. The Stuckey 'experiment' may one day be a 'win' but for now, the jury is out. They have a good young nucleus though in Stucky, Afflalo and Maxiel but none of the guards are TRUE POINTS. Not even Bynum. They all like to do the things that people complained about AI (their last addition) liked to do. Score. So who is going to sacrifice their game so the Pistons can play Detroit basketball? The King and 'em looked great as they are two deep at every position and are running smooth as silk.

The Lakers are doing pretty well and should finish off the Jazz. Mamba, L.O and Shannon Brown (yes Shannon Brown) are leading them to victory with a "I am not soft" Pau Gasol doing the lil things shore them up around the edges. Bynum is still rounding into shape, Ariza is killing and the bench is doing it big. I worry about Farmar though. He is not playing. They will need him one day and hope he doesn't have his head up his ass about not playing so he can help.

Enjoying watching the Rockets/Blazers series too. Oden is showing some flashes (against a pretty non mobile center though). Roy is trying to will them to win but the Rockets Tru Artest is trying to to will his team. Battier is hitting shots. Wafer is balling and Brooks isn't screwing up. Could they FINALLY win a series? @ the Rockets.

The other Curry in North Carolina, Aaron Curry, landed in Seattle to an ideal situation already. He can replace the departed Julian Peterson as a force within the linebacker core. Great guy and better football player.

His teammate, Stanley Arnoux, went to the Saints. I am happy for that young man as I personally know him. He too has great character and is a SMART SMART football player. He is also Haitian and the N. O is a great city for him to land in. Ironically, he said he visited the city last week and LOVED IT and the staff of the Saints so it sounds like he expected to go there. Or at least wanted to. Chip Vaughn, his teammate from Wake, also joins him to help shore up that D. Bonus for Stanley. Jonathan Vilma is a fellow South Floridian AND HAITIAN. He should help Stanley get settled in smoothly. Fine player they got there. Ran the second fastest 40 time behind his teammate Curry at the Combines. I was hoping he would get drafted by......

The Steelers!! We got what we needed. I have no problem with the picks personally. I don't usually expect 7 round picks to make the team so if the project at TE does not pan out, no sweat to me. With that, here we go:

Evander 'Ziggy' Hood. DT. 6'3 300 Casey is getting older and so is Aaron Smith. This kid will play. Soon. Loves contact. Loves to fight in the trenches. Plays directly over center's head. Will need to learn technique (Who usually doesn't coming outta college though??)

Mike Wallace. 6'0 199 WR. May take Nate's place. (Limas, you LISTENING???) Ran a 4.33 so he can fly and will probably spell as a kick/punt returner immediately if he can hold on to the rock. Needs to work on route running but with Hines and the coaching staff around, that should not be an issue. Not gonna run over people but will RUN AWAY FROM THEM. He can sky too with a 40 inch vert. Knows adversity. Family displaced by Hurrican Katrina.

Kraig Urbik (OT) 6'5" 328. Probably mine (and Ben's) favorite pick of the draft! Versatile lineman. Can play all over the line. Will not only play but SHOULD start at some point this season to me. (Note to team. Please move Willie Colon to a position that will allow him to use that meanness. Thanks.)

Keenan Lewis. Corner. 6'0. 208. Physical DB. Smart player. (Academic Selection in the Pac-10) Not the fastest guy but is 6'0 so should be able to stay with most tall Wr's. A stretch at the number picked BUT we did lose Bryant McFadden so bodies at the position are needed.

Joe Burnett CB 5'9 192. Florida boy. (You know how I feel about them and their athletic prowess) Played at a school that played the big boys well. (UCF). Quicker than fast but really strong. Can get YAC after making picks has the hands to make plenty of them. A lil small for a DB as far as bigger WRs are concerned but the strength he has can negate that.

Frank Summers FB 5'9 240. He played Halfback but has fullback size. Punishing runner. Need to work on blocking but could actually replace something we have lacked since Jerome has left.

Rashon Harris 6'4 298 DT. Later round pick. Is a project. Tall which is good and bad due to his technique (There's that word again.) We should be able to work with him.

A.J Shippley. 6'1 304. Penn St. product (and a personal fave of a fellow Steelers fan of mine). He could also see time. Early once he learns the system. That position needs an upgrade.

So we should do just fine with these picks.

