Sunday, March 22, 2009

My bracket, Donte Stallworth, and other stuff.

Well, as you probably already know, Donte Stallworth hit and killed a man in Miami. Now the video is out of him minutes after the crash. It is in the link up top. I am reserving judgment on the situation but I will say it doesn't look good. I know his money is long though so he might be aight. Florida's laws on this sort of thing are vast so there is no telling what his charge might end being if he gets convicted at all. Hence the reason it is taking them so long to charge. Sounds like they are being really careful about this so they don't 'mess it up' judicially. Not good news for Donte that they are taking their times. @ the authorities.

My bracket is doing pretty good. I have UNC winning it of course and pretty much all my meetings are on schedule at the Sweet 16 minus Wake. Them boys from Cleveland State put it on 'em! Teague doesn't seem so ready to take Chris's place as the next big thing right now. Hopefully, a summer of work will do him some good. Wherever Chris Paul is balling this summer, Teague should be TRYING TO GET THERE TO PLAY WITH HIM.

Dear athletes (dare I say entertainers too) that get on Twitter:

Let your publicists handle things. All you are gonna do is get hemmed up with either the groupie aspect of it,say something about those that did not draft you, say something foul to a fan that they are gonna screenshot and send out to the press, or REALLY RUIN YOUR PUBLIC IMAGE by showing us the REAL YOU. I mean, hey, I could give a F#ck and deep down you might not either but once something dumb happens YOU WILL CARE. I mean, you can get on chat live for an hour or something but all this twittering during games, doing giveaways to the ladies, and the like will just lead to your coaches/organization/League either fining you, suspending you or both. I would love to chat with you though, having said that. But I recognize that I might not be the right gender. @ me being a male. Not only that, I am a fan of your sport/craft/whatever not a groupie so I will be TELLING YOU HOW I feel and when you mess up or if there is something that I don't like. You think the paper is bad? Or when you are at the game? Sheit. This right here is WORSE. There is millions of miles of wire separating you and the fans. Shit will get popped and more than likely, you will be powerless. I know I know, haters are everywhere. Well it will really feel like it once you mess up on here. Ask Chris and Rhi about that if you don't believe me @ how brave people get when there is monitor and some keys are involved. I am respectful though so I won't be dissing you super personal attacks. I will only be addressing whatever mistake you made and that will be it. But not 'cause I am scared. I just don't do that. Not something men do. I see enough of you in the streets and can say my piece in person. Have done it before and will do it again if it is that disrespectful. @ what I have to say.