On another subject though, lets talk about this:

The thin line between intuition and insecurity. I saw Kourtney Kardashian throw her man outta the house based on some past issues the couple has had. (On both sides.) I was watching the show with my Internet friends and the wife. Of course, the first part of the show when she decided to follow him, all you heard was 'Yeah that's right. He ain't shit...Follow him 'cause it is your right..." yadda yadda yadda..Then we find out that the 'girl he was hugging' was doing something for him to surprise Kourtney's ass. Silence. No more cackling. Nothing. Now, I am not saying that people are perfect or that you shouldn't watch out but you have to be careful with your actions. (Not the thinking the actions) That man came home and she was upset which was cool but she NEVER SAID EXACTLY WHY. Talking about 'Figure it out...". How immature was that? Thing is, I KNOW PLENTY OF PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT WAS ACCEPTABLE for her to do. No fucking wonder you can't keep a damm man. You are irrational. It is called communication. That is not 'communication'. Yeah, you said something but you really didn't say 'shit' by doing it that way. Talk to your man ladies. (and vice versa) Actually find out what is going on. I won't even get into 'following your mate' like she did to gather her information. I will say that 'if you must do that' you need to be prepared to maturely confront what you see. Probably right then. You also need to understand that you might be wrong though and all of that vigor that you put into investigating, you need to put into making up for your accusations. A simple "I am sorry' does not cut it. Especially if you throw that man out...Just saying. Hats off to Kourtney for admitting that she was wrong though and understanding that he would be upset.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Here we go again!!- DMX

So now we have Oprah, Larry King, and other media outlets OVER SATURATING yet another social network.


As you all have probably heard by now, Ashton Kutcher 'took on' CNN to see who could get to a million 'followers' first. (Shout out to the few people who are viewing my blog NOT VIA THE LINK ON MY TWITTER PAGE.) He and Ptwitty (Puffy/Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs). But before that monumental event, GOOD OLE HARPO (Oprah) graced us in the Twitter World with her presence, along with Gayle. They went through the whole 'ceremonial' first 'tweet' and basically carried on like the cure for Cancer was being unveiled.

Did we not just do this with Facebook? To paraphrase Gayle King, "I just got started on Facebook and now I have to master THIS??" No, actually you don't Gayle, in case you are reading my lil lonely blog. You really don't. Twitter is NOT for everyone. At the risk of sounding like some of the blowhard elitist that I detest with every fiber in my being I say that. It is not because it 'just for special people' either. It is LITERALLY BECAUSE EVERYONE IS NOT THAT SOCIAL. At this point, I feel like the media has made SUCH A BIG DEAL about the every social network that comes along that it is like the third grade all over again. Like if you are not on it, you are a nobody. That is not true. Most of the people who were watching the shows this weekend on Twitter are going to come on, expect this MIRACULOUS time and leave HELLA DISAPPOINTED. For the most part, neither of the aforementioned sites are something that you can just jump on and 'get'. Yes, you can navigate them with ease but the 'buzz' that the TV shows are trying to 'recreate' via the stories you heard for those couple of hours may NEVER materialize for you. (Not just Gayle but YOU. And you. AND YES EVEN YOU.)

These networks are wonderful places. Hell, I frequent BOTH OF THEM. I will be the first to tell you though. They are not for everyone. The old man that likes his privacy? Not for him. (That is my Dad btw. To the letter.) The young lady/man who is prone to slit her throat when the cool chicks don't invite her to the party. Not for her. Kids. DEFINITELY NOT FOR THEM. There are no censors. No safe guards really. Everything goes on Twitter for now so...Yeah. Not a good place for them.

Some of you will follow the celebs/sports figures/actors/rappers you like and you will discover that they are A LOT more corny than you thought. I had to stop following several because they were stupid and corny. Same with some athletes. Yes, I know corniness isn't exclusive to the regular people but DO YOU? lol 'Cause when it is your favorite (insert occupation here), you might not be able to take their art seriously anymore. Especially in the case of the athletes/rapper. Cats are ruining their careers over these social networks on that 'any pub is good pub' mantra. They might was well pocket their money that they spend on publicists and the like cause they are DESTROYING the image that was put together for them. They are literally throwing money out of the window now. They are also giving TOO MUCH BEHIND THE SCENES ACCESS. We all know that the majority of the 'beefs' are on that WWE time. Twitter/Facebook confirms as much at least between the artists themselves. (While the foot soldiers are out there getting shot up and whatnot. Another post one day perhaps).

Some of you will enjoy the experience and enlighten us with some things. For those people, I hope to see you in the Twitter world. But for the 'bitter faces' who will be disappointed by it and undoubtedly proceed to trash it like it is Satan itself, MISS ME WITH THAT. Nobody told you to follow Oprah, Larry King and Diddy here. You did so at your own peril.

NBA playoffs!!

Man, that Rose kid is special. I wanted to wait 'till the season ended BEFORE I STARTED SPEAKING ON any of the rookies. Really good class. Rose is the ROY to me but Mayo showed he belonged in that League. So did Beasley in spurts. Westbrook and Chalmers did really well too.

Iggy! I would start cheering for ya'll but they might trade you and Thad. Silently though, I am happy for ya'll. I just HATE YOUR FRONT OFFICE.

I love the physicality of the Denver/Hornets series. I want to see if Chris Paul is going to 'kirk out' on someone or channel the energy to will them to win.

Wade. Put on your cape son. You are gonna have to carry them. Or you will be playing that 'one on one' game they are advertising on TV during the Eastern Conference Finals in someone else's town. Not Miami.

One week 'till the NFL DRAFT. My team should get some good pieces. We always do.

More coming today...Hopefully.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

James Harrison, Harry!!! and some other things.

First things FIRST. I am glad that the American captain is FREE. I am WELL INFORMED about the who did what in Somalia in the past, why the 'pirates' (I hate that that term in this case) are doing what they are doing and most importantly HOW MOST OF THE POMPOUS ASS WORLD feels about it on either end. It seems that very few people are capable of being sympathetic to BOTH sides of the situation and instead have to resort to just ACTING A COMPLETE ASS ABOUT THE SITUATION. Some of those people might even BE YOU. lol I am just saying. It is silly. The boat captured was TAKING AID TO THE SURROUNDING COUNTRIES. It (to the best of my OR YOUR KNOWLEDGE) WASN'T DUMPING NO FUCKING WASTE OFF SHORE. It SURELY WASN'T FISHING in the waters off Somalia. So hijacking it in the name of all of those heinous acts, IS BULLSHIT. I don't need the fucking BBC or whatever lil 'non bias' news source you are gonna name to see that. Got it Mr./Mrs Pompous Ass? Good. All of the news is biased in some shape form or fashion so I will throw your lil line back at you. 'Don't believe everything you read/hear' Best thing to do is to take it all in and come to your own opinion the best you can. Period. This is a no brainer. There is an international law. They broke it. They wanted to get paid. We don't pay. They agreed to get pulled out to sea. We took advantage (like they did when they attacked an unarmed ship) and got at 'em. The end. It isn't that hard to figure out. Stop spinning that shit.

Now as for those who are just acting a complete ass about 'why' they are doing what they gotta do. Look here, there is no real government over there. The shit is in shambles. While THAT PARTICULAR SHIP was doing no wrong, the waste isn't putting itself there now is it? No. The fish aren't jumping/swimming across to Europe now are they? No they are not. So 'something' has to be done. So they did it. No income so they moved on to doing what they are doing now. Anybody who knows anything about illegal activities knows that it probably will 'lose focus' in regards to the original intent. Hence the reason the money isn't going back to 'the people' or the country isn't back on its feet. Is it wrong? Yes. Can I get on my high horse about it when I am not in the situation? Not really. I tell you what though, like anything else that I have done that might not be 'within the rules', I know the 'consequences of my acts'- Hov. Meaning, when things happen like they did on Monday with the U.S, I wouldn't be crying that loud about it. It goes with the territory. Like 'hustling'. You do it, you KNOW YOU MIGHT GET CAUGHT AND GO TO JAIL or DIE. That is how it is. That is the risks involved. YOU ARE COMMITTING AN ILLEGAL ACT. Justified by some in the World or not, you are breaking code that is WORLD WIDE. You can't get but so mad. There is a reason you hadn't taken any American ships. You KNEW WHAT IT WAS. @ what we would do. Don't cry about it now. It is the reason why ya'll came at us when we had a presence in your country before, remember?

I do FAULT THOSE that are looting for going at the wrong ships/innocent ships. Not fresh. If a certain ship is disrespecting their water, COOL. Do what you gotta do. But there has been no video evidence of that or even a picture presented to us as of yet. I would like to see that. With the increase in night time attacks, RPGS and the like, you can't tell me they don't have the money/access to cameras and such. It sounds like 'their reasons' have 'morphed into greed'. Just say that you 'can't get money' and that is how you get it. Stop hiding behind those other reasons. You have some REALLY naive people over here believing that is the reason why you are going at ships in the area. It is clearly not at this point and time. I refuse to believe that. You show me otherwise and I will consider it tho.

Aight, enough SUPER SERIOUS stuff.

James Harrison got PAID!! The reigning Defensive Player of the Year and a member of MY STEELERS got that guap. Well deserved. The man went from being cut NUMEROUS times to being the best player on our D. Very happy they decided to pay him and retain his services.

Best of luck to Byron Leftwich. He is off to the Bucs in Tampa. Not mad at him. He showed in that game against the Redskins that he SHOULD BE A STARTER for someone. He should win that job. I hope he does. C'mon Dennis Dixon. It is YOUR TIME. Soak it up from Ben and Charlie so that you can get in there and at least be the next backup. I know that we will draft a QB every year but I want you as the backup. Hopefully, you can do the job.

R.I.P to Harry Kalas. I am not much of a baseball fan admittedly but I know the voice well. I am not sure if those like me realize that he is one of the men that does voice overs for NFL Films so you WILL MISS HIM TOO. Trust me. He is a fixture. Prayers go out to his family.

Isiah Thomas to coach college kids. lol This ought to be good.

Lock up your woman Miami! Here comes Isiah. Good news tho Mr. Thomas, getting pussy won't be an issue. Just don't get caught up in the lifestyle. I know it is not your first time there though. Living there is a lil different however. Stay strong young man. Stay strong. Stay outta the DORMS TOO FAM. lol

Friday, April 10, 2009


I thought I would let the days pass a bit before I got to speaking on the Tar Heels and their victory. Shouts out to the Spartans for even making it that far and for being the runner up.

With that said, I want to know JUST HOW MANY OF YOU IDIOTS watch college ball? I mean, we beat the brake dust offa this team EARLIER in the season. Did you not see that? Yeah, they were missing their big but hell he didn't score in the win before they played us like that so how much of a factor is he 'game to game' for them anyway? You REALLY thought that young bol or their 'Defensive Player of the Year of the Big Ten' HAD AN ANSWER FOR TY? Really? As for Clark Kellog and his stupid ass statements about Lucas and them 'really wanting to guard Lawson" unlike before where people might not have wanted I will say this. SHUT THE FUCK UP. You were a great player Clark. For real. I remember you. You could score. You could board. You could play. But cut the dumb ass statements out. Okay? Teague and 'em wanted to 'guard' Lawson when they played 'em at Wake. Duke? Shit, they wanted to Nancy Kerrigan that cat 'cause HE WAS THE REASON WHY WE BEAT THEM. So miss us with that 'no one will want to guard Lawson like Mich. State' shit. And stop comparing apples and oranges too while you are at it. @ comparing the D/games of AJ Price and 'em to Ty. Yes they are both fruits. But they are different. Different teams. Different styles and obviously , DIFFERENT RESULTS. lol @ us winning the chip.

As for those that have things to say about how we make our 'cookies' around Chapel Hill when it comes to basketball, I will quote a famous slogan. I bet you bite 'chip' when you taste our cookies. We are winners around here. we win rings. What is your team doing? Coming close? Making the regionals? Getting upset in the first round? It doesn't matter if Tyler Hansborough will probably only collect a check in the NBA or Lawson is too small (They said that about Jameer too. You see what he is doing. Chris Paul too. That was a knock on him. Too small. Wait and give the man a chance.) I hear the complaining and the crying. I didn't cry when Reddick was doing his thing or about what he was or wasn't going to be. So stop crying about our players. lol

"She smashed the homies!!'

The video speaks for itself. Pure comedy. Ray's face at the end was priceless. Karma like a mofo though for that Kim Kardashian shit where he put his OBVIOUSLY THEN GIRLFRIEND head game/taking it game on display. Now, I know this is 'reality TV' so it was probably 'staged' to some extent but still. That was funny. It was the matter of factness that she said that shit with too that was the killer. "Yeah, I f#cked him..." Like "Yeah, we had class together..." and shit. lol Not that she is any worse that than fake boho broad with the wild hair Unique. I will say it like I did on the boards. You get a better a sense of Ray on that one. For all the traveling, hoeing, and other things he has seen or been exposed to, he is still isn't hanging around 'real everyday' people on the norm. A regular dude could see through that 'church girl/goody goody' act. Her whole approach is see through. Then again, this is TV so I digress.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

If you have a kid,girl or boy you BETTER EDUCATE 'EM on cellphone rules and principles.

Now we (the adults) can all keep it one hundred for a second and admit that if we own a cell with a camera, we have 'used it for adult activities'. Making a nice lil video, some teasing photos and for some just some straight forward nudes. So if you have some kids, that CAME FROM YOU, you have GOT TO KNOW THAT AT SOME POINT THE CHILD IS PROBABLY AT LEAST GOING TO THINK ABOUT DOING THE SAME. Now I know some of you are opposed to teens having cells and all so I am not talking to you. I am talking to those of you whose child has a cell. Yes, even the ones with the 'nerdy' kids. I am talking to you. I am in that number too as my oldest has one. Shit is getting real now. Not because 'kids nowadays are sending pics'. No. Shit like that BEEN HAPPENING. Maybe not on 'phones' like that but as Polaroids, videos, and the like. So the actually 'nude' part ain't new. It is just now it is 'instant' and able to be sent world wide in seconds. That's it. So for those of you who weren't 'in the crowd', this isn't new. So don't blame the kids per say or say they are getting worse. They are not. The technology is what the issue is. Which is why we have to educate them. Show them what could happen. Use news like what happened in Northeastern PA as an example.


They are threatening to not only go after this girl's parents but her too. They are going start charging our kids and putting those labels that THE LOT OF YOU LOVE TO CLOWN AND GIVE OUT L'S TO ADULTS. That sex offender tag. Shit won't be funny then now will it? When it is your kid hemmed the fuck up over some childish antics you gonna give yourself the"L"? Clown yourself? Shoot yourself? The kid? Yeah, that's what the fuck I thought. You ain't gonna do that. You will see the shit is real. So having said that, teach your kids. Don't give your kids some shit that YOU KNOW can be harmful without guidance, some ground rules and some tough love. Limit that shit. Monitor the hours it can be used. Who it is being used to contact. If you can, get online and CHECK THEIR TEXTS. Pic messages. Know who your kids are talking to. Make it clear what can happen to them if they break the law like this little girl did and gets caught. Everyone parents are not going to keep it between them. They are gonna go to the cops and then no doubt be on that Jay Cutler (I didn't mean it to go this far...) after they start charging people. But by then, it will be TOO LATE. The authorities will be involved and someone will probably get charged.

Just passing it along. That goes for the girls and the boys. Talk to all of 'em. I would also implore you to remember that they are kids. If you do 'catch them' doing some shit, REMEMBER THAT. The cops and the law won't. They don't give a shit about your kid personally. Maybe about kids as a whole to some extent but NOT YOUR KID. All you are gonna get is a 'we are sorry but..." from them. Just like they do when you are an adult. Do you want that for you kids? I don't for mine.

Obviously though, it isn't just the kids now is it?


This one baffles me though. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW SHE DID IT so that is not why I am baffled. I am baffled 'cause she is a woman and ya'll do the choosing. So you mean to tell me she couldn't find a willing adult to exchange pics with? I mean, I know people like the scraggly, skinny jeans wearing look and all but damm. @ picking a lil kid as your target. She couldn't find a man to give it to? I mean, even the 'UGLIEST' GIRLS I KNOW CAN GET DICK so yeah, I am baffled. Same with the blonde in Florida. I don't really 'get it'. Might not be for me to get I guess. I REALLY want her to say what got into her. She is 23. So that means she is 'college age'. Plenty of dick running around for her to trap...I mean get. Why the student? She wanted to be 'his first'? Manipulation? Is the student/teacher fantasy not as one sided as we thought? @ only males thinking that. What is it? I know many of you will give a dismissive wave and just say she is 'fucked up' end of story but if she was that fucked up, wouldn't she have done this before? Hell, that brings up another question. HAS SHE DONE IT BEFORE? Are they gonna look into if she has like they would a dude if he did this shit? Questions, questions, questions. I have 'em. Too bad her lawyer will never let her answer 'em unless it involves a book deal and a seven figure check. Sad though. Can't even send the young teacher who is a female into the school without them succumbing to temptation too. Yikes. Again, BLESS THOSE THAT TEACH and have good sense not to be engaging with their students.

Friday, April 3, 2009

In case Plaxico didn't know that he is.....

going to jail, I think he just got a wake up call.

This here might clue him in...http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4040009

They cut ties with him probably not only due to the publicity but probably because they got a call or two from the authorities to 'give up the ghost.' in regards to him. They DEFINITELY were hoping he would be available for this season and surely got some STRONG INDICATIONS that he might not only be out this year but a couple of years. He is in his prime RIGHT NOW. This is a definite blow to him.

Donte Stallworth
Plaxico Burress
Who's next? @ the NFL receivers in trouble.

I agree with Deion Sanders about Jay Cutler too. That was bitchy. @ him playing that lil game with the Broncos. Do you know HOW MANY COACHES WOULD PREFER ANOTHER DUDE THAT THEY GROOMED OVER THE QB THAT THEY HAVE? I mean really Jay. C'mon. Talking about "I didn't intend for it to go this far...." I bet you didn't. Too late now. You are traded. Now you do have the fast Devin Hester and the up and coming Greg Olsen to throw to but you BETTER HOPE AND PRAY that Tory Holt signs or someone like him. None of those recievers are Brandon Marshall. Olsen and Scheffler MAY cancel out but you are gonna miss playing go 'fetch' with Brandon. Hester and Eddie Royal are even but not for long 'cause Eddie is a better WR. Period. Have fun Jay. At least you have a D behind you now.

FINALLY, my boy shut it down for the season. @ A.I. I am glad. I want him to get healthy and make ONE MORE good run at getting on somewhere he actually 'fits' AND/OR just retire. I don't like seeing him waste his time. Detroit to me was a waste of everyone's time. His. The team's. I mean, I know Joe D. wanted to part with Chauncy but.....

Broncos send Cutler to Bears for Orton, 3 picks

Broncos send Cutler to Bears for Orton, 3 picks

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Way too much to me. So basically, he whined his way out huh? Let's see him put up 3000 plus up with Marty Booker, Hester, and some other cat as his receivers. Hope Greg Olsen is ready 'cause he is REALLY about to get that ball now. smh

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is a repost for a 'few' but for the vast majority this is new...The raw truth..

 was going to write on this subject anyway but this just puts it in such a good perspective that I will post it anyway..

The raw reality of the truth is disgusting. I, more often than not, will lie about reality to keep myself from appearing badly to you. ("Oh, God, I wouldn't want him.her.it to think x.y.z about me because that would be a.b.c.") The self is a very fragile, delicate being no matter what package it is wrapped in. It has a very sensitive nature that only wants to be appreciated, not questioned or discarded. And, because of all of this, the self will do anything to protect itself in the eyes of those it would like to, ultimately, please. Even lie. -bittersweet

I am starting off this blog with this salvo from another VERY GOOD blog I read this morning. Take from it what you want. In theme with it, here's what I have to say today....

I am looking around and things aren't looking so swift around me. I see some of you are looking pretty over there though while others are trying to make it work. Working hard and giving each other the attention that each other deserves. While we all would like to say that what goes on around doesn't matter for shit, it really does. It might not be the end all be all but it holds some sort of weight. Otherwise, we wouldn't keep these people around us. At least I would hope that is the case with most of you. You are supposed to surround yourself with those that are on the same page as you in some way. So seeing others do good is important to me to an extent. Don't get me wrong, if you are going in the other direction, I will continue to do me and what I need to do but I take great comfort in knowing it isn't just me "fighting this war". For those of you falling that 'other' way, I still love you btw. I am still here. You don't have to fall back from me. Been where you are at. It doesn't make you a horrible person and I can't throw rocks at your throne. Nor would I. This is about as "preachy" as I am going to get unless you invite me into your business. As you can see, I ain't said no names here. And for those of you who are like "What the hot hell is he talking about?" don't worry. If you don't really get what I am saying, it wasn't for you anyway..Just tuck it away in the archives. You might not need it now but if you are ever going to be in relationship, you might need it later. Ya neva know- Chris Rock

It is summer time damm near again and as we all know that good ole "itch" is coming through. Act like you got some sense dammit. Don't neglect your responsibilities and whatnot. Offers will be tendered. Smile and politely decline. It ain't worth it. The grass may look greener but some of you don't even cut the grass you have now. Fucks you taking on other properties for? Take care of that property and you might re-discover the things you liked about it when you bought it. IF YOU ARE GONNA TAKE ON MULTIPLE PROPERTIES, please remember the code of the game. Act like you been in the game before. Keep things in perspective. I don't wanna hear no war stories about you treating your jumpoffs like GFs and then wondering why you are in the 'situation' that you are in at the end of the day. Or about the dude that you 'fell for' while your intent was just to knocking him off for the summer. You know how the game is played. Quit picking people that YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY LIKE. I usually don't touch on this stuff too much but I thought I would show ya'll that I DO KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS. I am married. Not an idiot. Far from it. Oh yeah, I love T.I.'s music and all but please understand, IT IS TRICKING IF YOU GOT IT. Period. No if, ands or buts about it. Now, if that is how you get it, hey. But understand that it is tricking. Period.

Also for those of you with kids, take your kids out somewhere this spring/summer. You have been to Vegas already. Been to Myrtle Beach. You have been to the Goodshot Bar, Chrome (or whatever they are calling it these days). You have been to Love in DC. Down to B.E.D. in Mia. Ain't it about time you and your kids did something? Ain't it about time for you kids to see more of DC than your cousin's house that you drop them off to on your way down to party? Florida is hot as hell but it doesn't stop you from going with your boys/girls. Why not take your kids? Yeah, I am talking to you if you think I am talking to you. Someone needs to. We are GROWN dammit. Let's act like. Play time is over ladies and gentleman. Or at least it isn't THE TOP PRIORITY ANYMORE. I know some of you just got your money, your looks, your whole aura right but NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO SLACK UP ON YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. It is time to actually start acting like a real parent. I promise you that the hole in the walls that ya'll are going to will still be standing when we get back...lol They ain't going nowhere. They might change the name on it though. I can't promise it will be named the same thing. But them mofos ain't changing. No one is saying don't go out either. No. Just pick and choose and spend some time with your kids man. That's all I am saying. For some of you though, you are about to hit that age with them that they will DICTATE what you do themselves. What? You thought they were gonna stay portable forever? They grow up ya know! lol Hang in there though, this too shall be short lived and the next thing you know, we will be sending off into the real world.

If you are single and unhappy, you already know what you need to do. I don't have to get specific. Cut the dead weight, get off your rump and get it done. If you know me like that, you know you can always come through here and catch a getaway but pouting down there ain't going to change shit. Only you can. Put that pint of ice cream down, go the gym, follow that lil list you keep making up and tacking up on the wall and get to getting. Times a wasting..Some of you don't know how good you got btw. It is really REAL IN THE FIELD and a lot of you are sheltered from it. You should be stacking right now. I know many of you are planning a big move. It ain't never going to be perfect so if you are waiting on that, you better get comfy. You will be where ever it is you are at for a good long minute. You gotta just do it man and guess what? You won't be the first person to STRUGGLE and you won't be the last. Stop watching these videos, falling into the trap that life is REALLY LIKE THAT. There is more to life than "We doing it like a baller' theme nights at the club. (And way more than half of those in attendance to those functions are faking it.)

Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.....And yes I do it too. You don't think I liked my life before? Sheeit..You are delusional if you think I didn't enjoy some aspects of it. ..But this one I am making now is rounding into shape nicely thank you. You ain't think I would touch that did you? I know....I keep hearing lil things so I thought I would touch it a lil bit...Not too much though. Just a lil bit. This adventure isn't hassle free but I don't miss all the hassles and worries that I had before. Yes, there are new hassles and worries but these can be handled and I wouldn't want the hassles from the past for nothing. I see ya'll out there stressing about this and that. I am GLAD I don't have to that shit. For real.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Learn HOW TO COMMUNICATE with your spouse. Stop arguing with your man or woman like they are a stranger in the streets. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. It all sounds simple but I promise you people ARE NOT DOING THESE THINGS and this is a HUGE part of the problem we have as people. Be accepting of the truth as it is given to you. Often times, you don't have to listen to the Steve Harvey's, the Oprah's or HELL EVEN ME, if you just look at what is in front of you in it's totality. (That means look at the WHOLE PICTURE. Not just the drama inducing parts of the situation) Your answer is usually right there and 9-10 times outta ten you are either part of the problem AND PART OF THE SOLUTION to it.

Yeah, I am ranting. But I can do that. I ain't spitting about shit I "think" I know. I know it. So pay attention dammit.